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Kelloggs Demonstrates Good Supply Chain Management Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 1697 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Through the three elements mentioned above, can build and supply chain management on the ground to allow the flow of materials and information in support of operations productivity, and management decisions through the chain. But difficult challenge facing the achievement of this series is that the processes of flow requires decisions then observe changes implementation according to the nature of supplier performance, and where suppliers can deployed across the world, the process of material supply and communication can be expensive and take longer, this must be supported by building strong, and communication protocols allow easy transfer of information across the world, and the elements of this construction are:

• Model for Supply Chain Management Review.

• Service data for supply chain management.

• Decision support systems productivity.

• Simulation systems.

• A knowledge database to manage suppliers.

And to use electronic networks and communication technology in the implementation of various actions, and push forward the process of coordination and approach between the programs and plans through the chain, in order to achieve the level of performance of a good amount to the challenges posed by competition in the global market and the requirements of globalization business, and the impact of diversification on the product, and increasing complexity of supply networks, and shorten product life cycles.

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Of a key ingredient for the success of supply chain management is to change the organizational structure of the temple is known (organizational hierarchy structure ) to organizational structure linear (organizational networks structure ), and which is characterized by simplicity, flexibility and speed flow of information across teams and that perform operations and tasks entrusted to it faster, and thus enable them to respond quickly to changes in the work environment and quickly identify the opportunities that exist and retain the status of a better marketing.

Why is it important for companies like Kellogg’s to build good relationships with businesses in the tertiary sector? Support your answer with other examples.

Company Kellogg is a very large company and they know exactly what they are doing, investing in the higher education sector is one of the best sectors for investment and company Kellogg have the potential to earn the trust of customers, the government and large companies and in order to provide the best products they have to cooperate and establish good relationships with the higher education sector and also having experience in the company gives them the security to be relations with any sector could contribute to the development of the company to expand the geographical reach

So most large companies tend to invest and set up relations with the higher education sector who could give greater opportunities for forward direction for the better in the company

Universities are the cornerstone for the Arab higher education both in terms of size or quality or the ability to progress and there is a tendency to collect all institutions of higher education under the umbrella of the universities.

 So it if conducted any serious study on higher education in the Arab region, it should focus on higher education, as this education is concentrated where the aims of education and its significance. It is only through university education is offered in the Arab world, as it is the organization that allows students to obtain academic degrees Supreme like diploma in various sciences, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in academic areas. In addition, we find that universities, through the continuing attempts to establish institutes of higher education, and institutes for Social Development, prefer to evaluate the universities, in the light of the fact that you see that universities are no longer confined to academic studies alone, but it can provide studies less than level university, as can also offer Graduate.

national and international, advertising companies and may be most importantly transport companies such as TDG, and the supply Chain of supermarkets and other retailers in order to be able to sell their products to the final customer efficiently. In the case that the retailers who sell Kellogg’s products aren’t happy, they can immediately change their suppliers and this would cause a decrease in the profit of Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s needs to work with a good transportation service company, and to keep good relationship with them in order to deliver their products to their customers in time.

Evaluate at least three benefits for large manufacturers like Kellogg’s in handing over the logistical side of their business to specialist companies like TDG.

In order company Kellogg from entering the market strongly it should increase the quality and reduce the prices due to the presence of many competitors QC and prices and among the obstacles faced by the company Kellogg He when they discovered that transportation is one of the necessary things in the company and that they suffered a big numbers of profits that they can exploit in other things so firm Kellogg found a solution to this financial waste and is contracting with a company TDG transport and this will help them greatly and will those losses were will lose in the past, as this company guarantees them access their products to customers and companies and a store safely and under contract with the company cheaply than in the past and dealing with a professional company better transport of cargo by the same company to avoid any error that may result from it, and become customers and companies are happy because the requests reach them on time and agreed.

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And the usual loads in road freight be in the range of 24 tons to 50 tons depending on the type and capacity of the truck. And there is also a lorry and a form of truck length of 6 meters only Half a lorry and be less in length and load weight average about 4 to 5 tons and there is also the truck Pickup and be payload tons and a half and is shipping land the second most important means of transport after shipping where a shipping Imad Maritime transport in the world of shipping.

So Kellogg’s has made the collaboration with the transport company TDG. This has helped them to minimize the unit cost of transportation. TDG keeps the warehouse costs low as they work with computerized heating and they are more specialized in transportation. Kellogg’s decision to work with a specialized transport company and share costs with another producer (Kimberley Clark) has appositive effect on the environment as it reduces the waste and the fuel is used. This helps reduce costs as well. Kellogg’s customers are happy with the replenish of products in time, and this generates into more orders for Kellogg’s and their profits rises they sell more pieces at a lower cost.

Using examples with which you are familiar, analyze the key elements of the marketing mix to suggest how an organization can improve its overall marketing strategy.

Addresses the strategic entrance inter alia with regard to the external and internal variables as well as the guidance of senior management and the belief functions and the basic objectives of the organization.

The product mix strategy includes a series of decisions that relate to products in terms of quantity and quality, shapes and levels of quality and the number of lines of main and secondary products within each line of products in addition to the number of product lines that can be inserted according to the productive potential available and the interdependence consistency and between lines within each product line.

The address of the types of alternative strategies for product mix highlights the alternatives that are addressed in the area of ​​the strategic choice of product mix, as well as to clarify the most important strategies that organization wishes to change the mix of products in the light of the availability capabilities and available resources and existing competition.

In general, there are four options strategy represents the normal products and strategies are:

1 – discrimination strategy:

The organization is trying here to distinguish their products from other products of the same type in question and the development of depth by adding new products to the product line which increases the number of products, but do not give up what is of products previously and operating within the same industry where that discrimination is by design , mark and packaging and this means that the organization is action on the product, whether this change size or shape or brand, used this strategy when it is most competitive with an increase in the number of markets around the organization, as well as tracking in case of a potential surplus production or idle, and the existence of financial and human resources so that they can benefit from the new products in similar circumstances produced and marketed with existing products. This reflects the one-dimensional and is the consistency of a combination or integration of the product mix.

2 – diversification strategy:

And this means adding new lines to its existing product lines that are different uses for other products, but under the same brand. This means that the organization is seeking to deepen its product mix, diversification here means that the organization is expanding in giving opportunities to choose in front of the consumer and by providing a range of new products and by entering into new markets through the addition of a line or several production lines.

This type represents the organization’s strategy for growth, and this requires high skills, new technology, as well as multiple financial facilities as required to make a financial and regulatory changes in the business structure within the organization and which represent new cases from the past.


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