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File Management In Operating Systems Computer Science Essay

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Wordcount: 1526 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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File management is organizing and keeping track of files and folders. It helps you stay organised so information is easy to locate and use. Using the file management tools, you can save files in folders with appropriate names so these files can be found or identified easily, create new folders quickly for recognition of information, delete unnecessary files and folders, search for files and folders, create shortcuts of files for quick access and compress files and folders to save space

Memory management:

Memory management is the function of an operating system in which the operating system checks whether the hardware and software components are working properly within their limitations. Operating system manages the space on the storage devices. It allocates space to the newly fed data. Memory management also handles the movement of data between different levels of memory.

User interface:

User interface in operating systems provide interaction between the user and the computer system. A user can communicate with computer system using input device such as keyboard, mouse, track-ball, etc. and the computer system gives output through output device such as monitor, printer, speakers, etc. When user input his command into the computer, the interface translates it into the language that the computer can understand, and when computer gives output, interface translates it into the language that the user can understand.

Interaction between hardware and software:

Operating system interacts with hardware in order to operate a computer system. Hardware and software interaction takes place during user interface. When user gives input using peripherals, which are hardware, the software processes that input and gives output on monitor screen. In this case hardware has communicated with software by processing the input.

GUI versus command line:

GUI or Graphical User Interface allows users to enter commands by pointing and clicking on the objects that appear on the screen. While in command line interface, commands are written in command prompt and then these commands are executed. Example of command line interface is DOS

Merit 1

Windows XP

Windows Me





Task manager

Task manager is made to list all the applications and programmes currently running on computer system. A user can launch task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL keys simultaneously. Task manager also shows the performance of computer system in performance tab

Quick Launch Toolbar

Quick launch toolbar is a new feature in windows vista. It allows the user to add any program directly to the Quick launch toolbar from the start menu. To add programs to quick launch toolbar, click start, then right-click program name, then select Add To Quick Launch.

Control panel

Control panel gives you the ability to control different tools and programmes of windows xp. Control panel allows you to change settings of different computer features. You can access control panel easily by clicking on start menu.


Windows vista has enhanced the taskbar by modifying taskbar grouping and providing Live Taskbar Thumbnail, Windows Flip, windows 3D.

Management console

Live Taskbar Thumbnail

This is a new feature introduced in windows vista. When user moves the pointer over a taskbar button, vista displays the live thumbnail of the window. The thumbnail continuously updates to reflect the live state of window. If many windows are open for same program, vista will display the thumbnail for recently opened window.

Add printer wizard

Add printer wizard is used for several different purposes. First time when you run this wizard, you connect a printer to your computer and second time you run printer wizard, you add an entry for printer. You can access printer wizard from control panel.

Notification area

Notification area is on the far right-side of taskbar. Notification area include two type of icons; one type of icon comprise of clock, volume, network and power, other type includes icon for programs you have installed.


Update is a feature of windows XP that automatically check for updates from the internet. You can manually run the available updates or you can also select automatic update option to run updates automatically.

Command line

Window vista also provide command line. Command line helps to change the location of files easily.

Accessibility Wizard

Accessibility wizard feature in windows XP helps you change settings of appearance and functionality of computer so that it match the needs of user. Accessibility wizard is easy to access. Choose start>all programs>accessories> accessibility> accessibility wizard.

Windows defender

Windows defender is a feature of window that allows user to protect the computer from harmful and malicious software by blocking and locating spyware and other types of such programs.

Remote assistance desktop

Remote assistance desktop feature allows another user such as administrator to view your computers screen remotely and to take control of your computer. using this feature, the remote operator can show you how to perform function that you are having problems with on your computer. You can access remote assistance desktop feature from the control panel of your computer.

Windows Mail

Windows mail is a feature that allows you to manage and organize your mails on your computer. You can also send and receive email messages, you can also use it you browse and work with newsgroups. It also allows you to add and delete contacts, delete junk mails and make folders for organising mails. Windows mail is a replacement of outlook express.

Command prompt

A user can run programs and utilities from command prompt, try to fix problems and run different types of commands. User can access command prompt . command prompt can be accessed by choosing start >run>typing cmd in the run dialog box and clicking ok.

Windows Gadgets

Window vista comes with some side bare gadgets. These gadgets include calculator, clock, CPU meter, feed viewer, weather, slideshow and recycle bin.

Program compatibility wizard

Program compatibility wizard is used to troubleshoot problems with programs which were created in earlier versions of windows and does not open in XP. Program compatibility wizard change settings of such programs so they run properly.

Windows Shared View

Windows shared view allows you to make virtual presentations over the network, share handouts and co-ordinate with co-workers. As windows shared view connects with other computers, user should create exceptions on his computer’s firewall.

Security centre

Security centre gives user the information about the security status of computer system. It continually monitors the security of system. If security centre inds some problem in system it diplays the message on screen. The security centre displays monitored results in three categories. In these categories headings are displayed with three different colours:

If the heading is red then computer is at risk, if heading is yellow then some settings are at risk and if the heading is green or blue, it shows that settings are healthy.

Device manager

Device manager supplies information about devices installed on your system. Device manager also fix hardware problems. If XP detects any device not working properly, the device manager displays one of the three icons next to the device’s name;

A yellow exclamation point means there is some problem with device

A red X means the device is disabled or not working at all

A blue I means that the device’s configuration has been changed using device manager.

Task bar

Taskbar is a bar displayed at bottom of Windows XP. Taskbar displays all the programs and applications currently running on computer system. A user can move the taskbar to even top of screen or to the left of screen or to the right of screen. Some applications and programs are pinned to taskbar for quick access. Taskbar displays the most important, the start menu, which contain all the programs of computer system.

Disk tool

It is very important to maintain your hard disk because it has got all your important data and programs. Disk tools include three programs, disk cleanup, Disk check and Disk Defragmenter. These programs are used for the maintenance of disk.

Event viewer

Event viewer is the central reporting location for the windows. The third party applications and windows add entries to this collection of log files to keep the system administrator up to date on important events and errors that occur. The event viewer comprises of tree separate system loggings, the application log, the security log and the system log.


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