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The Qr Code Technology Computer Science Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Computer Science
Wordcount: 1422 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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QR code, also called QR barcode.QR code is a information processing technology ,develop by base on grahic techonlege and computer techolage. It is to use a particular geometric figure according to rule in the two-dimension plane which is distribution of black and white graphic to record data . In the coding of clever, use “0”, “1” bit stream concept which is constitute the basis of computer internal logic. The use of several and binary corresponding geometric shapes to represent text numerical information, through the image input device or photoelectric scanning equipment automatic to read in order to realize information automatic processing.

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Using a dedicated reading code or smartphone can be scanned to identify for which contained information. QR code can be expressed in information in two directions at the same time horizontal and vertical, so to express a lot of information in a very small area. QR code is not specially designed for mobile phones by itself, but with the development of mobile communication technology, mobile phones creates the QR code. Mobile phones QR code will be as QR code recognizer and carrier and hosted by QR code information navigation and information.

Advantages of QR code

The Advantages of QR code¼š

QR code have high density informations and big capacity. Can record 1850 capital letters or 2710 digital or 1108 bytes. Lengthways and horizontal can record and store information. It can store much information and do not need information for connect internet.

the scope of QR coding is very big. This QR code can coding sound pictures words number to be a shown digital information.

never afraid local damage¼Œeven the damaged area is 50%, can still get to read correctly. This features of QR code is a important effect for people daily life. The black QR code become colourful and have some fun idea picture inside. Let person want use QR code and seed up the communication for information.

The decoding particularly accurate. Error rate is less than one over ten million. Use the QR code do not afraid can not find the source which QR code have.

Can be encrypted. Security and confidentiality. Never afraid the inportant imformation will be steal. The trade secret will be saved,and company never lost anything.

Easy to make,use for long time,cost less.

Symbol shape and size ratio can be changed.

can read by CCD reader and the laser.

The Last Ocean (documentary)

Applications of QR code

QR codes as a kind of brand-new information storage, transmission and identification technology rapidly into the people daily life with the development of science and technology.

Use mobile phone surf the internet,it is difficult to need enter long website. Use QR code will reduce this trouble,as long as you use phone to scan QR code on the book or adertising.

It is not inconveninet to carry paper business cards. If the business card use QR code,it will convenient storages of business cards.Use mobile phone can scan the QR code can copy the name ,phone number,email.and company informations to your mobile phone from the business cards. It is easy to help you contact him and know his company.

Use mobile phone to scan QR code can reduce the waste of paper and pollution of the environment.

QR code attendance system is a “certificate” type of mobile data service of new products, belongs to the mobile phone QR code to be read application, it is modern mobile communications technology and QR code coding technology unifies in together, the content of the traditional certificate holders and information encoding become a QR code graphics, and through the SMS, MMS, etc to send to the user’s mobile phone, when using, through the special read code equipment on the opponent display QR code graphics for student can be verified. Its biggest characteristic is only sex and safety, not only to save the cost, more important is to save time improve efficiency convenient use, also very environmental protection and fashion.

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Before the exhibition, the organizer only through the system to give participants hair to contain QR code electronic invitation letter (MMS, SMS), the two-dimension code contains meeting message, as exhibition sign in documents. In the exhibition, the participants need to carry mobile phones easily finish attendance, bring the brand-new the experience. At the same time also to avoid the organizers field check information helter skelter embarrassment, and are very safe, effective identity verification, put an end to those false burst. The participants information in the validation, through the wireless communication system transmission to the system database, so that the exhibition participation situation be clear at a glance, and convenient to participate in the exhibition of the statistical work. The whole process adopted all electronic, the use of mobile phones as a certificate, realize the meeting attendance information.

Difference between QR CODE and BAR CODE

Code can split into one dimensional code and two dimensional code. one dimensional code is Bar code. It make up by a rule arrange strip space and number . this kind data coding can supply machine cognition and read,is very easy to translate binary system and decimal system. Bar code distinguish fast and high veracity ¼Œgreat fiexiblity。But, because of the Bar code only in one direction (horizontal) commonly show information. So the data capacity is small. Bar code often need to connect to the database in order to get more data from the network by limited information capacity. But Bar code will loses the role in under the condition of not forget or database.

The QR code use Bar code’s information stored way extension in the two-dimensional space, do not need to connect a database, it can store large data by itself, it is high density large capacity. QR code also have wide coding, high recognition rate, difficult to abrasion .low cost etc.It can be printed in newspapers and magazines and periodicals,let people use mobile phone to reader it.


It also have some problem with QR code. Some QR code is malicious. If you are a QR code lover, please kill virus when you scan the doubtable QR code, Or you need pay attention to instill the program which is after scan QR code.Beacuse some malicious QR code will steal your money and break your daily life. Most malicious QR code is seducing people installe program to commit fraud. People should be sure to read the phone installation prompts are given. The other malicious QR code is include virus. After you scan the QR code, it will install the mobile phone virus secretly. On top of, QR code security problem even live in code scanning software, some malicious QR code software will install virus or malicious ads in advance, if you instill it ,you mobile phone will get the malicious ads and high costs. These actions could occur in the background while the user is only seeing the reader opening a seemingly harmless web page. For example: In Russia, a malicious QR Code caused phones that scanned it to send premium texts at a fee of US$6 each.

Colorful with QR code

We usually see most software generated QR code is black when few years ago. Now we see most advertisement have colorful and personality QR code. This kind QR code ‘s generation technique is not difficult.and this is young man’ love. Base on QR code never afraid local damage ,the QR code’s part be overwritten or lost, scanning machine still be able to identify its record of complete information. Some website already provide free colorful QR code service to people. There are many personality QR code production tools in the internet ,if you like it ,you can do it by yourself.

When you scan this QR code. You will get “love you forever”by chinese.


I suggest our company use the QR code technology. QR code as things networking age a recognition terminal, will change people’s future life, also can make the future life more low carbon. The technology is cheap,it can not cost company much money. Never mind it will broken or lost . It is easy to carry that is in your mobile phone. And personality QR code will make staff have fun. The QR code let the staff work easily and environmentaly. So I suggest our company use the QR code technology.


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