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Lingo Learning Final Report

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Wordcount: 5664 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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1.1             Abstract

Young bilingual children are supported in the early periods of their education by EAL teaching assistants in schools. The purpose of this report is to study the fundamental roles of a bilingual teaching associate and the behaviours of supporting these children’s learning, also

1.2             Acknowledgements

Supervisor – Ingo Frommholz

Mum (EAL Learning Support Assistant) – Sureha Khanom

Aunty (Teacher) – Sabeha Khanom

1.3             Dedication

This project is dedicated to all EAL students and learning providers.

1.4             Keywords


Table of Contents

1.1 Abstract

1.2 Acknowledgements

1.3 Dedication

1.4 Keywords

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1.1 Aims & Objectives

1.2 Future plans and possible improvements

1.3 Gantt Chart

Chapter 2 Market Research

2.1 Global mobile education market volume from 2011 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

2.2 Explosive Growth in Education Apps

2.3 EAL Apps- Competitor Analysis

2.4 The Benefits of Using Apps in Your EAL Teaching

2.5 The Best Apps for EAL Teachers to Use


2.6 Key Understandings into Developing an Educational App

2.7 How to Develop an Educational App


Chapter 1 Introduction


My final project will be a learning app based on EAL (English as an additional language) children who enroll in schools without knowing the English language, I have also decided a name for this which will be called Lingo Learning, I have decided to make an app associated to EAL students because I have family members that are teaching students and they mention to me how hard it is to communicate with them by using flash cards so therefore I decided to turn their problems into an app. What my app will contain is easy and simple phrases for them to understand in school spoken by teachers such as “please stay silent”, “tidy the classroom”, or “listen to the teacher”. I refer this project as a basic language learning tool. I am making this because I believe that a lot of teachers are struggling to communicate with EAL children as there is a language barrier between them, I also got this idea from family members as some do work with them and struggle to communicate by using flash cards. I thought it would be a good idea to make an app for this as multiple schools around the UK are involving interactive learning using I Pad’s and tablets in classrooms. This app would contain the most common foreign languages that the children speak, for example; Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Bengali, Indian and so forth there will be more dialects included however these are a portion of the basic ones that I have recorded. Additional time I will include more dialects if necessary, however for now, I will concentrate on the primary ones that I have recorded. Additionally, this application will be easy to understand as it will be easy to utilize and contain pictures that are related to the expressions that students are going to recognize so the kids can comprehend what is being said. In the long run they will realize what the phrase implies. This will likewise be exceptionally simple to use for educators as the interface won’t be complicated therefore, they can find their way around it.

Chapter 1.1 Aims & Objectives 


My final project will be a learning app based on EAL students who enroll into schools without having any knowledge of the English language, I came up with the name Lingo because it means to speak the local dialect, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with something short and snappy and something that stands out. This will contain short and simple phrases that are used by teachers in school for example “stay silent when the teacher is speaking” or like “no talking”. I aim to use the most common phrases used in the lessons so that foreign students have better communication with their teacher. This app would contain the most common foreign languages that the children speak, for example; Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Bengali, Pakistani etc. I am aiming to make this app accessible for every EAL student with either an Android or IOS device this is because I believe that if I only cover one side, I don’t meet the user requirements therefore making a low-class mobile application. Although this is aimed towards EAL students in Primary years this app can be used universally as I feel it doesn’t have an age range. I will be starting this in the beginning of February this will give me enough time spend on doing the planning and the UI design. I will mainly focus on those 2 for a couple weeks then I will move on to implementing the languages and the features of the app this should give me enough time to do some trial and error tests with the app to find out the possible issues and when I find them I will work on making it better. By the time it comes to finalizing it I should be able to get the app fully functioning and ready for user testing.

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I want to make sure that this app is going to be accessible to all the appropriate users which will also at the same time deliver a good amount of learning tools towards the children. Although this is aimed mainly towards EAL children in schools this can be used universally as it doesn’t have an age range for example, parents could also use this at home to teach other family members or even if they decide to home school their child, they can use the app. The type of value that my final project provides is that I’m going to have an effective communication tool that will enable users to communicate with one another which everyday context which might not be feasible.

1.2 Future plans and possible improvements

In the near future when this app is complete I plan to advertise this app into nearby schools for some user testing this is because I want to find out what people think about the app and also know what I can improve on for example if there aren’t enough phrases and I get feedback on that then I could work on adding a lot more. Also, in the future I would like to expand the software within the application for example I have seen a lot more apps that have got audio narration also nearly all the languages, I would like to implement this in the near future because I believe this will benefit a lot more users in different schools.

1.3 Gantt Chart

The chart above shows the effort that I am going to put in for my application from a certain start date till the end date the 3 categories that I have listed on left side are the main things I will be focusing on during the time. For example, I will be starting on the design from the 1st of Feb and I plan to take about 15 days to complete because I want to make sure everything is appealing after I am done with the design side of my artefact I will start on the implementation, this will take me about a month and I will finish it on March 15th because I have to make sure it Is done properly within the time limit lastly the development will also take a month as it is important I complete the app also doing this will take time as I will encounter issues as I make it this will finish on April 15th this will give me enough time to run trial and errors to find out where I have gone wrong and how I can improve it and find the solution for it.


Chapter 2 Market Research


Mobile Apps offering Benefits and evolution of eLearning Market

Internet has changed the global environment even in the education sector. In the beginning education model was straightforward enough, leading the process by a teacher and the students sitting in the classroom.

Beyond the physical confines of a classroom the flow in eLearning or electronic learning techniques, allowed us to extend the scope of education thanks to the internet.

The “eLearning” term was used in 1999 initially, there off course there is well-documented history behind this. E-learning’s early form suggested by Evidence that this concept was in the 19th century.

E-Learning Market

The learning background has been totally changed with the revolution of computer in the late 20th century and by the appearance of smartphones. The new paths of learning and personal growth have been discovered by this technology putting back the old learning techniques.

Internet has removed all the barriers and converted the world into global village where anyone has accessed a large amount of data anytime and anywhere. To expend the skill set in the schools and institutions, individuals are given rights to access the programs enabling them to get degrees online. The huge increase in these statistics shows that the market size of eLearning is growing very fast. 

The eLearning market can be separated into different segments as given below:

eLearning Market: By Application

Education and corporates could be the two categories of eLearning application market. Moreover, the corporate includes small & medium size business (SMBs) and enterprises.

High rate of engagement by learners have been recorded in trends like gamification having better concept understandings. McDonald partnering with the City and Guilds Kineo was a recent execution of this trend, when the company started providing the till training on how to use the cash register.

eLearning Market: By Technology

Online learning or eLearning are the main things to use of technologies, some of which has been developed specifically for it, while others complement the learning process. The use of email and instant messaging is very huge in communication technologies.

Instead of this, there are many other tools that any internet user would use. eLearning is also the main reason to make use of Content Management System (CMS) and database technologies good. CMS provides the dual features like as database stores your data and give User Interface for you to update, delete or add data.

2.1 Global mobile teaching market volume from 2011 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Statista graph chart shows the mobile education market globally volume from 2011-2020. Worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion US dollars in 2020, up from 3.4 billion US dollars in 2011.

2.2 Explosive Growth in Education Apps

If apps become an important force for learning and discovery, today’s children will benefit. This report, iLearn II: An Analysis of the Education Category on Apple’s App Store, shoes the results of an analysis of the Education category of Apple’s App Store, with the objective of understanding the market elements, zones of development, and rising open doors inside the market for applications that are labeled as education.. This updated report examines a recent sample of top-selling apps for both the iPad and the iPhone using the original iLearn study as a yardstick for change.


1. For providing learning content to children, both in terms of their availability and popularity, apps are an important and growing medium.

  • In the Education category of the iTunes Store target children, are over 80% of the top selling paid apps.
  • Almost half (46%) of the top selling apps targeted preschool or elementary aged children in 2009.  That number has increased to almost three times (71%).
  • As comparison of children’s use of apps with adults, the rate of using apps by children has risen in every age category.

2. As early learning apps for toddler/preschool are mostly prominent. Developers should consider potential capacity of this market.

3. In comparison the apps are a significantly different market than video games, toys or Television.

2.3 EAL Apps- Competitor Analysis

English language is versatile language which is learnt by varied group of learners. Students take admission in schools to understand English for their survival to achieve success. Other students get admission to acquire English skills to maintain the standard as naturally speaking dukes. When these students try to excel in their respective Areas of learning, they further require many excellent learning resources which help them to develop their English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Apps are being developed in this category which are very favorable and beneficial for learners. Those apps are considered as winners. Few apps are not successful to achieve goal of learning English because those contain incorrect English, disrupting advertisements, apps that crash or hang and apps which are time and money consuming. Those apps are considered amongst losers. Few apps have been chosen below which are suitable for some learners but may be too exceled and convenient for others.  

Improve English: Word Games

The students who are learning English as an additional tool, Improve English: Word Games help them to develop quickly and understand it in a proper way. It provides huge collection of words and provide so many methods for its adaptation practically.

Devices like Android and iPad are used

Learn English School Edition

The Learn English application is made to assist learners whose original language is not English. This app results best by simply translating basic collection of words and phrases to a selected language. This app covers languages Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Somali, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu.  This app controls thirteen various daily vocabulary subjects with audio and translation. This app does not contain advertisement, However the School/Nursery edition needs subscription. This also provides a toddler learner with a great learning stage

Learn English Grammar (UK ed.)

Learn English Grammar is the best way to improve your English grammar at home, on the move, anywhere!

To learn grammar skills is vital part.  App named Learn English Grammar, is considered as top-rated app in learning English Grammar. From this app learners can learn English wherever they want to like at Home, while moving, anywhere!

Devices like Android and iPad are used

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

Duolingo is one among the most effective English learning apps these days and it is extremely suggested for English beginners. The learning system of the app helps you learn any language by using it for a set amount of time every day.

This app is specifically prepared for English Toddlers and rated as one of the best English language applications. Its specific system named as “The gamified learning system” assist you to Learn English quickly by spending few minutes. Duolingo makes you learn about seven new words related your topic. On completion of topic, Skill points are awarded to you as an achievement.


2.4 The Benefits of Using Apps in Your EAL Teaching

Helps Keep Students Engaged

Technology is a vital tool and interesting addition in any classroom. As technical work takes a short time to compete in comparison with work relating reading or writing. So, students always prefer technical work rather than reading or writing. It keeps students always busy because they know how to evolve a result quickly by using these technical apps. Using Apps in classroom can attract the attention of the learner and make environment of class room very informative.

Adds a New Dimension to Learning

By using apps in classroom innovation and invention element always gears up the students. It gives new dimension to students. Repetition and reviews are not necessary for student success of learning a language. Apps reinforce the material and allow students to experience English in yet another form.

Online course named ed2go’s Integrating Technology in the Classroom is very helpful for students to provide them the knowledge about mobile technology and web why this technology is used and how this effect in learning. This course assists students who are learning English language. It also includes course material pertaining specifically to English language learners.

2.5 The Best Apps for EAL Teachers to Use

1. FluentU

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, commercials, news, cartoons and inspiring talks—and turns them into English learning experiences.

How does this work? FluentU has a huge collection of authentic English videos that people in the English-speaking world watch on the regular. This is content that’s known internationally for its quality and entertainment value.

But it doesn’t just stop with great videos. On FluentU, every one of the videos are arranged by skill level and they all come with language exercises that are put into the system.

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is unquestionably an application that anybody learning or encouraging English need to have on their devices. This application can make an interpretation of many dialects into English, and it tends to be utilized in a wide range of exercises.

3. Duolingo

Many people all over the world use Duolingo for independent language instruction, and you can use it for EAL teaching as well. The English learning version of Duolingo has lessons that integrate conversation, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.

This application can be an asset to teachers as a fun extra technique for testing the pupils in the classroom. It additionally is useful in classrooms that may have numerous pupils at different skill levels. At the point when the further developed pupils complete their work early.



Using of talk frames, paired and collaborative learning experiences encourage confident and accurate talk


Using a range of strategies and resources, support children’s reading developments.


Keep parents informed, celebrating success and creating two-way communication.


Develop your children’s writing skills using speaking tactics.


To maintain children’s home language support, them to view it as an asset.


Through a range of effective differentiation strategies, ensure all children can access the learning.


Provide a range of learning online games to support pupil’s language development.


Give pupils an environment of group learning experience to encourage cooperation and talk.


Find resources to increase understanding and language extension


Provide pupils a range of online audio stories so that they achieve a higher level of language.

2.6 Key Understandings into Developing an Educational App

Benefits of Mobile Education Apps

E-learning apps have a range of benefits to the students, teachers and other learners specially pupils:

  • As these apps are quite simple to operate the students find it convenient to use. In addition, most of them can be downloaded for free, which makes it inexpensive as well.
  • Solving a math problem, simplifying the hard concepts of physics or chemistry, the apps offer ready-made solutions to these problems. So according to a study, about 63% of the students prefer studying with the help of mobile apps.
  • Not only does it help the pupils and learners, but it also gives easy tips to tutors and teachers to teach a chapter.
  • The apps also provide the facility for the students to interact with their friends and even teachers.
  • Finally, it makes study stress-free and provides a platform to the learners where they can grasp every lesson with ease.

The Classification of Educational Apps

To be precise, educational apps are not just limited to imparting knowledge on subjects that students’ study at school, but it can also be useful to other areas as well.

Apps that are focused on Particular Subject

Well, this is the most common type of app that most of the school going students use at frequent intervals. They are specifically designed to cater the problems of a subject such as mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.

2.7 How to build an Educational App

To develop an app for the students as well as the teachers, the following features should be focused as well so that it could create worthy results.

The Log-in or Registration

Most of the mobile applications especially eLearning apps passes through the login or registration process for both students and teachers. They can log in to account using user id/email/biometric along with password. After that you can go to profile.

The Dashboard or User Profile

The very important feature of an application is dashboard or a user Profile. It holds all the user information and shows the progress too. In profile all the information is interchangeable which means the designers can improve the essentials based on the necessities of the target audience which in my case is for bilingual children.

Adding Valued information

The heart of any learning application is content. It plays a very important role in an educational app that can attract the user’s interface. If the content is valuable readable and worth the learner’s knowledge, traffic will come greatly.

  • Content focusing on a topic should be included.
  • It should be explained in the easiest possible manner.
  • Do pay a lot of consideration to the language that is being used. Use of simple words is suggested.
  • The content should also be mobile friendly backing up the UI and the user

Social Media Tools for Apps

Promoting and flourishing the education app, social media is one of the most impactful tools. Furthermore, the students and the educators can share the indispensable data through social media, for example, by means of Facebook posts, sharing the sound and recordings on Twitter, Instagram, and different stages.


There is no logical inconsistency that education is getting progressively proficient and has made an impactful move toward becoming digitalized. The instructive applications have just turned out to be a standout amongst the closest companions both for the students and the educators. With the progression of time, more understudies and the educators are engaging with such applications which is displaying a positive outcome for the instruction world just as the application advancement industry. Today learning isn’t constrained to books just however with its unification of modernization has brought a gigantic revolution around the world



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