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The Core Business Functions Business Essay

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Core function analysis is just a process whereby every part of functions are categorized, so that a plan can be developed to reduce asset in non-core or marginal functions in order to capitalize on efficiency and productivity in the core functions. Core business functions are activities of an enterprise yielding income: the production of final goods or services in dented for the market or for third parties. Generally the core business functions make up the key activity of the enterprise, but they may also comprise other (minor) activities if the enterprise considers these as part of its core functions. The types of core business function are Human Resources,Sales and Marketing,Research and Development ,Production/Operations,consumer Service,Finance and Accounts and Administration and IT (Brown, 2008).

Human Resources

Human Resources Management activities linked with recruiting, hiring, training, compensating, and dismissing personnel: provided that employee assistance, Hiring and firing personnel, managing human resources recruiting, contribution labor relations services, Training, Managing payroll and compensation.

Research and Development (R&D)

Research and Development performance such as the following associated with bringing a new, enhanced, or redesigned product or service to market (many of these activities are research, marketing analysis, design, and engineering activities): Developing business plans, products or services, Analyzing markets Researching products or services ,Designing products or services Testing (Brown, 2008).

Production / Operations

Production/Operations actions are those which transform inputs into final outputs, either goods or services. During most cases, business functions characterized as operations will liken with the manufacturing code of the establishment or the action most directly associated with that code. The precise function the production of a good or the provision of a service will relate to the specific industry. Assembling products, managing production, producing goods, managing services, providing services, Conducting quality assurance or quality control and fabricating components (Kissel, 2011).

Customer Service

Consumer Service Activities, including training, help desks, call centres, and customer support for guarantees and warranties, that provide support services to customers after purchase of the good or service, Offering call centre services Maintaining and repairing products, Providing customer relations, given that technical support, Providing customer service or support, Providing warranty support and Installing products.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing, sales, and customer accounts behavior aimed at informing existing or potential buyers (many of these activities are promotion, advertising, telemarketing, selling, and retail management activities) are Advertising, Conducting market research, Managing accounts, Coordinating media relations, Billing, Merchandizing, Branding or managing products , Processing orders ,Collecting payments ,Selling Marketing and Telemarketing.

Admin and IT

Administration and IT Activities related to maintenance, automation, design or redesign of equipment, hardware, software, procedures, and technical knowledge were Developing computer system, Providing Internet services, Maintaining or repairing computer systems Designing processes Managing data, Developing and testing software, Processing data, Providing software and information technology and Engineering services (Brown, 2008).


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