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Organization And Business Structure Of Adidas Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 2245 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Among Golf, basketball, athletics, football, tennis ruby, gymnastic, accessories, mostly Adidas focus on football kids. They are sponsoring different international club team like Chelsea, Bryn Munich, Real Madrid Ac Milan, and Liverpool etc .Adidas company slogan is impossible is nothing. London marathon is also sponsor by Adidas .To know the own customer Adidas company`s logo is three parallel strips in same colour. We can found Adidas product anywhere. Mission of the Adidas is anyhow to become the best sports brand in the world. Adidas is the biggest sponsor in many invents .Now in the world; Adidas has more than 35ooo employer but there is no child labour or environment pollution. The main competitor of Adidas is Nike because mainly Adidas product`s price is high. [1][3][4][6]

1.2 Task 2

This is the time table of my assignment







Browsing internet annual report of Adidas &guidance of assignment.




Making the plane of whole assignment




Get knowledge of SWOT analyse of Adidas company from internet.




Making organizational chart of company &Conclusion.




Making a presentation of Company.




Find out the reason of resistance of the staff.




Write a job advertisement for the Post of M.D.


Main theme:

In Task 1. I have to do research in different sporting goods manufacturing company and I chose their own website from Google.com and I explain every thing about product, vision, mission of different product of Adidas Company.

In task 2.I have to make a plan for my assignment. How much time I should spend & which date I am doing the assignment. And I make time scale of my assignment.

In task 3. I should define the swot analysis of the company. I should consider current market, Global H.R.M. situation. In conclusion I have to mention the topic Adidas & I have to do the straight, weakness, opportunity, threats of Adidas sporting good company.

In task 4. I have to explain the organization chart of the company that enclose where staffs are to be located.

In task 5. By using the power point I have to make a presentation & it should represent management staff where it should point out the negative & positive point and describe the change of the company.

In task 6. Identify the reasons of resistance from the staff to the recommendation for the organization structure as a swot analysis.

In task7. I have to write the job vacancy for the post of managing director which explains the responsibility, rules and regulation and the skills `required.

Task 3

SWOT analysis is a planning which evaluates the company’s Strength, weakness, opportunities & threats. Strength and weakness are the internal factor whereas opportunities and threats are the external factors. The internal factors depends their impact on the company’s objectives. In the internal factors 4ps as well as personal, finance, manufacturing capabilities are affected. The external factor depend their impact on macro economic matter, technological change, social change, and market position. This is the only are way of categorisation the company weaknesses. For the decision making SWOT analysis is useful tools for the company. Adidas is the word 2nd biggest company in the sporting goods manufacturing products. Here is the SWOT analysis of Adidas Company.


Adidas is the biggest company and in different events or ceremony it invests the huge money.

Because Adidas is the 2nd world biggest company beside it this company management team is strong.

In the world there are many stores and it has strong control & distribution channel.

It is the sponsor of different well know football club and has own brand image.


Adidas is Branded Company and its products are definitely high in price.

Adidas have its own store so it create the problem with own resource.

Now all costumers want to buy Adidas and it does not have good online service.


1. Due to the increase in female athletes number Adidas will get chance to increase its product targeting these female athletes.

2. If Adidas collaborate with other large venture company then it can increase its sale volume.

3. Adidas enhance the buying not only footwear but also in other cloth, bag .etc.


Adidas has good brand image but its reputation is going down due to Nike in the footwear industries.

If the price in increased in raw materials than increase in the product price which will create the problem for Adidas.

World is changing day by day that’s why changes in import and export responsibilities which should pay high tax.

These are the strength, opportunities, weakness, and threats, the Adidas Company.[2]

Task 4

The organization charts is the organization structure. In the top, board of director play vital role .They are the decision maker with the help of chief executive director in the sporting goods and services. About in task one and then I describe the Adidas Company. Where as I chose the site B. There are 5o production staffs in site B .Organization chart shows the relationships of the staff with board of director in an organization. It shows the map of the whole manager and staff relationship. Here is the company’s chart of side B.

Mention the site B sporting good services. There is 50 production staff. Whereas two production manager, 5 manufacturing worker, 2 supervisor and 41 labour working under the production manager.

In the sales department there are 15 office staff. Some are working in the sales administration and some are working in sales supervision .In the marketing department there are two sales people who are doing the product marketing.

In the above mention chat SWOT analysis describes about the Adidas company and in own store. In this chat ,it describe that there is one manager, some warehouse people, some sales people, and one or more than one will handle the account section. This is the format of chart in the Adidas small store .Each and every people will report their manager what is happen in the store. [7][10]

Task 6

For the organizational structure, development of company or organisation is related towards how it performs & what is the present condition. If there is resistance from the staff, definitely it might be conflict between the management & the staff or trade union. Likely, in organisation, conflict represents the drawback or weakness in management level. Conflict occurs in an organization for the various reasons like lack of understanding inadequate found, proper management skill, low wages, violation of the company’s rules & regulation. However, beside their cause, there is also micro-region which may lead to the conflict between the staff & the management .resulting the resistance from the staff to the recommendation for the organisational structure as a result of the finding of the SWOT analysis. If the problems in an organisation occur in high level, then definitely, it will be rated as a failure company or organisation. It cannot competition with its competitors due to losing its costumer or consumer volume. Its market share goes down & company will get heavy losses. It also affects the production of good. The employers of the company are unable to do their duties properly because of an organisation’s situation. Their moral of doing work goes down. If situation always remains same, then staff slowdown while doing work & increase in time of doing work. It causes the cost price high of every product. Then, the costumers are not satisfied with its product. So, to avoid the resistance from the staff, an organisation should adopt good working environment, treating the entire employer equally, making comfortable & respectable situation.

The following are the main reasons of resistance from the staff to the recommendation that I am making for the organisational structure as a result of the finding of the SWOT analysis;

Different vision

Something missing of communication

self interest

financial situation

Different vision; In my point of view, vision is an important cause for the staff resistance. It is because, every people cannot think in the same level. Due to the different level of thinking, their vision is also different. And they want to change the organisational structure in their own ways. It cause the conflict between the management & some may not, due to the lack of proper understanding between them, staff members start to resistance.

Lack of communication; In the world, different incident are occurred cause to the lack of good communication. So if there is not well communication between the staff & board members of an organisation, surely conflict occurs & staff resistance occurs in the company for the change in the organisational structure.

Self interest; This is one of the most effective reasons for the resistance from the staff to the recommendations for the organisational structure as a result of the finding of the SWOT analysis. In this world, different people has own their interest & thinking as well as different from each other. They never think the something. So, in an organisation all the staff & management members view or thinking for the organisational change is different. Because different interest & thinking has there come to conflict between management and staff. One staff wants to change those things and other will say to change these things. It cannot match their interest. So, the staff members start to resistance.

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Financial situation; It is also one of the major factor for responsible to the staff resistance. Company’s progress is known by its financial situation. If company provide proper wages & benefit to the staff then organisation is in good condition, but if not, it means organisation is in critical situation. When situation comes to critical due to the financial problem staffs are cut off from the more benefit and their salary is not paid in given time period. After this, the staffs start to resistance for the organisational structure.

However, there are some solutions for the resistance from the staff to the recommendation for the organisational structure as a result of the finding of the SWOT analysis;

Education: For every person education play an important role in knowing and understanding of any place and anything else. For staff resistance problem it may create better environment between staff and management. They can understand their felling by getting proper education .Then the staff of the company or an organization will not starts to resist.

Participation:I think participation can create to decrees the resistance from the staff .If there is active involvement of staff and management members in deferent seminar ,or meeting they can share thoughts about the company or an organization .it gives chance to listen other views and do comment on it. Then, they will improve the organizational structure .There will be no hidden feeling between staff and board members. So the resistance the staff will be definitely decrease. [5]

Task 7

Job Advertise: General administrative and financial services

ABC college ltd

Employer: ABC college ltd

Posted: 25 July 2010

Reference: William


Location Leicester

Sector: Project

Contract: Permanent

Hours: Full time

Position: General administrative and financial services manager

Salary: $36000 plus Accommodation

Company: Profile

ABC college ltd is a leading company for the sport sector. We need a General administrative and financial services manager with skills, responsibilities and experience who can deal with different kind of s for day to day operations.

Job Profile

We are seeking General administrative and financial services manager with variety of skills and good relation maker with different people who can handle the own client easily as well as good staff coordination .If you want to work in pressure then there is an opportunities for the right candidate.

Key responsibilities involve:

Play leadership role for an administrative

Delegated to the staff of the company

Play motivational role for the worker

Deal with different client from phones, face to face, email

Manage the office stationery, suppliers, equipment, and furniture.

Play the vital role to the corporate office.

Growing, dynamic excellent, creating mind.

Educational Background:

MBA in marketing, Business, Accounting, Economics, and Public administration.

At least 5 years experience in similar role.

Sales experience is important

Able to work in high control and pressure.


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