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A Review Of Woolworths Limited Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 1448 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Woolworths Limited is one of the major Australian companies with extensive retail interest around Asia-pacific region. Largest food retailer in Australia, Largest retail firm in Australia and New Zealand and largest takeaway liquor retailer, hotel and poker machine operator in Australia. The Woolworths limited family is one of the huge employers in Pacific-Asia. With around 200,000 team members working in support offices, stores and distribution centres across Newzeland and Australia. Woolworths limited also continues to develop in buying and wholesaling offices in India and Asia. Retailing is most people focused business that makes recruiting, retaining intelligent employees and developing significant to their success. Through Woolworths limited policies, educate and development opportunities, reward and recognition programs, career opportunities and initiative to provide a balance and healthy work life, they target to keep doing the right things by their people and they keep on to recognise Woolworths limited as such a great place to work.

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Woolworths limited is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. A diversity strategy has been certified and developed by the top management group, part of Woolworths’ ongoing commitment to diversity. In Woolworths limited, where all employees are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy, this is their target to provide a healthy work environment. They acknowledge that diversity adds significance in bringing dissimilar perspectives to work environment and in reflect the communities they serve. It helps business benefits as well. A diversity working community has been created comprising and Human Resource managers from all divisions. The purpose of the community is to, prioritise events to harness diversity within the company, make sure that recognising diversity owned by the business and managing accordingly. The gender at Woolworths, female constitutes 55% of the company workforce and proud of the progress the company made in the area of gender diversity, mainly in the top leadership role. 16.7% of leadership roles in company were held by women, for the financial year 2003-04 and 27% had increase in the year 2008-09. In facilitating women’s career development and progression, Woolworths Limited focuses to create an environment that is appreciation and supportive of difference. Men and women offer various perspectives those provide undeniable business benefits and they try to remove the barriers that may restrict the women career progression. These include the structured networking opportunities and mentoring. Woolworth’s board members two are women out of nine, which represent 22% of the board.

Peter chandler, a part time employee of Woolworths at Katherine in northern Territory, which is 320 kilometres from south Darwin, is among an expanding group of Indigenous Aussies who are become Woolworths employees. Peter has gained experience in almost all departments of the store, such as perishable, bakery and presently working as a night fill employee.

Woolworths is such a great place to work, diverse backgrounds such as people with disability, should have the opportunity to be work with Woolworths, which job they are suited. Woolworths limited has a memo of understanding with disability works Australia (DWA) and when recruiting a disability candidate, Woolworths require the contractor to use service of the Disability work Australia. The contractor is the supported to wage system is used decide the employee’s wage.

Woolworths sources the great majority of people for new vacant roles from their talent pool. In addition develop and promoting their own employees, Woolworths also recruiting talent from the local market. Where candidates are not available locally, they source them globally. This ensures Woolworths access fresh ideas but continue to join deep industry expertise and knowledge. Almost 54,000 people started work with Woolworths in the year 2008-09. Less than half of 1 % of those people was sourced worldwide. Usually, external recruitment focuses on specialist roles, frequently at their corporate support office in Norwest, Sydney, Woolworths always source the candidate through different channels to ensure they locate those nice suited to the role and organization. That includes recruitment agencies, online job boards, employee referral, career expos, industry magazines, word mouth and press advertising.

Woolworths has a long-standing dedication to building internal ability. They consider this to be main driver of their capacity to perform, change and grow. Woolworths had retained more employees during the past year and turnover rates have decreased in seven of the Australian territories and states. During that period overall turn of the company decreased by 10% points. Turnover also decreased at top level, the rates falling from 8.6% to 6.5% with respect to 2008 to 2009. In the calendar 2008 year, company delighted to have retained all executive women, who were due to return from parental leave. To help they retain their diverse employee base, they offer a range of non-financial and financial worker benefits. Those are includes access to flexible work arrangements, a range of wellness programs, professional development options and paid maternity leave.

To recognise as leader in sustainable retailing in Australian retailing sector is the Woolworths limited’s long-term goal. Such as, integrating sustainability and corporate responsibility into their day-to-day business practices is a high priority.

Commitments, priorities, initiatives and targets to direct the industry towards this goal were recognised with the publication of “doing right thing: sustainability strategy 2007-2015. In their five year strategic plans, all divisions are incorporated with their sustainability; required to take sustainability criteria and these into calculate in any major investment decisions. All responsibilities lie with board. The board oversees the effectiveness of their health and safety program through its people policy committee. To evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the health and safety standards, vision, policy, strategy, governance and procedures across the group; Woolworth’s limited health and safety executive committee chaired by company Chief Executive Officer comprises divisional management and meets.

Woolworths limited is a tough supporter of competition in retail business. Competition is not only helps to price low for consumers, but it also run the retailer to supply better services and products. The food retail sector in Pacific-Asia is highly competitive, and there are many retailers entre into the market and growth in the number of independent and specialist retailers. This is awareness that the Woolworths limited, the fresh food people, dominates the food retail business. But however according to Morgan supermarket Monitor (2007) and their research shows that 68% of consumers spending on fruit and vegetables takes place outside the Woolworths markets.

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Building in-house capacity is fundamental to their continued success and growth. To retain their talented people, Woolworths offer numerous professional and personal benefits, includes well being programs and flexible work arrangements. It is a core component of Woolworths limited, human Resources strategy to provide staff with opportunities for development and progression within the organization. Woolworths limited well known for their practices of promoting from within, with many staff spending their working time within the Woolworths family. Cross-cultural experience is highly valued and is characteristic shared by their senior management Group. Woolworth’s people are given great concern when new opportunities arise; giving them access to specialise and growth strengthen Woolworths limited’s internal skill and knowledge base.

HR INNOVATIONS: Human Resources representatives determine whether any behaviour reported to them under this Policy constitutes Unacceptable Conduct and whether the matter requires investigation.

Role of Group Human Resources – Policy owner

Group Human Resources manages the implementation of the Policy, including:

requiring all employees to regularly complete online awareness training

providing role-based training to EEO Contact Officers (in Australia only at this stage), who are a point of contact for staff regarding this Policy

providing training on request to Human Resources representatives regarding their responsibilities


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