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Management Structure At Habib Bank Limited Commerce Essay

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HBL is the largest bank in Pakistan which has 1450 branches in Pakistan and 55 branches in all over the world. HBL head office is situated in Karachi, Pakistan, the first capital city of Pakistan. HBL commonly referred as HBL Pakistan.

HBL is mainly do functions in commercial banking.

Commercial Banking means that it accepts deposits from investors and creditors and lending loans to borrowers, which may sometimes common public and mostly the well established industries and organizations, takes loan to fulfill their expenditures.



The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, make a perception that their must one financial intermediation which helps the Muslims of India before the separation of Pakistan and India.

So the HBL came into being in 1942 at Bombay.

Then, Jinnah after the seperation of Pakistan and India decided to move the head of HBL in Pakistan, so the first bank opens in Pakistan at Karachi, which is the first capital of Pakistan at that time.

Then the HBL Bank nationalized and intertwined with Habib Bank (overseas) by the government of Pakistan.

HBL privatized their bank in 1991.

Vision and Mission:


Our vision is to satisfy our customers with services so well that they came to our company again and again. They feel comfortable with our services at customer value and satisfaction.

HBL mission is to satisfy customers in such a way that they feel prosperity to come again and again in our business.

HBL divides their values in five categories:



Customer focus



Excellence in HBL is that we must maintain our services in excellence to keep us within the market.

Integrity in HBL is they must have to maintain their sincerity and truthfulness in the market otherwise the customer give importance to our opponent banks.

Customer focus in HBL is that they must identify the customer needs, wants and demands and to fulfill their needs at customer value and satisfaction.

Meritocracy in HBL is that they must have to give oppurtunities to their employees and must believe in them to increase their production.

Progressiveness in HBL is that they must have to introduce new products and methods in their and to introduce new innovative ideas and to implement to give new qualities services.



Management in business is to get more and more peoples and together them for a same purpose that is getting things or goals done with the available resources that the company has, to produce the profit.

Management is very important part of any company. Its main focus is to manage the employees, make policies, standards, and motivate employees to fulfill their tasks.

Management Functions:


Management performs four kinds of tasks, which are as follows:





Planning is to make policies, standards, regulations in the company. This is mainly done by the top-level managers. They make the policies and give it to middle managers to implement those policies within the organization.

Organizing is to organize the schedule on the daily basis, and to make operations within the organization and distribute them to employees to perform their tasks. Organizing is basically managing of company’s tasks, goals and objectives.

Staffing some analysts thinks as the third function of management, but some say that they are not part of management. Staffing in each and every business is to arrange and fix the employees in the right post what qualities the employee has.

Leading is to lead the business in order to acquire the goals and objectives and to maximize their profits. Leading is mainly done by the supervisors who cooperate with employees at regular basis.

Controlling is the process by management controls the company performances and explains them to fulfill their tasks according to company policies and regulations. This is mainly done top-level, middle- level and first-level managers.

The HBL is also performing this management functions to fulfill their tasks, goals, and objectives.

Management Skills:


The skills which must be required in managers to appoint them as managers are:

Technical skills

Political skills

Interpersonal skills

Conceptual skills

Diagnostic skills

Technical skills are that managers must have specialized knowledge which are required for the managers post.

Political skills must be required in manager’s post to keep the power in their area to manage operations and to establish connections.

Conceptual skills are by the managers to search the conceptual problems in the company and to resolve these problems.

Interpersonal skills are used to communicate with the employees, and to motivate, and to supervise them in their problems. In order to manage the routine employee’s problems managers must have interpersonal skills, because in order to resolve this complexes managers must have to communicate with the employees.

Diagnostic ability helps him to choose the most appropriate response in any situation. If they judge the mistaken or wrong answer to this it means that they has less ability to pick the select the right choice in the complex situations.

In HBL managers they have these skills in order to manage their company’s position in the market and to give appropriate oppurtunities to employee, so they feel satisfaction in the company.

Basic Roles:


The basic roles which managers must adopt are:

Interpersonal Roles

Informational Roles

Decisional Roles

Interpersonal Roles as we discuss before interpersonal skills, same to that in this manner that manager’s role is to coordinate with their employees, and make an interaction between them.

Informational Roles are that the managers must handle, share information with the companies employees to gain the companies objectives and goals in a better way, because if the employee knows about these things they put their full efforts in gaining these goals.

Decisional Roles are that the managers must have the ability of take decisions in complex situations and take the appropriate decisions.

In Habib Bank Limited, there managers have these roles in order to maintain their company operations.

Levels of management:


In any organizations there are at least three level of management:

Top-Level Management

Middle-Level Management

First-Level Management

Top-Level Management usually involves the management which takes decisions about the policies, regulations, objectives and goals of the companies. They are board of directors, chief executive managers, president, vice president and much more.

Middle-Level Management usually works as the middle management who tells about the policies, goals and objectives of company, which are set by top-level management to the lower-level management. They are mainly responsible to give details information about the company operations to the top-level management. They are normally branch managers, operation managers, finance managers and much more.

First-Level Management is responsible to complete the tasks of the day to day basis business. They usually assign the tasks to the employees and if they have any problems they supervise or assist them to solve that problem. They are also responsible to the daily production of the company.

In HBL bank they have these management levels in their company to make policies, implement those policies and for managing the day to day work.

The following diagram explains the management levels in HBL bank.

SWOT Analysis:


This analysis is necessary in every organization to assess about their internal and external affairs. They are usually used to the advantages and disadvantages in business due to internal problems and external that is daily changes in market.

The SWOT analysis is distributed into four categories, such as:





Strengths are used to examine the advantages of any business.

Weaknesses are used to examine the weakness in any business or company, to check which problems they are facing today and they can manage them.

Oppurtunities means to check what kind of oppurtunities the company is giving to its employees and customers, and also it involves the job seekers.

Threat is used to examine that which kind of threats the company is facing today and which they will face in future. After discovering them, the next step is to take steps to resolve with such threats e.g., if the opponent starts giving their services at less price.

In Habib Bank Limited they are also using SWOT analysis to check the strengths, weaknesses, oppurtunities and threats, and after that they take steps to eliminate the weaknesses and threats and also to improve and increase their strengths and oppurtunities.

The following diagram explains you the SWOT analysis in HBL Bank:

Production or Operation:


Production or operation is done on the daily basis to give valuable services to customers at customer value and satisfaction. Basically the operation manager is responsible for these. They supervise employees and assign them the tasks on the daily basis to get the required goals and objectives.

You can see the production process in this:

Input Transformation Output

The steps involved which a company or organization must examine are:

Quality Management





Quality management is important field or area in production department. By giving the quality services or products advantage the company in this manner, to gain customer loyalty. This operation is done by the operation manager.

Scheduling is done by the operation manager. In this field, the manager makes the schedules to save the wastage of time by dividing the operations in suitable levels, which is divided in such manner to save as much time as possible in operations.

Forecasting method is used to forecast about future events by examining the past experience. By this method the operation managers make decisions that what steps they have to take to increase their production level.

Design is that the company changes their services on the routine basis to get more satisfaction from customers. To keep them within the market they must have to focus on this area because in today’s rapidly changing markets effect our position in the market if we do not focus on this area.

Layout is basically the arrangement of structure. It basically presents a good atmosphere look of the company to the customers to attract them.

HBL is also focusing on the operation area strongly. They basically deal with the services and want to improve them in this field for providing best quality services in the market.

For this they are focusing them on quality management, scheduling, forecasting, design, and layout methods.

Functions in HBL:


HBL Bank offers different services to its customers e.g., commercial banking, corporate banking, Investment banking, Retail banking, Treasury banking, and Islamic banking.

Commercial banking in which HBL bank accepts deposits from investors and lending loans to borrowers.

Corporate banking focusing on giving the facility of cash management and payroll services to the customers.

Investment banking in which the lends their loans and the other ways in which they can invest their deposits to get interest e.g., in stock exchange.

Retail banking is the most important function of HBL bank, because in this aspect the HBL provides the least cost deposit to open a new account.

Treasury banking in HBL is used basically to manage the capital risk and to prepare balance sheet statements in order to manage assets and liabilities of company.

Islamic banking services are also given in HBL bank at customers demand.



Marketing in companies plays an important role. Companies use this to identify the customer’s needs, and to know about changing markets, and to make strong customer relations, and make marketing mix programs etc.



Marketing is making some policies and strategies to sell their goods in the market at customer value and satisfaction.

Needs and Wants:


Think about what you really need. In marketing we must have to identify the needs of customers and satisfy them and sell at profitable value. Needs involve the physical needs like food, clothing, safety etc.

Wants are needs that are different in every person because of their personality and culture background.

Demands are that people wants quality products that satisfy their needs at customer value.

HBL Bank is focusing in all of these aspects to provide quality service to their customers.

Marketing Mix:


Marketing mix involves four steps, which is also known as 4 P’s, are as under:





Price plays a vital part in marketing mix. In order to maintain their

Services, company must maintain their prices rates to sell their products and services to customers at customer satisfaction value.

Product is the brand or service which the company is going to introduce in market to get responses from customers. Products are normally introduced by the company after gaining knowledge of the people’s needs and wants.

Placement is that after choosing the brand or service which the company is going to introduce in market, the company decide that where they place this product or service in market.

Promotion is the last step of marketing mix, in which the company promotes its product or service by advertisement in newspapers, TV commercials and much more.

The HBL bank provides many types of facilities to customers in products, from which the two are discussed as follows:

Debit Card

Master Card

HBL introduced Debit Card service to give him the service to use this card as payment tool. By this they can withdraw cash from ATM machines without waiting for his money at the cashier point.

HBL also provides the facility of Master Card, by which they can buy their basic needs, also if they have no cash. This card is like a bank loan which the customer has to pay at a specified date.

Debit Cards and Credit Card images are follows:



Segmentation is that marketers distribute their services or products into segments, which they do after a research that in which segment which product or service is best to introduce. Peoples needs, wants and demands in different regions is different due to culture, personality, basic needs and much more.

HBL bank is also focusing in the segmentation method to fulfill the different needs of peoples of different regions.

For Example HBL bank provides the facility of online banking in 650 branches out of 1450 branches.



Promotion in marketing is to put an impression of the company or brand or services in peoples mind.

HBL is also doing such kind of activities. For Example Jahan Khawab Wahan HBL.

Human Resource Management:


More and more companies are demanding to appoint skilled persons to functions of their company in a proper manner, to get the desired goals. For this they are mainly focusing on different areas to get the appropriate employees for their companies. Human resource management also referred as personnel management.

The functions which the Human Resource Management is focusing are listed as follows:

Current Assessment

Job Analysis

Recruitment and Selection process

Training & Development

Performance Management


Employee Relation

Current Assessment:


In Current Assessment method the human resource manager search

Where and which department the company needs more skill posts.

Current Assessment method is also used for forecasting our future by examining the past experience. They also make forecasting how much employee leaves our company this year and how much employees retire this year.

Job Analysis:


In Job Analysis human resource collect a list of specifications means which skills and duties are needed for that post.

For the collection of data they use two kinds of searching

The Interview


In the interview method the human resource manager takes the

Interview of individual employees, group of employees, supervisors who have the knowledge about that post.

In the questionnaire the human resource manager give questions to employees to fill the questions.

After collecting all the related data they make the job description after consulting with that data. Job description is basically involves all the tasks and responsibilities which the hiring employee will perform.

Job Specification is also the area of Job Analysis, in which the human resource manager makes the specifications which are required for that post.

This involves education, skills, personality, aptitudes and much more.

Recruitment & Selection Process:


Recruitment process is that how we attract people to collect the pool of candidates to complete the work.

First we examine the internal resources that we choose any specific person from inside the company for a particular post.

Second way is that utilize our external resources to hire a suitable candidate for a particular post e.g., through advertisement, through internet or through newspapers adds we collect pool of candidates.

The following picture explains you the process which the HBL bank is using in their recruitment and selection process.

In the HBL bank recruitment process they after planning make a perception that which vacancy is going to fill. They get this information after making a proper examining of job analysis area, which they had prepared to identify the skills and duties that are required.

First they collect the pool of candidates which are appropriate for their posts in which they want to hire employees.

HBL uses both the internal resources and d external resources as well to collect suitable candidates for jobs, to meet our goals and objectives in a better way.

In the external resources, HBL bank uses the advertising e.g., by newspapers, Trade and Professional Journals (Aurora Magazine), Internet job sits like (Rozee.pk).

They are using another oppurtunities to hire candidates from outside sources e.g., Sidat Hyder Morched Association are working for HBL bank to search suitable candidates from outsourcing, or through College Recruitment the, HBL bank hire the final semester students from LUMS University and Lahore School of Commerce, by sending their selected employees who make surveys to these colleges to collect the suitable pool of candidates.



After finishing the recruitment area, means after selecting the suitable pool of candidates, the next step taken is to select the most suitable candidate for this job.

In HBL bank selection board selects the suitable candidates from the pool of candidates by examining their CV are which are submitted to them.

The first step which is taken in the selection process is screening. Through the screening process the organizations select the appropriate candidates for that post.

After screening process the organizations takes a test. In HBL bank after short listing suitable candidates they call them for an interview and test.

The methods which are used for interviews are:

Structured Interview

Unstructured Interview

In the structured interview, the interviewer makes a planned interview that which questions they are going to ask from candidates.

In the unstructured interview, they did not prepare that which questions they are going to ask, except this they ask questions from candidates as they feel it is necessary to ask from candidates.

In HBL bank they also use these methods to take an interview of candidates.

It depends on the interviewer that which means they are going to use to take an interview from candidates.

Either they are going to use:

Panel Interview

One-to-One Interview

Mass Interview

Panel Interview in which two or more than two peoples takes interview from candidates.

In one-to-one or face-to-face interview, only one person takes the interview of candidates.

In Mass Interview, they take two or more candidates interview at the same time.

After taking interviews, they take tests of candidates to get the knowledge about candidate’s skills and common sense. The types of tests they take in this are:

Cognitive tests

Intelligent Quotient test

Aptitude test

Personality test

Training & Development:


Developing is the process by which organizations groom their existing employee’s skills, and to train the new comers about how they will have to done their tasks.

The difference is that we use training to train new comers about how they will have to do their tasks, but we develop the existing employee’s skills to perform their tasks with more efficiency.

The methods which are normally used in HBL bank for training are:

On-the-Job Training

Off-the-Job Training

Apprenticeship Training

Informal lectures

Effective lectures

On-the-Job Training means to train the employees on the job, when they are performing their tasks.

Off-the-Job Training means is the vice versa of on-the-job training, that is not given during the job. They are normally specified for managerial posts not for ordinary employees.

Apprenticeship training in which the employees are trained by the coordination of classroom instructions and on-the-job training.

Informal learning is that the most of the labor gains knowledge by informal means during their job.

Effective lectures are given in HBL bank routinely to make their employees efficient to perform their tasks in an effective way.

Performance Management:


It is the responsibility of the human resource management to prepare the procedures for performance management.

Performance Management is used to compare the employee’s current and past performance in perspective of performance standards.

HBL bank is also focusing in this area in this manner that they also check the performance of their employees on the routine basis.

They also award rewards and bonuses to the employees, if they perform their given tasks in an effective manner.



Compensations are salaries, wages, rewards, and bonuses which are given to the employees by the organization for performing their tasks in an effective manner.

HBL bank compensates to its employees in two perspectives:

Direct Financial Payments

Indirect Financial Payments

In the direct financial payment the HBL pays directly to the employees their salaries, wages, rewards, and bonuses in cash.

In the indirect financial payments they do not give cash directly, but in the way of services e.g., medical, insurance, residence, car fuel etc.

Employee Relation:


Employee Relations is to produce employee relationship among the employee and employer, and managers.

To build employee relation the HBL provides two facilities:

They build employee relationship by interpersonal communication between employees.

The second one is that they perform to solve the conflicts between employees and to build strong employee relations between them.



Finance basically performs two types of tasks:

First is the collection of Capital

Second one is allocation of Finance

In the first category, the finance managers collect Capital from the investors or creditors.

HBL bank is basically a commercial bank, so it collects cash from creditors who deposit their money in banks.

After the collection of capital, the next step which is taken by the finance manager is where they invest this capital to earn profit.

In HBL bank they lends their deposits to the borrowers, who may be common person or also taken by the industries to meet their expenditures. HBL bank invests their deposits in these categories:

Auto Finance

Personal Loans

Flexi Loans

Housing Loans

New Jubilee Life Insurance:


HBL also combines them with NJI Life Insurance to launch two more products in markets.



Amaan is the service provided by HBL bank to those persons who are retired from their jobs. Basically it is retirement focus policy which introduces you with the services to meet your desires or dreams e.g., to purchase a new car, to go for world tour etc.

Tabeer is the service, which is provided by the HBL bank to secure your child’s future in education and marriage needs.

Service Quality Department:


The service quality department is used to improve and differentiate our business in the market with our services that we provide to our customers.

In today’s world it is very difficult to establish an image of your organization in the market easily. This is because of the changing habits of peoples in our environment.

The changeness in the people’s behavior is also affected by his family, culture, background and many other things.

Thus in order to improve company skills in this department the HBL bank is providing some facilities, which are as under:

Staff service

Dress Code observance

Mystery shoppers

Customer service recognition programs

Service crisis Management



The HBL banking online banking is charging some cost. The advice is that in order to improve his customer services, they must reduce their costs on online banking.

HBL introduces first time the Tele-banking service for their customers. But my suggestion is that when the customer use the Tele-banking service, the answer which he/she receives mostly that the operator is busy, please wait for sometime. HBL bank must have to take steps to improve their Tele-banking service sector.

HBL introduces the college recruitment in his bank to get the latest pool of candidates available in the market. But my suggestion is that they must have to improve this service, because the process method of college recruitment is too slow.

The HBL bank promotion process is too slow, because they give fewer opportunities to employees to exceed in their jobs. My suggestion is that HBL bank must have to change his promotion policies; otherwise they lose employee satisfaction in their company.

The another problem which the customer are facing, that their most ATM machines networks are not working properly. So they must have to repair their network services or to replace the ATM machines.


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