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Rationale About Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is an attitude people have about their jobs and it results from their perception of their jobs and the degree to which there is a good fit between the individual and organization.

Job satisfaction has been influenced by many intervening variables, such as the rewards that an employee receives. [1] It has been said that job satisfaction has been related to many kinds of variables. It is a variable that is commonly influenced or commonly related to many variables that the other variable will be affected because of job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is the degree to which an individual feels positively or negatively about various aspects of the job. [2] The satisfaction of an individual in a job is either positive or negative; it depends upon the establishment that he/she is working with if they are offering more, enough, or less elements of satisfaction to their employees.

Closely related to job satisfaction is the organizational commitment which is defined as the loyalty of an individual to the organization. [3] It has been overlooked that someone who sets his loyalty high to his organization would strongly take pride in considering himself a part of the organization.

Employees of top corporations in the Philippines display the highest level of commitment and focus among workers surveyed across the Asia Pacific region, according to a study by global consultancy firm Watson Wyatt, the employee’s engagement score for the Philippines stood at 77%, up by four percentages from the previous survey in 2007. [4] It has been observed that the Philippine loyalty factor or the motivation of the employees towards the success of the company is very strong in which the rating has been said very high among other countries in Asia.

Organizational commitment or Employee loyalty is very important in a company because employees who show loyalty will be able to encourage customers to feel loyal towards the company. [5] 

The University of the Philippines conducted a study on the loyalty of employees and the study shows that only 21% of Filipino employees feel fully committed to their employers and only 12% agree that their employers are fully committed to them. [6] Researchers have said that the level of commitment of the employees has something to do with the level of job satisfaction that the employees are experiencing.

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The researcher has chosen to study this issue because she personally experienced the 2 variables which are Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in one famous establishment in which her co-employees job satisfaction are low, and there is a high turnover ratio happening in this establishment. The researcher as a worker of the said company also has experienced low job satisfaction which leads her to low organizational commitment. The researcher is interested in this topic so that managers/employers would know and understand that high turnover ratio and the trainings as well as the seminars that they are given to the newly hired workers costs high and useless if the employee will only spend 1 month to work and leave the company. Aside from that, if they will continue to dissatisfy their employees, the word of mouth is a virus that easily spread from one person to another person. Especially if you are a 5 star hotel, you must ensure that every word of mouth that comes from each individual, may it be employees or guest are positive because if it’s negative, it may deteriorate their good name. Employees will not consider themselves as a member of the organization and the services given by the employees to the guests may not be good enough to increase or maintain customer loyalty.


The researcher attempts to answer the following question:

Is there a significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment among hotel employees in Tacloban City?


Alternative Hypothesis

There is a significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.


It is significant to study whether employees are satisfied or dissatisfied, committed or not committed in their job because it has been proven that employees who are much more satisfied will more likely to show positive thoughts, feelings, and actions towards their job and it would increase their organizational commitment. It is also important to study the relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment because this may bring a huge benefit equally to employers and employees. Human Resource Management would be able to understand that the costs of hiring and training new workers are high. Therefore, the employers should try to treasure unchanging workforce, which also helps to lessen the risks of deterioration in services offered to customers. An employee who is committed with the organization may take pride in considering himself a member and would positively persuade the consumers to patronize the products/services offered by a company. Since satisfaction increases commitment to organizational success, and if this satisfaction would be given from employers to workers, a lot of good factors such as good supervision by supervisors, good working conditions, good interpersonal relations, better policies and administration, better pay and security, challenging work, achievement, recognition, growth and development can benefit employees. If this study shows that job satisfaction and organizational commitment are correlated, employers would only need to increase one variable and that is job satisfaction to achieve the affirmative organizational commitment of workers.



This chapter contains the discussion on the methods and procedures used in the study. It includes research design, locale of the study, respondents of the study, research instrument, data gathering and statistical measures used in hypothesis testing with their corresponding formulas and assessment scales. The purpose of the research work was primarily to assess with utmost objectivity. Any relevant data will be useful for the derivation of accurate insight.


This study is a descriptive research method using a questionnaire as the principal instrument in gathering data where there will be a real investigation on the job satisfaction and organizational commitment as evaluated by the employees. The answers will be tallied in order to measure/ quantify the 2 variables.


The study will be conducted within the City of Tacloban. The researcher would like to include Magsaysay and Paterno Street as the locale of the study. It was limited to the investigation on the job satisfaction and organizational commitment among hotel employees in Tacloban City.


The respondents of this study were the employees of different hotels who are presently working here in Tacloban City. Leyte Park Resort Hotel has a total population of more or less 70 but only 20 out of 70 are the respondents who participated the survey. Royal Suite Hotel has a total of 7 and Primrose Hotel has a total of 4 populations. So the researcher has decided to take 100% from the total population to be used for the sample.


A set of survey questionnaire carefully prepared and will be distributed to the respondents for the purpose of gathering the necessary data. The questionnaire measures on the significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

The researcher has found numerous questionnaires regarding job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Of all the questionnaires, the researcher has chosen to use the test for job satisfaction that is based on the research carried out by Cooper and the researcher has chosen to use the research study carried out by the student of Professor S. Cote and Professor P. Heslin for organizational commitment. In order to determine whether the questionnaires were correct and valid, the questionnaires were submitted to the instructor for verifications, corrections and improvements.

The research instrument is composed of 2 sets, the Questionnaire 1 and Questionnaire 2 which both gather information to employees. It can be answered by putting an (x) mark in the appropriate parenthesis. Questionnaire 1 includes questions on the job satisfaction of hotel employees such as the job itself, inter-personal relationship, organization itself, personal growth and the quantity of work. Answers’ scoring is as follows:

Excellent 5 points

Very Good 4 points

Satisfactory 3 points

Below Ave. 2 points

Poor 1 point

Interpretation of data would be this way: the higher the score is, the better is the job satisfaction.

Questionnaire 2 generally includes questions about the level of commitment of employees to their company as a whole. Answers’ scoring is as follows:

Always 5 points

Often 4 points

Sometimes 3 points

Seldom 2 points

Never 1 point

Interpretation of gathered data in questionnaire 2 would be this way: the higher the score is, the better is the organizational commitment will be.


The researcher will gather her data by first, giving a letter of request asking permission to the hotel manager to include their company in her research. She has spoken to a variety of persons with different positions to allow her to conduct a survey in their establishment. These persons were Ms. Anafe C. Harina, front desk agent of Asia Stars Hotel, Ms. Jedah Vivas, accounting officer of Leyte Park Hotel, Mr. Julius, front desk agent of Hotel Alejandro, Ms. Jasmin V. Ron, front desk agent of Royal Suite Hotel, Ms. Rebecca Villanueva a front desk clerk in Primrose Hotel, and to Ms. Pearlie Corneso, a front desk agent of Manhattan Inn. Second, if ever approved, the researcher will distribute 2 sets of survey questionnaires which both are for their employees. These questionnaires tackle particularly on the job satisfaction and organizational commitment and it can be evaluated by simply taking the score of each number according to weights and add the total score over the total number of weights. Below half of the total score would mean low. Mr. Cooper and Professor S. Cote and Heslin’s student had contributed a big help to the researcher because she was able to borrow their questionnaires to conduct a survey and gather data. Out of 6 hotels that the researcher has talked with, only Ms. Jedah Vivas, accounting officer of Leyte Park Hotel, Ms. Rebecca Villanueva a front desk clerk and Ms. Jasmin V. Ron a front desk agent with the approval of his manager Mr. Roy Salinas are those who had confirmed and assisted her to gather the necessary data.

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With the purpose of identifying the relationship between the job satisfaction and organizational commitment among hotel employees in Tacloban City, the responses will be tallied, classified and tabulated in appropriate table for analysis and a pie graph will be used for interpretation. To describe the profile of the respondents in terms of job satisfaction and organizational commitment, descriptive statistics particularly percentages will be employed.

Null Alternative Hypothesis

There is no significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

The Pearson – Product Correlation Coefficient (Pearson r) – This was used to test the significant relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment.


N (ΣXY) – (ΣX) (ΣY)

r = _________________________________


√ [NΣX² – (ΣX) ²] [NΣY² – (ΣY) ²]


N = total number of respondents

ΣXY = is the summation of product X and Y

ΣX = is the summation of the independent variable

ΣX² = is the summation of the square of X

ΣY = is the summation of the dependent variable

ΣY² = is the summation of the square of Y

Verbal descriptions of computed coefficients of correlations are as follows:

Value Percentage Interpretation

r Degree of relationship

0.0 to ± 0.20 0% – 20% Negligible Correlation

± 0.21 to ± 0.40 21% – 40% Low or Slight Correlation

± 0.41 to ± 0.70 41% – 70% Moderate Correlation

± 0.71 to ± 0.90 71% – 90% High Correlation

± 0.91 to ± 0.99 91% – 99% Very High Correlation

± 1.00 100% Perfect Correlation


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