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Applications of N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

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DMT: The Divine Molecule

While investigating the topic of spirituality and its role in ancient human history, I had come upon the topic of DMT (N-Dimethyltryptamine) along the way. DMT is a natural occurring substance found all throughout the world such as in plants and as well as in humans but in very small amounts. Plants containing this molecule are used in religious ceremonies and brewed into ayahuasca (brew used by indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest) for over 5,000 years. In the United States DMT is classified as a ‘Schedule 1 Drug’ under Section C (Controlled Substance Act of 1970) meaning it is in the likes of drugs such as MDMA and heroin despite it being non-addictive. Looking at Dr. Rick Strassman, a professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico, and his book titled ‘The Spirit Molecule’ he covers the multiple experiments conducted on 60 volunteers who were given high doses of DMT and reports that they experienced interactions with other intelligent life forms, an ‘alien’ presence they had communications with while on DMT. The goal in this research paper is to uncover the hidden secrets of DMT and its spiritual use that is suppressed not only by the United States government, but also by many of the world’s governments.

To fully attain this goal, I have organized my paper into four different sections, two of which are sub-sections. In the first section, I will provide DMT’s history and facts about the molecule, in the second section, I discuss its (spiritual) usage throughout history, continuing with a third section that explains its methods of suppression by the United

States government along with other governments, and to finally conclude this research paper by giving a reasonable, scientific, and spiritual explanation to DMT and why it is so important to us as a species. I will also include all evidence that will be available in the Works Cited page that contains links to everything I will examine in this research paper. Before I can truly begin the dissection of DMT, I must provide the historical context in which DMT has been used, in which I now begin reviewing.


N-Dimethytryptamine is a psychedelic chemical property that has a similar fundamental analog of tryptamine; it is speculated to be produced naturally in the pineal glands of humans and its biosynthesis of DMT in the human melanoma cell line. It can be administrated via oral consumption, insufflated or vaporized and smoked.  DMT has a fast, concentrated effect on users that only last about 5-15 minutes depending on the amount consumed, but when orally ingested via a brew such as ayahuasca the effects can last up to 3 hours or more. DMT projects a very vivid and vibrant hallucination involving projections of perfect geometric forms and dynamic perspectives completely.

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Spiritual experiences of travelling outside of the body, or visiting other dimensions and realms of existence beyond this very universe, even as far to say beyond space-time. Some people report mystical communications with ‘cosmic consciousness’ and unity in one with both living and non-living things alike. DMT is extraordinary for the fact that it is found all through out the natural world, in a huge selection of plants and animals species along with human beings.  It is the most powerful and potent psychedelic molecule that affects the human body and consciousness like no other, indescribable through words since it is too complex to be comprehended completely.  The effects of DMT vary from incredible reports of altered states of consciousness, ‘perfect’ geometrical patterns, interactions with higher-intelligent life forms, and a new profound outlook on life.


DMT has had historical usage throughout human history in multiple ways; Graham Hancock states that these mere ‘hallucinations’ are not a figment of our imagination, but rather a surreal experience that can lead humans onto the right path spiritually. This contact and drug use also dates back tens of thousands of years, and that the cave paintings sketched in places such as Chauvet Cave (The Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave) in France are evidence of interactions with these beings believes Graham Hancock. DMT also has a high presence throughout the entire world, throughout ancient religious symbols. Such as that of the ancient Sumerians, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient India (Shiva) and ancient Rome. All these civilizations make direct reference not only to

DMT, but the pineal gland itself. Many scientists in the likes of Dr. Rick Strassman theorize the pineal gland to be the source of DMT as well as the symbolic significance ancient religious art seems to play on the ‘third eye’. The pineal gland is a small organ found deep within the human brain, which implies that the significance of this organ is highly important. The pineal gland is shaped like a pinecone, therefore giving it its nickname. Nearly every ancient civilization knew about the function and power of the pineal gland and what it does to connect us to this reality. But in more modern terms of reference to the pineal gland, the Catholic Church has shown popes parading around with the pineal ‘pinecone’ like staff, as well as the Vatican has a statute that is shaped in the same pineal ‘pinecone’ gland. It is taller than two to three people and is the hugest statue found in the Vatican. All this connection is not mistakable or can be passed off as ‘pure coincidence’. Many ancient civilizations once again knew about this, such as the Mayans or even the Buddha statue, which has the same pinecone reference referring to the Buddha’s enlightment. While on the topic of Buddhism, this directly correlates to Buddhism’s ‘forty-nine days’, in which forty-nine days after death it referred to ‘Bardo’ where the soul will linger for forty-nine days waiting for a new body. And in Dr. Rick Strassman’s study he found that after forty-nine days of conception the fetus develops the presence of the pineal gland along with DMT.


As mentioned before, we have had knowledge of the pineal gland for millennia. This organ the size of a rice grain, possess an endless amount of opportunity to find out the true nature of reality. You would think society as well as our own government would heavily prioritize this to further benefit humanity to ascending our consciousness to the fourth of fifth dimension, but the truth is the exact opposite. The United States government knows about the supernatural powers the pineal gland offers to humanity, instead of allowing the mainstream public to use this, they instead suppress it. Using tactics in the likes of fluoridating the water, dismissing any questions about our true origins and DMT itself, electromagnetic fields found within our phones and other wireless devices, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi signals, and even cell phone towers that also emit harmful waves of radiation which all harm the pineal gland. But out of all of these blockades, fluoride is by far, the most toxic and lethal to our pineal gland. Fluoride is not only found within our tap water, but also in common household toothpaste brands, food that’s laden with pesticides, preservatives, and other chemicals in the like that all weaken the pineal gland. Beyond that, dairy products also harm the pineal gland, calcium supplements have been proven to be detrimental to our health. All these have been used as a spiritual war tactic to make mankind more submissive to the government and not to question anything that we are told to do, to become ‘NPCs’ and do as were told with no further evaluation. This benefits the government in numerous ways, they don’t want us to realize our potential, that we don’t need elites or a president or any leaders for that matter of the fact. The government does not want us, as a society, to ‘wake up’ and start asking meaningful profound questions about the true nature and fabric of our reality their power is instantly lessened. The moment you free yourself, you are counted as a threat to those who rule over you. I can get more into depth about this but that is a whole another paper.

The government once again knows about this, they want you to blindly submit to the crowd and do what you are told. After being told all this, it is truly hard to grasp the full concept since many people can bring up arguments to counteract my claims, which leads me to the possible explanations I have thought of myself.


After hearing about all this, you may be in complete dismay or utter disbelieve for such a radical claim with no concrete proof to back it up. Which is expected, you may also wonder what is the point of the body naturally producing DMT and why is it so important. While many people have different theories to why DMT is naturally produced and why it is important, I’d like to give my personal take on DMT’s role on humans. Humanity’s oldest and wisest civilizations have known about DMT and the pineal gland, and we were much more spiritual and technologically advance than you were taught to believe in traditional classrooms. DMT allows you to automatically ascend your consciousness to that of a higher frequency/vibration, when used recreationally its affects are short in return due to the fact that we are not ready to ascend and truly take part in the spirit realms.  Thus allowing humans to see the nature of the universe and of reality to truly know what is out there for us. DMT is a ‘portal’ to your higher-self, allowing you to realize that we are all connected by heart and spirit, and overall a life changing experience to become one with the universe and ascend before it is too late. Its usage throughout history called the ‘Spiritual Awakening Process’ in which all of humanity ascends to then fall again into the ‘asleep’ period. DMT can allow humanity to become inter-dimensional beings of light filled with positive energy and vibration. It doesn’t start anywhere else but inside you, now in no way do I advocate for the usage of DMT or any drugs for that matter of fact. But rather to become more spiritual and awaken from your NPC lifestyle, to allow us to rise to the next dimensions and prosper as a society.

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