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Understanding Why A Meeting Is Important Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 2839 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Meeting can be defined as two or more person come to gather for a specific purpose of discussing definite topic like as business. It may be act of coming to gather, coming to gather of persons or things, an assembly: a gathering to discuss or decide on matters, a point of contact: junction, an assembly or place of assembly for worship, especially of friends or Quakers, meeting house.

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Meetings play vital roles in business management. It is also dynamic tools for communication. In modern world, meetings are conducted in almost every organization. It may be held for specific purpose. Meetings can be conducted to deliver new knowledge and business information or discuss important projects and crucial issues in business. Meetings are powerful business weapon, Meetings also keeps organization on track, and meeting help team at consent. Meeting is important ways to keep each other updated with work matters. Meeting keeps staff very productive and also helps to boost their morale. Meeting need to be carried out because it helps to improve problem solving skills in staff members of organization. One of the major important benefits of meetings is through meetings one organization can achieve set targets and objectives. Meeting is also way of keeping track of individual and team work progress through discussion. Meetings also helps to for employee’s brainstorming, and it increases the staff’s efficiency. The business matters and developments in business trend should be discussed in meetings.


Why I carried out this research?

I carried out this research as a part of my duties and study. This research is based on my experience in Barista. I am working in Barista as a customer assistant. I have done various meetings with customers and also carried out meeting with the proprietor and manager of Barista. I found that meeting is worth important to sort out business issues.

There are various focused points of this research which is positive in mannered that gives worth resulted of it. This research is whole carried out by me and own works. I am researching that meetings helps not only to organization but also individually. How it helps to sort out business issues and how it effects on organization.

Research Questions

I have been contact with my co-worker for a part of this research. This research provides detailed and brief idea to co-worker for meetings. This research helps to give detailed knowledge regarding how meeting is key point to considered to be a part of business policies. There are some questions which I tried to found from this research are as below.

Is meeting helpful for team building?

Is meeting helps to improvement of business?

Is meeting motivates individuals?

Is meeting gives solution to problems?

Is meeting helpful to achieve business objective?

IS meeting facilitate discussion in face to face manner?

We can get detailed brief idea regarding importance of meeting and outcome from above questions.

Research Objective

The primary objectives of this research are to know that meeting is worth beneficial to take important decision, agendas to develop business. As per my point of view, meeting helps to individual to share their ideas, every single person get new knowledge. It also help us to understand the rules and regulations.

Taking important decisions.

Achieve set targets and objectives.

Efficiency of staff.

Crisis management.

Team building.

Brainstorming and boost individual morale

Why the research is worth the efforts?

The research is worth efforts because it helps my organization to improve business. It also helps me and my co-worker to sort out any kind of problem. The management will also efficient to take important decision regarding business policies. It helps me and my co-worker to improve our efficiency of work. One of the worth reason for conducting this research is to facilitate discussion in face to face manner. Meeting is also worth to be productive and crucial function. It also worth for employee in terms to knowledge, understanding, friendship, networking and self-esteem of them. Problem solving skills in employee is very necessary for organization and therefore it worth to research. It need to boost morale of employees to get success in business, so research helps to get brief idea regarding this. It also helps Barista for future planning There are various focused points of this research which is positive in mannered that gives worth resulted of it..

Literature Review

The topic of this research is worth to get share information and know new ideas between employees, management, and to understand customer very well. I personally took some meetings regarding this topic. I knew information regarding meetings agendas, meeting plan and process of meeting. Organization keeps daily routine meetings to develop new business ideas and share knowledge for business projects. I also know that it helps in business decision making, getting feed backing, and solving business problems with help of new agendas and ideas from different individuals. I found that meeting also helps to construct new ideas and pathway to new business achievement, it increases efficiency of staff and also helps for team building. One of key aspects I found for meeting is that in helps for brainstorming also. I found that meeting is very productive and crucial function for organization, it helps in to management in event of crisis. As per my way of thinking and what my experience, meetings also motivates individual to solve problems and issues.

Research Methodology

Research can be defined as a study of particular topic or subject in order to discover information and develop strategies. Research is for a systematic, objective and thorough investigation of a subject or a problem in order to discover relevant information or principles. There are various research and design methodology available, hence, it becomes difficult for me to choose the appropriate methodology to conduct the research. This research will explain the methodology used to conduct the research to meet the aims and objectives. The philosophy of research, research approach, research design, data collection and data analysis are my point of view of doing research. It also explains the appropriate methodology selected for the research. As per my point of view, Research methodology is always depends upon research question. I used qualitative method and inductive approach for my research. I proposed to get extract knowledge in the theoretical and literature part of the research by using distinctive research approaches of inductive. The general inductive approach provides an easily used and systematic set of procedures for analysing qualitative data that can product reliable and valid finding. Inductive approach is a part of qualitative data collection technique where theory is developed on the basis of analysis of data. Inductive approach is a general approach that develops conclusion from general observation based on experimental confirmation.

Data Collection

I used collected data from co-workers by primary data collection techniques and secondary data collection techniques. It is a process to reach to conclusion by using and summarizing the useful data. Data analysis helps to understand relationship between different variable and the finding of investigation. The ultimate aim of analysis is to find suitable answer of research question using data collected. I used primary data by taking interviews of co-workers and secondary data from journals, articles, books and internet. Primary data are authentic data which are collected from a new research study. The data are analysed and the results or findings are then discussed and evaluated. The method can be utilize to generate primary data are observations, interviews, questionnaires. This type of data can be gathered from workplace. Secondary data involves academic journal, textbooks, web pages, newspapers; research report etc. secondary data are low cost and faster than study, quality data can be available written from scholar.

Time- Scale Plan

Research Resources

Resource is helpful to the reaction or feeling of co-worker about questionnaires, or request for interview. Customers are very busy people, so we have to take care of them at the time of interview. So at that time it is necessary to explain it briefly who is you and what is your purpose to achieve it, to estimate the time how long their commitment will take, to be clear your point what exactly you wish them to do and to emphasise that confidentiality will be respected if that is their wish if in doubt; and also necessary to make it short, it will up to point and for research we have to prepare well and also be polite at that time.


Primary data collection technique and secondary data collection technique are used in my research. The detailed discussion regarding the both primary data collection technique and secondary data collection technique are as followed. Primary data collection technique and secondary data collection technique are different method for data collection. Primary data can be collected by us (Researcher), and secondary data can be collected internet, articles, journal and books. Primary data collection technique is expensive where as Secondary data collection technique is cheaper. Primary data collection technique is time taken where as secondary data collection technique is less time taken. The quality of Primary data collection technique is better than secondary data collection technique hence it is first hand collection technique.

Primary Research Technique

It is easiest and simplest techniques of data collection. There is various way of data collection under primary research technique. These various ways are Interviews, questionnaires etc.

Primary data are authentic data which are collected from a new research study. Primary data are generated through researcher which is defined to the research. The data are analysed and the results or findings are then discussed and evaluated. The method can be utilize to generate primary data are observations, interviews, questionnaires. This type of data can be gathered from workplace. In this research

Observation: helps to focus on important information.

Interview: although interviews are difficult, expensive and time consuming it provides detailed information on the subject. It is a face to face situation where verbal questions take place.

Questionnaires: Questionnaires are used to collect data even though the researcher does not take into account other method like observations, interview, etc. It is a method of asking questions by agrees or disagree kind of statements presenting various viewpoints.

Secondary Research Technique

It is also called a “library data” since based on reading. The reading involves on what topic and issues other researcher have written. As defined by Crouch and Housden (2003), “secondary data are either facts, knowledge or information which may be published or collected by others at that specific time for their own reason which the existing researcher has not in his mind.

Secondary data involves academic journal, textbooks, web pages, newspapers, research report etc. Sometimes the data collected through secondary research may be outdated and therefore it may not be reliable. On the other hand secondary data are low cost and faster than study, quality data can be available written from scholar.

Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative research provides me deeper understanding of the interactional process carried out during my research. To increase the quality of the responses I deal with relatively smaller number of participants and targets observations, interviews. Hence, qualitative research enables me to get the most relevant answers concerned to the area of research from the subject and can give important insights which would have been difficult when compared to other research method.

I used data which are collected from interviews and questionnaires. There are sum of question in questionnaires. The questionnaires are in close ended form. I found it easiest way of data collection. I took interviews of five staff members. After it I got satisfied answer from them which are helpful to understand the research topic. The question I asked is predefined. I have interviewed five co-workers which chosen as identified typical by Barista.

Full time Workers

Yes or No

Part time workers

Yes of No

Meeting helpful for team building?

2 Yes


3 Yes

2 No

Meeting helps to improvement of business?

4 Yes

1 No

5 Yes

0 No

Meeting motivates individuals?

4 Yes

1 No

3 Yes

2 No

Meeting gives solution to problems?

4 Yes

1 No

5 Yes

0 No

Meeting helps to achieve business objective?

5 Yes

0 No

4 Yes

1 No

Meeting facilitates discussion in face to face manner?

5 Yes

0 No

5 Yes

0 No

Common feedback

Motivation, solving problem, helps to team building, communication.

Solving problem, get new knowledge, understanding work experience.

Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative research is widely used for questionnaires or data analysis procedure which generates numerical data. This research method forms part of research by using almost five co-worker’s interview. Usually questionnaires remain closed question for this method. This method delivers more significance to conclusion and objectivity.

I collected data by using numerical information. It is close ended information in form of close ended question. This technique is fast and which should be unbiased in nature. I collected important data from books, journals, magazines, articles and newspapers. These data can be analyzed in form, of statistical table, pie-charts, and graphs.


Presentation of Finding

This research is about motivation, teambuilding, solving problem through meetings. I found key points which are helpful to organization, and need to be improving. It helps management of organization to get idea how to deal with it when some question arises. I also found that some key ways to increase efficiency of staff and will maintain it for a long time. If staff members will give customers satisfaction, the organization gets a marvellous profit through it. These key points are Motivation, Communication and Appreciations which helps Barista.

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I used the key approach which are depends on the key points of research question. And most importantly, it is on availability of time and resources. I used qualitative data collection technique and inductive approaches to do research. I used both primary data collection technique as well as secondary data collection techniques. This strategy for this research is simple to understand the importance of meetings in organization. .


This research is most important for the staff members of Barista. A meeting helps to improve its efficiency of staff members. A meeting helps to understand the management that which things are best or worst for organization. Through meeting, employees are inspired and motivate to do their business task. It is important for any organization to have best of employees, which should be beneficial by motivating them. There are a various training sessions for employees in Barista. So through it, every individual employee knows their duties and responsibilities very well which is most important for Barista. Employees are also solving the problems, which should they learn from meetings. They can easily identify the problem, and solve it at the moment. Barista’ Management is also appreciating their employees by satisfying their needs and wants. They have to give good business working conditions. By this way, employees working good and also efficient also are spending their efforts for organization which is necessary to get best of results.

Future Research Proposal

This research is about importance of meetings and how it helps to team building, motivation employees, and improvement of business and solving the problems. The efficiency of employees improve with motivation is results in to; high revenue of business is also generate which is the primary aim of any organization.

How to satisfied customers?

This should be my future research. I give my best of ideas and experience and knowledge.


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