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Human Resource Managers Of Coca Cola Company

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There are many large or small enterprises from all developed or developing countries which are already or are in the process of going global and being international. There are lots of things that are helping to an international business in this time such as being international travel much easier and quicker. Global communication has became easier and increased the quality of life. Likewise transfer of new technology around the world making global business and employment easier which is leading to migration of large number of labours market around the world.

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Among which Coca Cola Company is also one of the largest multinational company. Its headquarter is in America and has number of regional office almost all around the world. They have got large number of staff all around the world. In context of coca cola company, they are applying the procedure and different models of international human resource development. The role of international human resource managers is significantly high in such kinds of organization.

As we know that, this is a growing MNE. The things that brought forward the trend of globalization are ; international market that have need, expectation and wants, difference in the cost of production of goods and employee costs among different countries, law and order with government policies on tax and import and export of goods and its limitations along with the activities of competitors. HR managers have to be capable of understanding and responding all these kinds of trends so, that they can gain an idea to differentiate between domestic-based HR management and international human resource management.

According to Schuler and colleagues they have define international human resource management on the both part of strategic and international of multinational enterprises such as Coca Cola Company. They are trying to expand the congested function of HR to border function for expatriation. Strategic IHRM is “human resource management issues, functions and policies and practices that result from the strategic activities of multinational enterprises and that impact on the international concerns and goals of those enterprises” (Schuler, 1993).

In my opinion, the responsibility of international Human Resource Managers can be discussed in two ways. One way is that a multinational company have to recruit an employee to send abroad for some specific task and for some time period. But in another context like in UK, there is multi domestic company where many international employee are working together which is the result of globalization. So, HR managers have to address both duty.

A company like coca cola which is a MNE, they have to send their employee on international assignments. Human resource managers are getting problem in many ways for such cases, sometimes with disastrous results. There may be many reason for that but one may be the reason that HR managers send their staffs on abroad jobs without providing efficient pre-training or providing some period for the “transitional” stage. In this time, they can provide some kinds of guidance and essential management skills and tackling tactics in various scenarios by human resource managers along with HR and company’s international policies.

The human resource managers of coca cola company are now a days,

equipping an employee with specific reference and essential skills to be successful on international jobs. They are following the standard procedure as well as realistic one. HR managers are taking special consideration while they are performing selection, giving training and managing performance.

For example, now coca cola company, while they are appointing an employee as a sales managers or representative to India, they prefer to choose Indian employee or an employee who knows better Indian culture because, he can better perform in his familiar environment rather than any other new one. He can adapt easily in that environment which is a beneficial part for Coca Cola Company. If they appoint any other new person who is unknown of that culture, this will directly affect the performance of an employee and also he need more training and required more knowledge which will be costly for HR managers.

Therefore, the role of human resource managers is very important while they are selecting an employee for an organization who needs to work in different cultural environment. There should be a valid reason for selecting a candidate for that job not just appointing haphazardly. HR managers have to set a bit different procedure to select an employee who is working in domestic cultural environment and in international cultural environment. HR managers have to look for all specific key skills within the candidate and find the correct one. Somehow this may looks like an very difficult to find a ideal candidate who has desire to go abroad with his abilities.

According to a 2002 study,”expatriates wanted their human resource departments to above all eliminate unnecessary uncertainty and ambiguity” (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin and Cardy, 2004: 321). Providing a relevant training is the most effective ways to get good productivity from an employee. For an employee who is going abroad, HR managers have to provide pre-departure training like local culture, values and attitudes. When an employee have to go for abroad, their family member also need a cross cultural training as a plus point. Before arriving an expatriate in host country it is beneficial if he gets some kinds of orientation and training programs.

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In case of coca cola, they have potential competitor like Pepsi cola and other cold drinks multinational company so it is important to encourage an employee who has got knowledge and skills in order to retain these people. The knowledge gain by an employee from abroad is very precious rather than gain within home country because they have got a chance to work in a different environment and they have been tackled through different situations.

“International human resource managers have found that employee relations vary significantly from country to country and that the strategies used to motivate workers in one country are sometimes useless in another country”(Katz & Elsea, 1997). Coca cola company is a western company and this company has also tend to think like many other westerners do as contract in extremely legal, scientific terms, and when it is signed both parties are bounded by its conditions and policies. That once it is signed all parties will simply abide by its terms. But there is different culture in other countries like in china they wants to grow a good relation with the management after the contract and after when they start to know each other. Hence, HR managers need to consider openness, originality and flexibility not just only learning prior to enter in a countries as a MNE which have different culture.

Coca cola company is a large MNE and they have invested large amount of resource in there employee for some specific project. This is very important to manage the performance of employees in overseas situation by taking regular feedback and assess them properly. Such kind of things can be helpful to minimize the threat of future expensive mistake, like paying for unsuccessful employee’s recruiting and training expanses. In case of employee payment it is obvious that there is different, depending on the specific country they are assigning for. This is a duty or responsibility of HR managers that to state the policies and terms and conditions in noticeable manner about remuneration among similar position in other countries.

Above we have discussed in the prospective of a coca cola company in the global context and recruitment selection and performance management for their employee. This is all about the IME when they have to assigning the expertise to overseas. As we said there is the increasing role of international human resource managers to make or to prepare for the change of culture and help them to adjust in the change environment. Motivating and managing performance of abroad employee by providing proper reward system and providing proper allowances is also the main job of human resource managers.

Besides that, International recruitment from overseas countries for employment in the home market is also the other major role for international human resource managers. They are also responsible for managing diversity, helping them in adjusting in new cultural environment, proper management of their performance and providing benefits from company.

In this time of globalization labour market has became smaller so, people are moving from one country to another countries for employment process. For a company situated in a home country, they have also recruited an employee from different cultural diversity. Employees from diversified culture provide some kind of advantages and disadvantages in an organization. Therefore, there could arises conflict among the employees within own company, even with mangers also.

If, HR managers look at the advantage side, they have the advantage of diversity for the company. They can innovate the idea of cutting of the costs, productivity and the increases new ideas for the forces of work; the development of the quality of the managing procedure; the capacity of employees to use points of view, styles for leading and different landing in the process of taking decisions and in cultivation of the new ideas. Employee can analyse and work within themselves when they have got problem at work.


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