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Bim Construction Sequencing and Coordination for a School Project

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I.                    Executive Summary

This report shall present BIM implementation for construction sequencing and coordination for a school project. BIM tools used is based on what is available in the company registered tools and school through student licence.

Construction sequencing and coordination through BIM improves communication process among team members and help the team resolve issues with less time required than in a conventional coordination process. It helps to avoid future conflicts between team members, avoid reworks by recreating a certain task and studying the tasks carefully before actual site implementation. It also aids in safety planning by studying the task sequences so that everyone on the team knows what to do and not to do.   

This report finds that construction sequencing and coordination through BIM helps to improve productivity. By using the BIM tools properly, a certain task can be executed at minimum risk, smallest workforce, and at a minimum cost.


  • Derive a standard approach in a typical task e.g. excavation works, that can be adopted in a different project
  • Established a BIM workflow for communicating and resolving common issues like RFI

Report limitations:

This report only focuses on typical construction sequence that can be manage by general contractors, construction sequence of specialised items installation is not included in the scope and shall be in the specialist contractors’ item.

II.                 Introduction

The proposed school project is subject for BIM implementation for construction sequencing and coordination. In a project, certain activities can be improved, and efficient coordination process can be set up.  With the help of BIM tools, we can study a certain task and develop different construction method options that can be implemented. After studying the different options, we can effectively decide and implement the most effective choice. Communication among the construction team can be improved through proper BIM coordination techniques. Project data can be controlled and accessed securely either in the office or on site. Site issues can be resolved as soon as possible,  reducing potential conflicts in the team.

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III.              Analysis of Current Situation

Currently, 2D representations are produced to convey method statements or construction sequence on certain activity. The problem with this is that different people, especially the inexperience can have different interpretations on the 2D drawings and different understanding of the method statement which may lead to misunderstanding. During coordination meetings, everyone has his own agenda. The team does not seem to have a common goal. Each discipline only focuses on his own item. MEP wants space to run his services, the Architect wants to satisfy headroom requirement and the Engineer wants the activity to be done as soon as possible. When an item is installed on site clashes with the other, the blame game begins and that is the only time the team considers his neighbours. Due to this, rework will arise, conflicts between the construction team may arise and construction cost will also rise.

Proposed approaches and solutions:

  • BIM Construction Sequencing

Source: http://blog.rsconstruction.com

Contractors can take advantage of technology such as BIM and explore the potential benefits of BIM implementation. The contractor’s team can better understand and communicate the task because it can be explained and shown in 3D or in animation. The elements in the 3D model can be linked to create the sequence simulations. By modelling scenarios, the contractor can foresee outcomes if a task is done in a certain way and plan the activities properly. The contractor can plan what are the safety issues that may arise and produce risk mitigation matrix to be coordinated with the team beforehand. From the BIM model sequence simulation, the contractor can estimate the workforce required in the activity, equipment and the time required to finish the task. BIM construction sequencing would help improved productivity, safety, and reduced potential unplanned cost.

  • BIM Coordination

Source: https://www.cloudalize.com

One of the most important use of BIM is the physical coordination of systems between disciplines for effective and efficient installation on site. The goal is to produce a clash free coordinated model. Clash detection through BIM can resolve potential clashes before construction begins. By avoiding clashes early, the team does not only mitigate physical construction work clashes but also contractual work clashes like disputes or arguments on job scope. The amount of rework can be reduced significantly if determined early in the clash detection process. Through BIM Coordination, the construction team can review and highlight constructability issues and plan solutions ahead. Conducting coordination meetings is also possible even when some team members are in different parts of the world. Decisions can be made early, live data can be accessed by respective team. This gives the team lead time and other activities can be done earlier resulting in earlier task completion.

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IV.              Project Implementation and Achievements

The school project site is surrounded by residential, educational, and critical structures like mrt stations. Because of this, effective site coordination and planning is essential. We must make sure that in any activity, noise is minimised, vibration is controlled, and daily construction hour is adhered to. The site should produce the least impact in the surrounding but not compromising the work and construction schedule.

To achieve the requirements of the site challenges, BIM for construction sequencing and coordination will be implemented. From the site model, the route of the equipment for material delivery, material storage area, site offices and tower crane locations, site ingress and egress will be shall be strategically planned to effectively use the site space. The site shall be surrounded by noise barrier to address the noise issue and zoning allocation of the equipment for the piling works will be planned to control ground vibration. A sequencing model will be done to simulate the construction of the entire structural works floor by floor from foundations works to superstructure works to estimate the resources as the construction work progresses.

V.                 Discussion and recommendations for further works

VI.              Conclusion

VII.           References

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