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Accident that change My Life Forever

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Wordcount: 800 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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An Accident that change My Life Forever

“A little learning can be a dangerous thing.” (-Alexander Pope) Pope’s statement is explaining having too much knowledge may be dangerous, such as the invention of weapons. I never realize what a simple task my mother has explain to me many times could save my life. I still did not look both ways before going across the street, even though my mom said. “Look both ways while crossing the street, no matter if it is your turn.” I learned my lesson not listening to my mom. Now every time crossing the street, I look back to the day of the accident. In September 2002, my life change dramatically. On the way to school I got hit by a van while crossing the street. I was only in the 8th grade. From this car accident I experienced a lot of physical problems. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson to teach my daughter when she gets old enough to cross the street, but has took valuable bonding time away from us. On September 2002 the beginning of the school year, I was riding my bike to school. When it was time to cross a busy street I pushed the cross walk button. When it was my turn, I jumped on my bike and started to petal, suddenly I saw an old tan van coming my way. The sun shined through the driver’s windshield into his eyes. The vehicle pushed me about fifty feet from the cross walk. The driver stopped and stepped out and said. “Are you okay?” “I am very sorry the sun was in my eyes as I was turning.” Two construction guys wearing bright orange shirts came up to me and one of them said. “Would you like to call your parents on my cell?” They told me that they seen everything that happened. The guy who hit into me called the police. I just wanted to go to school and forget everything. After the police came and took both sides of the story, I started to walk with my bike. My bike had a bent tire and was it was rubbing against the frame. I kicked it to straighten it out and got back on my bike and rode to school. When I got there the police was talking to the principal about the accident. After they finished talking to the principal, the staff called my mother to pick me up. I was scared of getting into trouble. There were tears rolling down my face. I was going to be grounded forever. After all I did not get any consequences. My mother was to worry that there was anything physically wrong with me.

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After a few hours later, my mother decided we needed to see a doctor. Six hours after seeing Dr. Chang, he explained how I was going to need some pain medicine for the bruised ribs I sustained. A week prior to my doctor visit, Dr Chang read my X-Ray exams only to find out I had a bulging and deteriorating disk. Disks are the soft gelatinous material that cushions the vertebrae of the spine. In my back where the disk were providing me cushion is now friction between the bony vertebras which creates inflammation. A bulging disk is a condition in the spine. A bulging disk occurs when the disk shifts out of its normal radius and most often occurs with ageing, but happen to me very young. There was a law suit and I closed it in November 2008 for 7,000 dollars. My back causes me to have a lot of pain throughout my body. I have gone through physical therapy. I have gone to the chiropractor many times. I got prescribed pain medication, but no longer take it anymore. I have learned pain medication will destroy my body in the long run. My physical problem affects my daughter because it is hard to hold her all the time. She cries when I am not able to hold her under my arm when we are going to bed every night. Once she gets older she will understand why I wasn’t able to do certain things for her. We have lost some valuable time together and I hope we can gain it back through the years to come. Even though, she may not able to remember I wasn’t able to hold her as much. I would like to explain to her why because it will keep her safer. I will make sure to tell her this story when I am telling her to look both ways before crossing the street. I believe it will help her understand why I am going to tell her a million times every day. I didn’t know why. I just crossed the street because I didn’t have no knowledge what can happen to me, but she will. Back to Pope’s statement, knowledge could be a dangerous thing because if vehicles were not invented I most likely would not have this physical problem. I would also be able to hold her much as she wants me and be able to do anything for her. The positive thing that came out of this experience, I can tell my daughter about a valuable lesson learned I cannot blame this on technology. I still should have listened to my mother. I hope my daughter does not have to say the same thing.


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