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Difference Between Mash And Star Topology Computer Science Essay

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In this part of the assignment, the difference between Mash and Star Topology will be examined. Additionally, the Network topology in general will be discussed in detailed with other network topology.

Network topology is one of the most significant topics to learn before start building up computer network. Network topology is the physical arrangement of nodes, A node is any network device, such as a computer, work station, or switching unit. Basically a topology describes how a network is linked , it is the structure of the network. In networking topologies are very important because they have significant role on flexibility and reliability.

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Firstly, Mash topology is to be examined. According to Ratliff (2000) Mash topology is ……The most basic type of topology to understand is the mesh topology. In a pure mesh network, each node has a physical connection to all other nodes.…………………….. while Star topology is …consists of a central hub with spokes extending out from it and terminating in nodes .. Mesh is a type of network topology which …can use an alternative…route to deliver data If any of the cables fail. In that point mesh network topology is one of the most reasonable network topology. However when number of nodes increases, mesh topology becomes unwieldy and expensive. Another negative aspect is requires too many cable works. Because mesh topology requires more cable than other topologies. The equation of Mesh network is Ln=[Nn(Nn-1)] in this equation Ln stands for number of links required and Nn stands for number of nodes in the network.

On the other hand Star topology as it has mentioned above every node linked to the central device called, hub or switch. Also star topologies are usually used for LAN networking and it is one of the most popular topology today. Altough The star is one of the older topologies. Star topologies are very easy to install and wire. In addition detecting fault removing faulty parts is easier in star topology. Another good advantage of using star topology is if any node fails or is removed it doesn’t affect network so Network never fails Unless central device or hub fails.

To compare star and mesh topology there one major difference which is about coverage of the network mesh topologies commonly used for WAN (Wide area networks) on the other hand Star is commonly used for LAN (Local are networks).Another difference is to setup star network you need a central hub or switch to link nodes together. But to setup mesh topology you don’t need central device because In mesh topology computers or nodes connected directly to each other on many alternative routes. Mesh topology network failure tolarence is less than star topology because even if more than one cable fails system still can run. However in star topology is the same unless central device fails network can still run smoothly.

Furthermore, there are three more network topologies which are Ring network topology, Bus network topology and Tree network topology.

Firstly Ring Network topology is to be examined. In ring topology nodes linked to each other and data are sent around the circle from node to node. In recent years ring network topology was popular in LAN networking and two popular networking technologies which are ARCNET and TOKEN used ring topology. According to Ratliff (2000) In ring topology Message transmission can use one of two techniques. In the first, the transmitting node gains access to the ring and sends data to the receiving node; the receiving removes the message from the ring. In second technique, the sender transmits the message, and the receiver makes a copy of the message rather than removing it from the ring. The message then returns to the transmitter and serves as an acknowledgement that it was received.

Ring network topology is very easy to extend. All you need to do is break the ring and plug in node. As you can see easy to make changes, makes ring topology very flexible. In Ring network you don’t need network server to manage connectivity between the nodes because nodes connected each other with wires. Also performance is better than a star network if network is under heavy network load because data passes in only one direction. However there are significant negative aspects. The major problem is If one node fails, all network system might fail. Another negative aspect of ring networks is that if a node is added, the network must stop working temporarily. Because when a node is added firstly you need to cut the connection and add the node.

Bus network topology is one of the oldest topologies in networking history. Bus topology requires one single cable which can be inches long or miles long that links all nodes on a network. According to Lowe (2005) In a bus topology, every node on the network can see every packet that’s sent on the cable. Each node looks at each packet to determine whether the packet is intended for it. If so, the node claims the packet .If not, the node ignores the packet. This way, each computer can respond to data sent to it and ignore data sent to other computers on the network.

Bus network topology performance is depends on the number of the nodes, less node means more performance. The reason for that all computers use/share same cable for data transfer on the network. Also bus topology’s data transfer rate is slower than other network topologies. However beside those disadvantages there are also several advantages of bus network topology. Bus topologies are very easy to install and extend. In addition Bus topologies are cheapest network topology if you compare with other topologies. And its very easy to identity wire faults.

To sum up network topologies are base of the network design. It is possible to built better network topology if you have good knowledge of these network topologies which has mentioned above. Also you need to have the knowledge of each network devices to use them properly for your network needs. Not good configured network can cause problems such as waste of time and energy. So basically understanding network topologies and devices is key of building good network.

Part B

In this part of assignment software and hardware for business systems for accounting business activities will be examined with cost/benefit and importance to the success of the business in report form.


Today computers have become very popular in every kind of sector. In business area there are many different and specific software for every need like the company or market sector. To run your own business you must have a good software for your needs, which is one of the most significant tools to achieve goals in your business. There is a big danger today’s business world For instance if you do not have right tools which usually includes business software, it means your business will go down and down. When you started your own business the most important software that you must have are accounting software. These software are for the financial analysis, warehouse, software for budgeting, production and management. Accounting software have very big role to play for the success of the business because these programs plan and record all the movements. In addition you have chance to organize and manage whole activities. As long as you choose most suitable one for your business.



Firstly I would like to answer one of the most common question which is “ Why accounting software? “

The answer is simple

If you open a small business in today’s variable economic situation your business adventure might become exciting and complicated also expensive working. On the face of it, it seems very simple just ensure you are selling your goods for more than it costs to produce them. But it does not work like that because without proper bookkeeping, your business likely to collapse. That is why accounting software is a key for any small business to achieve big goals in the business sector. It must have a role to play in every financial decision A to Z such as purchasing equipments, stocking inventory, supplies to increasing production and determining salaries.

If you do not have any background in accounting like most of people, you do not have to worry because today’s accounting software have more information than you need. They give you the tools and info which helps to keep your financial records in check.

Another one of the most asked question is “ what you should observe before you buy accounting software? “

Today there are many accounting software and it is very hard to know which software is the best fit for your business finances. We can divide Below I will explain them one by one.

Firstly in accounting software ease of use is very important. Software should be easy to install, set up, and understand. The best accounting software navigates the user to what to do step by step so user do not have to think or guess next step.

Second important thing is Accounting modules;

Accounting modules are very important to successfully maintain your business finances like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. The important thing is the software which you choose contains all the common accounting modules, you need. And the software which you choose should be able to grow with your company and customize your system for your business needs.

Another important criteria is Reporting catagories


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