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Specific Job Description And General Job Description Commerce Essay

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General job des is best suitable if the single task has to be carried on by the group of people or if the same duties and functions are to be performed by multiple people may be at same department, place or at different places the best example may be the call canter executives or the customer support executives where as it may not the case in job des of specific nature

General Job des may be for the lower level positions where the requirement is for huge amount of personnel’s or it may even be good for operational level. Whereas specific job des is for tactical and strategic levels

General Job description may explain vision, mission, policies etc where as the later is position specific in an organisation

Their may be group of people with same designation, salary ,roles and responsibility in general job des but the case may not be the same in specific job des specific job des may be required when the organisation wants to recruit the specialised person with specific skill sets

2. Suppose several people are employed in the same job as the one for which you are writing a job description. Would it be necessary to write a different job description for each person who works in the same job?

In an organisation to develop the job description, it is necessary to study the competencies, abilities and skills that are required because when developing job description manager is supposed to make an analysis of job not the job holder of the position not the person, because all the people are supposed to carry on same function, has to achieve similar objective, it will also support you in

evaluation the performance or performance appraisal,

The training and development cost may be reduced

The promotion structure and monitoring will be facilitated

It will be advantageous in compensation management, declaring financial and non financial incentives

The poor and the best performers may be well identified

3. Carefully follow a format for the “specific Job Description” when writing the job description for the job you selected. Make sure that you include in you job description the following elements:

job description is an activity which will be based on the job analysis and it will be a document where filtering process will be undertaken as at first when I wanted to prepare the job description and wanted to list down the number of activities that are performed it has gone unto 43 then I have started clustering it under different headings therefore I have first started from macro then gone for micro, as already been mentioned in my previous explanation also that we have to develop job or position not job holder or person as the organisation will be stable and positions will be stable but it may be replaced with many eligible people so we designate power, authority accountability, and responsibility to positions and most importantly first the position is created then we will match with the person which is important function in job description

The job description is developed to know why the job is to be performed, what are the task that are to be accomplished, and how it has to be performed


Department : – Human Resource Department

Designation Or Title Of The Job : – Human Resources Executive or HR assistant

Job Summary :- the job includes carrying on the recruitment and

selection for the organisation for which identify the

potential sources from which the talent or potential

candidates may be sourced, arranging the recruitment

and selections. Coordinating with various departments

and .forecasting the manpower requirement and

coordinate and plan internal and external recruitment,

maintaining of database of human resources

Job duties and responsibilities :-

The job responsibilities may include job analysis

Manpower planning by collecting the data from all the departments of organisation

Coordinating with all the heads of departments and collecting necessary details of requirements and eligibilities

Manpower forecasting and planning

Recruitment of candidates by internal and external sources

Coordinating with all placement agencies and placement consultants

Conducting interviews, review of application forms by various screening techniques

Development and maintaining recruitment policy

Work with accounts admin department for developing payroll

Designing and conducting the induction and skill enhancement training program

Reviewing and evaluation of employee performance and constant performance appraisal activities has to be carried on.

All the other human resource activities also has to be looked after

d) Job requirements :-

Candidate has to be well versed with reading, writing and speaking English

Person has to have in-depth knowledge of human resource management

Should possess negotiation, counselling and motivational skills

He has to have knowledge about International labour organisation rules and regulations

Thorough knowledge in computers, web browsing and other packages of payroll management

e) Minimum qualification

The person has to have bachelors or masters degree in personal management, human resource management or any other HR degree from reputed university

Diploma in computers

Task 2

Clone or Complement? What to look for in a team

In many organizations that have moved to a team structure, the team is the principal unit where work gets done. However, most organizations recruit and hire as though there was one job description and the team did not exist. The reality is that people have natural strengths or tendencies and therefore end up playing different roles on a team. For example, some people are naturally empathetic and focused on interpersonal issues. Others are focused on and most comfortable with technical aspects. Others like the excitement of identifying new concepts and solutions but aren’t cut out for dealing with the operational details needed to carry them through. Recent research has found that allowing people to play to their strengths can yield maximum performance and employee satisfaction.

Critical thinking questions


The business world had made tremendous growth and development not only operationally but also strategically, due to the liberalisation ,globalisation and privatisation the whole world had became a global village ,therefore the need of an hour is the dynamism in operation and matching the trends with constant change for which their has to be the dynamism in the human resources as the organisation does not have any existence if there are no people which has been explained in the definition of organisation

Further the recruitment may be by many ways which are as follows

The internal recruitment process may be followed where the employees has to be motivated for facilitating in organisation recruitment process, the company may also declare some financial and non financial incentives to present personals (reference method) by this the company may have various advantages like

Company may get the trust worthy people as they are been referred

The new recruited will be knowing the policies and operations of organisation as referee might have updated him

The cohesiveness among the team mates will be high as the are been referred by them only, the learning process will be comparatively faster

The company may even have cost effectiveness as this process comparatively will cost less in monetary as well as risk terms

The company may also hire the people from the channel member as they may be with good knowledge about organisation modus of operation

The present employees working in an organisation on contract or temporary basis also may be hired

The organisaton may go for campus recruitment where they may hire fresh talent as trainees where they have to be exposed to the concern teams, the students may also provided the internship or projects where based on their efforts ,ability and interest they may also be recruited

The characteristics needed by individual team members depend on the team and the strengths and weakness of others who are on the team. In other words, the situation is much more dynamic than assuming that there is one static job with a single set of qualifications. How could you model or include this dynamic and interactive nature in the recruitment and hiring process?

The company may follow as mentioned above and the referral strategy may be also be followed

The company may focus on high level and professional induction training with both in house and on the job training methods

One of the most advanced method may be Japanese method of life time employment where the candidates has to be hired from their schooling only, there fore the cohesiveness among members will be more ,they will be clear about career path etc

The company may also hire some reputed placement consultants and take the help from employee clubs

The organisation may also go for set up of its own college or make mou with some reputed university to impart the specialised knowledge of company its policies and procedure as done b mc Donald’s and icici

Team exercise

As a team, identify the roles that you think are important for teams in the workplace.

Identify the skills needed to perform each role.

It has been stated in the book essentials of management that their are three major skills required in an organisation that has been explains as fallows

Conceptual skills Human Skills Technical Skills




The fist category of skills is the conceptual skills: – the conceptual skill has to be in maximum quantum by top level and as we go down the level i.e at lower level it decreases

The second category of skills is the human skills which are to be in equal quantum by all the levels

Third skills are the technical skills which will be at high quantum at lower level and decreases when moved till top level

Other skills required are as fallows

profitable judgment

knowledge about product both technical and non technical

effective time managing skills

planning and organizing skills

communication skills

computer and it skills

problem-solving and decision-making

team-working and developing/helping others

energy, determination and work-rate

steadiness under pressure

leadership and integrity

innovativeness ,adaptableness, flexibility, and mobility

personal appearance and image

appreciation and application of social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical considerations

In addition to skills, a natural tendency or motivation to perform in a particular type of role can be critical. How could you measure the motivation needed for each role?

How could you measure the skills needed for each role?

Motivation is an ongoing process where the motivational needs of the employees change from time to time more so over it has been identified by great researchers like Maslow and Hertzberg who stated different motivational factors for a human being .as stated by Maslow who correlated the needs hierarchy the form of basic needs, security needs, social and love needs, esteem needs and self actualisation need where he explained there are different set of factors at each hierarchy. Which can be correlated as major motivational factors for which a manager has to do following

To know the motivational factors of employees first the manager has to be motivated

He has to be epithetic

Study in detail the organisational goals so as to correlate with goals of employees

Then understand what factors motivate them by judgment and experience as well as collecting information from employee itself

Recognize that supporting employee motivation is a process, not a task

Support employee motivation by using organizational systems (for example, policies and procedures) — don’t just count on good intentions

The factors once identified by analysis ands reviewing job and job description they may be put on a structured or semi structured questionnaire, generally all the motivational factors will be qualitative factors therefore standard scales for measurement may not be used so develop own scale with open-ended, ranking, grading and other qualitative ways of questions the manager may use even attitude measurement scales like likert, thurstone, semantic differential scale etc.

How could you effectively recruit for the various positions or roles?

In a simpler words the effective recruitment starts with development of effective recruitment plan by appropriate feasting, perfect job analysis ands developing good job description,

Present your recruitment and selection plan by preparing a report not exceeding e500 words.










Be prepared

there is an old phrase in management which says if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. Therefore if the organized planning is done it will definitely result in reducing time and cost of recruitment at the same time tabbing high potential for which following are to be done

Analyze market trend within your business and industry is a very important element of the planning stage.

Yet a day is able to create a gigantic differentiation so plan to have a hoard of resources which you can instantly take from as soon as the need arises.

There are usually three type of role you will apply in your industry:

High churn role – usually the least possible time to employ, but the very ften advertisement. The advantage of high churn functions is that you repeatedly get the opportunity to analyse new technique to well adjust your hiring method. This is the group of candidate that your ongoing recruitment drive should be target. There are numerous instance where organisations run recruitment campaign even when they have no vacancy.

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Medium churn roles – these are the role which are seen less frequintly for additional vital part of your organisation. This could be a mid-level manager who leaves their subordinate with no one to report to, or a expert member of staff who has a exceptional skill set. The best way to decrease time to employ with these position is to put up a talent pool which you can contact when the time comes. combine this with a extremely targeted online recruitment campaign should bring you a good number of prospects of candidates to select from.

Low churn roles – For long term strategically important role which are much less often hired for, it’s not as much of important for you to fill up the role rapidly and added significant to identify the right person. However, there are still some things you can do to help drive the progression all along.recruiters usually work on commission only and you should be able to get often day to day reports on who in the business may be ready to make a move so when the time comes you know the best people out there to fill the departing shoes.

Internal recruitment is your other option for filling a position quickly, although remember that shifting an employee into a new role will only open up a gap elsewhere.

Strategy =2

measure trend in:

external labour markets, Current employees

Future organisational plans, General economic trends


Predict demand

ƒ­ ƒ®

Forecast internal Forecast external

supply supply

ƒ® ƒ­

Compare future demand and internal supply


Plan for short-falls or over-staffing

Steps for recruitment

Describe the work or the job

Profiling the candidates

Converse your job needs

Decide precisely the methodology

Important questions to be considered

whether we have the requirement for the said job?

What are the task involved in job?

What are the skill sets to be possed by the person?

What may be the sources of getting person

How to call them to our organisaton ?

Formal and strategic approach

Man power planning and forecasting

Detailed Job analysis

Development of Job description

Specifying the job roles and responsibilities

Starting the Recruitment

Conducting Selection process

Induction and job offer

Different ways of Job Analysis

Developing the Questionnaire

Conducting Individual Interview

Observational method

Judgement and Expert Analysis method

Work Participation

Critical Incident Technique

Job Descriptions &Job Specifications

Elements of a Job Description

Job title



Reporting to…

Main tasks

Staff responsibilities

Rewards & conditions

Impact on others


Innate abilities


Emotional adjustment

Most Popular Methods

Advertisement in local news papers

Advertisement in specialist press

Advertisement in national press

Placement and Employment agency

Putting Notice inside premises

Job centres

Education liaison

Unsolicited application

Careers service

Head hunters

Careers fairs




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