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Leadership And Change Management At Dominos Pizza Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 2686 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Change is part of life. Change come in every things with the passage of time either he is a human being or an organization. To accept these changes things try to adopt different process according to different situations. Similarly in an organisation changing can be small or big as well. For example, hiring a new employee is small change and change in mission or use of new technology is big cause of change. Change should not be done for the sake of change .it is a strategy to accomplish the overall goal. Internal and external triggers are key cause of change and these changes can be planned and unplanned as well. There are some common mistakes while attempting to implement the change. For example, delayed decision making, no proper support of managers, could not understand where business will stand after adopting the change.

In addition, for the change organisation follow the process and during this process many conflicts occurred. If something is happening that is indication of resistance. There are many signs of resistance like confusion, denial, immediate criticism, easy agreement, silence and many more.

What is change management?

Change management is accept, control and manage the situation in the organisation and need to bring change in the organisation has effective management is called change management. Different analysis has to do to see the change and managed by well planned strategy. If any organisation has needed to do change then different valid models are made for effective management of change. Some proactive techniques are used to bring and adjust the change in the external and internal performance of the organisation. There is making some effective strategy to plan step by step change. Change management also keep in eye current and modern issues which can affect the change process. There are some solid reasons when change is required. Change management should have up to date knowledge about the of situation surrounding a issues.

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Change process:

There are many reasons due to change is done. That reason can be internally and can be internally. Change process means journey of source of change to the adopting the change is change process. Why change has done? Which type of changes has done either it is cultural, organisational behaviour, organisation policies. These changes can be related to different department of organisation and every department is related to change process and change process is related to the organisation strategies.

Real life examples of the change process:

In the recent years, the introduction and modification of the computer dominated the list of changes. It has effected nearly every business, industry and home as well. Change in computer will keep effect on people lives. For examples, nowadays people can buy the thing easily at sitting in home by using the computer through internet. Computer has saved the time and expenses as well. We can buy a thing by clicking a button and can pay at time. Moreover, computer has great impact on industrial area as well. New information technology systems have been installed. It is the best way to access the data.

Moreover, working condition also often changes. Many organizations moved or remodelled their facilities. For example shifting of staff or offices to new tall buildings from small quarters which are a great change in working process. Polices, rules and regulations are frequently changed. Continues changes are being made in organizations in order to become more efficient and profitable. For examples, a big insurance company is restructuring its organization around the project management area . They mage centralized area to project mange office where the team of workers stayed until they are assigned to various projects. Foe the starting of the project they need trainings and have to learn methodology of project management. Initiative for the change started in information technology and is expanding rest of the life.

History of Dominos Pizza:

In USA, Dominos Pizza is second largest franchised chain organisation like its competitors Pizza Hut. Two Brother Tom and James Monagha purchased some property and opened with the mane of Dominick’s pizza. After few years Tom had changed the name Dominos Pizza. In late seventies there were 200 franchise of pizza and later on in 1983 it went international and open one thousand franchises and same year in Australia they open new franchise. Organisation of Dominos Pizza grew up very quickly and in many countries it was still a traditional company. The menu of Dominos Pizza was very simple and was offering simple crust means regular pizza. Later on due to competition they added medium and large size otherwise there were no side order, just pizza along with the drink. Deep pan pizza was introduced in 1989 and changed the history. By the market demand, on same years, they opened five thousands stores. For many year, they started the policy about the delivery if the delivery didn’t reach in 30 minutes then you will get free pizza. In 1993, they did not continue this policy. In 1994 they introduced chicken wings and in 1996 they launched Dominos web site. They also invention the cardboard boxes to keep pizza warm and Heat Wave for the fresh and warm delivery. In 1997 they introduced the new logo as well. They have open many franchises all over the world according to the taste and culture of the different countries.

Sources of change in the Dominos Pizza:

There are many internal and external sources which has brought change in the dominos’ pizza and its strategy. They accepted these changes and there are some external reasons which are as follows:

Changing in market nature is the source of change in the Dominos Pizza. As the consumers know that their choice is matter in the market whatever they demand it will be considerable. Australia is one of the largest countries and consumers of that country markets want healthy food so Dominos Pizza made healthy menu.

With the objective of maintaining the competition, business always run according to the rules and regulation. So Dominos Pizza also influenced by political and legal issues. Employer should have to remember about the nutrition laws and information.

There is another source which has affected the operation of the Dominos Pizza which is economic growth and location.

There are some internal sources which have impact on the Dominos Pizza. New technology system to keep pizza warm and hot for the longer time it has created change and also online delivery order. New internet based is beneficial for the customers. Dominos made easier for the consumer card payments, driver take wireless card machines for the payment of order.

Resistance to change:

When changes are made then resistance born. There are many reason of increasing of resistance like due to some confusion in the data, misleading and misusing the data, organisation do not know where have to do change, sometime criticism incurred, employees does not agreed with the new polices. Resistance can be intense because of different reasons like a cognitive of different options, due to deeper emotions and deeply embedded.

Resistance to change in Organisational culture of Dominos Pizza:

Brandon who had purchased Dominos Pizza for$ 1.1 billion. He tried to create very friendly relationship with employees. First day on the work he explained that change is good. With the passage of time, Dominos Pizza brings changes in cultural sector. Proper wearing uniform and given training to the employees and how to work, given them trainings. Employees of Dominos Pizza were eligible. Organisational culture changing is not a easy thing, manager make out the strategy that how to change in the organisation individually and in the group. Innovation of online ordering is new change in the Dominos Pizza. Competition in the industry has increased in the selection of store manager and gives them training. New computerised system has brought changes in organisational culture as well.

Resistance to change in Organisational behaviour of the Dominos Pizza:

Due to resistance to change in Dominos Pizza, there are some changes incurred in organisation behaviour of the organisation. Staff issues have increased because new technology is using and employment opportunities are decreasing. With the passage of time new modern technology has taken over the jobs. These are the basic issues and change in the organisational behaviour. There are some problems incurred individually to face the change like managers of store.

Resistance to change in organisational policies and power:

With the passage of time, there are many changes incurred in polices and rules and regulations which was the cause of resistance to change in dominos. Whenever changes comes in the polices managers have to see the difficulties because he have to handle the store and have direct linkage between the employees. Manger have to try to keep saying to employees to follow new polices these policies can be about food hygienic, delivery, taking orders many other things. After facing these changes, customers who are the basic part of domino’s strategy have to face the problem. Some time customers does not understand the about the new polices. Polices has implied on every employee of Dominos Pizza so that is cause of resistance to change.

Moreover, main power of Dominos Pizza is their customer so they do not like to lose their customers. If dominos’ will try to change in culture, organisational behaviour and rules and regulation will directly affect the customers. Basic aim and objective of domino’s pizza is to make happy customer.

In addition, one more power of dominos is finance which has brought changes many times. Sometimes dominos have to face resistance to change due to finance. Changes come due to loss of revenue, low share market and many other things as well.

Strategies to overcome the resistance:

Domino’s is one of the well know and famous organisation in the world. Its business is expanding day by day at global level. They have experience is the profit margin and have competitive advantage. Domino’s pizza have good brand image and have a lot of variety of pizza. In market dominos have leadership quality as well it can competent its competitors like pizza hut, papa john’s and many other organisations. There are following steps which are taken by the Dominos Pizza.

Domino’s pizza aim and objective:

To minimize the resistance to change domino’s has focus on its aim and objective. Main objective of domino’s pizza is to great care of customers. Make customers happy and deliver their orders on the time. Through examine the domino’s main objective mangers can control the resistance to change.

Achievable goals:

Managers can understand about the achievable gaol of the Dominos Pizza. Managers should have to do setting of goal. These goal should be reachable and success able. There is one example of domino’s pizza is that in 2006 their goal was to achieve 418 outlet but they had 438. Through this approach Dominos Pizza can reduce the resistance to change.

Culture of change:

Domino’s pizza has to describe their culture to change. Domino’s is increasing its growth rate. It has gone international level. Whatever changes will come in the cultural. They should have to explain to their customers. It can be helpful in reduction of strategy.

Change models:

Kurt lewin’s has introduced this model. It is very simple to understand and managing the change in any organisation according to this model. His thinking is to bring change as can bring change in ice block. It has given name unfreezing, freezing and refreezing.

So, Dominos Pizza should have to accept this approach. Sometime employees cannot work as company demands. Some time customer does not come to but pizza.

Step 1:

Unfreezing means what problems an organisation is facing? Where it should have to bring changes? There should be proper analysis. Through the survey of market, getting feedback from customers, Dominos Pizza can adopt the change and can reduce the resistance to change.


In this step, freezing, how an organisation can make change? How organisations accept this change? It can be successful by motivating the team and managers.

Step 3:

In last step refreezing mean if any employee does not want to change the habit. Sometimes organisation does not accept the changes.

Unfreezing Freezing Refreezing

Sources of conflict within change:

Some source which has created change in domino’s pizza strategy. These sources were internal and external. Dominos did many changes in it whole journey to the success. This organisation met to resistance to change. These resistance was by organisational culture, behaviour, polices and many other things. There are many approach used to overcome the resistance. After using these approaches and strategies Dominos Pizza faced many conflicts which were changing in the working style of the Dominos Pizza. There is innovation of new technology which has taken over the job of employees. They cannot get working hour more. Online order service, misleading with calculation of sales, misleading the data, misuse of branding. These are the main sources of conflict in the change. When changes come then it creates conflicts between the employees. Due to misleading the calculation there were impact on the sales revue and the ratio analysis of the domino’s pizza.

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Approaches to deal with conflicts:

When conflict incurred then there should be some approaches to deal with conflicts. To deal with conflict should have to careful about the main objective and aim. If we forget about the main purpose then there is no befit of running the business. To solve these conflicts Dominos Pizza should have to take some steps which are as follows:

Dominos Pizza had to do some promotional activities to keep its image maintain. These activities make customer happy and create more attraction.

To reduce the conflicts, Dominos Pizza had to increase the working hours of employees and have to offers some compensation, holiday packages, bonuses.

Domino’s pizza had to arrange some motivational workshop for the employees like customer service workshop, team work, training of staff.

Domino’s pizza had offers some new meal deal to the customers to increase the sale and revenue level.

Conclusion and Recommendations:

At the end, changes come in ever field of organisation. Whenever change needed it comes . For the acceptance to change there are some elements which have to keep in eye. In Dominos Pizza many changes come and due to these changes it has create resistance to change in it. These resistances were in organisational behaviour, organisation cultural, traditional changes, changes in rules and regulation and power. These changes come not individually but it also comes in group of shape. After analysis of Domino’s pizza, we came to about the approaches and strategies which had used in the reduction of resistance. After resistance there are some problems and conflict born. Domino’s pizza used different techniques like offering the different meal deals, free vouchers to the customers, workshop for the employees and many other things. Domino’s pizza is well known and best competitors organisation in the market. It gained high profit and revenue.


Paton. R .A and McCalman J (2008) Change Management (3rd Ed) SAGE, London.

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