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Messaging System for Hand Held Devices using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

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Wordcount: 1445 words Published: 12th Mar 2018

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Multidisciplinary Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, Volume _, Issue _ () Pg.

Messaging System for hand held devices using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Network

Ajita Arvind Mahapadi,Prof.Soumitra Das


Abstract : In day-to-day life use and performance of mobile phones has increased drastically from previous few years. Most of them take the benefit of extremely capable smartphones for file sharing. Exisiting peer-to-peer system suffers from frequent disconnections and requires retranmission of data in case of transmission failure. Smart phones provides us with SMS facility which is not free of cost,so we proposed an application called Seamless File Sharing that provides us with chatting and file uploading facility free of cost without using any internet facility.Here we use two methods of data sharing one through WiFi network and other through Bluetooth. First file transmission is done through WiFi and if connection is not possible the file transmission is automatically switched to Bluetooth network. So an Adhoc network is created for sharing file contents. Transferring file through internet is costly so adhoc network can be used for file sharing.This application has an a benefit of low battery consumption.

Keywords: File sharing,Adhoc network,Andriod,Energy Efficiency,Sharing at low cost.


The use of smartphones has been increasing rapidly from last few years,and it has been noted that over 50% of people are using smartphones.Smart phone are multimedia devices which are useful for sharing files,videos,pictures to another smartphones .For example consider our home entertainment system smart phones provides us with the facility for sharing videos,pictures or even can be connected to TV for watching movies or any multimedia files.

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Peer-to-peer sharing of information among smart phones was one of the solution to consume free peer-to-peer wireless links and expensive data packets that we can use for sharing information,but peer-to-peer system experience disconnections because of user’s displacement from one place to another.So to over come this problem we have propose a system called Seamless File Sharing(SFS) for smartphones.WiFi provides us with high speed over long distance communication.Consider this application for Seamless File Sharing in which we can create group in our college premises for file sharing within students without any use of 3G(Internet) connection.

Important features of Seamless File Sharing are:

  • Adhoc networks are used for file sharing ie.WiFi,bluetooth.
  • Faster communication.
  • SFS reconnects automatically when disconnection occurs in the available network.

Figure:Hybrid Model

From the above figure a hybrid model is designed which has capability of file sharing through WiFi network and Bluetooth.


Earlier uploading and sharing of file contents was done through peer-to-peer systems as one system was connected to another system.As peer-to-peer system offers advantage over the traditional client-server networking models.But the limitations over this system was that if one wants to share any file and if any disconnection occurs in between then retransmission of data was not done automatically.So to overcome this limitation we use Seamless File Sharing(SFS) where retransmission of data is done automatically.


The design of SFS consist of two managers:

A.Seamless Service Manager(SSM)

B.File Manager(FM)

SSM is used for seamless file sharing and FM manages the files being sent and received .When the devices are attached to each other SSM sender communicates with SSM and FM of recipient.When file is transmit SFS choose the channel of file transfer such as through WiFi or Bluetooth according to the network connected.When sender sends through Bluetooth the device first searches for the devices which are connectable and connects through the MAC address of the receiver.When forward through WiFi it uses UDP for broadcasting.

Figure:System Architecture

A.Seamless Service Manager(SSM)

SSM maintains and update the name of device after few seconds.Seamless file sharing means suppose consider when a file is send from sender to receiver and if receiver is unavailable it is not needed to retransmit data again it will be send automatically without resetting it. In Seamless file sharing the device is connected to both Bluetooth an WiFi ,suppose a data is send through WiFi network and due to some reason it get disconnected the the device automatically get switched to Bluetooth device.

B.File Manager(FM)

FM basically looks which file needs to be send or received.The file which need to be send is first divided into 10KB blocks.After receiving file from sender FM stores the offsets for checking other file blocks and after that combines all the data to make the entire file.FM sends the offset as acknowledgement to the sender while file sharing.


  • Peer-to-peer file sharing was possible in existing sytem,but it suffers from frequent disconnections because of users displacement.
  • Existing system was not able to send data through two methods ie.WiFi and Bluetooth but proposed system have capability to share data through both the methods.
  • Seamless File Sharing has capacity of data retransmission when disconnection occurs between the network.
  • Folder lock is provided for security purpose in proposed system.
  • Battery life is prolonged in proposed system.


We propose an application for Andriod devices known as SFS. This application provides a solution for peer-to-peer systems,because peer-to-peer suffers from frequent dicsonnections.Server charges are decreased as SFS(Seamless File Sharing) doesnot use it and other charges are also cut down eg:data packet connection.Other reason for cost deduction are WiFi and Bluetooth as they are free of charge .It also provides capacity for simultaneous sending and receiving of files at same time.Power competence is taken in concerned to extend the battery life.

This application can be implemented on other devices which supports different operating systems like Blackberry OS,Apple’s iOS and Windows Mobile OS.


The success of any project is never restricted to any individual.This project is also the result of thoughts contributed by many people and would like to acknowledge them here.I Express sincere thanks to all those who have provided us with valuable guidance towards the completion of this report.

I deeply thank my guide and HOD Prof.Soumitra Das for his useful guidance.The support that he gave truly helped me, without whom this project would have been a far realism.I also thank him for giving me good quality support,suitable remarks and conversation in all phase of the project.I would also like to widen sincere thanks to all teachers and staff for their valuable suggestions and feedback.


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