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Domino's Pizza Company Analysis

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In this ongoing assessment of the workplace, I want to analyse the Domino’s Pizza store and its mission, core values, strategic goals, objectives and risk management background. In addition, I will outline the decorum of shop, the risk management outline its development, and how it works.

For any organization the values are core and mission should be success and objectives are being met. Creating a context is defined as the scope of the risk management process, and to assess their risk criteria. Enterprise, to determine the extent of the organization’s scope should be directed. Uncertainty risks affecting the company’s goals to achieve, the risk may be that if they do not have clear goals and strategies are not entirely sure. Select key business objective should be to assess the company’s current promotion of internal and external factors, both in the review process of risk assessment may lead to a greater risk identification process, therefore, extended from internal and external environment, the biggest risk assessment. Management risk should follow that all levels of business, and all the good news, that a real job, judicial circuits realized the danger. The risk is “the possibility of something happening that affect goals.” So it is important goals of the University, organization, business or office before you did not try to sound risk.

Risk can be categorized as external and internal:

External Risk:

External risks are usually not from the company environmental conditions, such as exposure of the regulatory environment and the impact of market conditions. The risk out beyond the control of the host organization and its programs. For this reason, the appearance of the dangers more power. Such as bankruptcy sales, the turmoil of commerce, war crimes and other events that affect the job well. Some problems can be hard to guess, the most important mining work in foreign government change. These things directly threatened the project, but the officers tend to be surprised at the poor research in the form of fear.

Internal Risk:

From the internal risk of internal and external resources, manufacture and use, including the business and its objectives have been exposed. The organization of the project. Internally, the seriousness of this project may have cost the solvency of the company, the company’s ability to help and the necessary equipment and time of the project. On the other side. About as effective disease or sudden removal of a secret group members can see, the problem in the project.

Internal risks may include issues of infrastructure, such as servers, software and availability of IT services, and it was found that the basic ingredients of electricity. Obviously, fluctuations in demand for infrastructure, according to the location of your computer changes, therefore, may be reason to believe that the risk assessment process.

Organization Mission:

Use the industry, especially for your words. Is a show to make all decisions about the company? Shareholders, directors’ employees are the target of the ministry. We need to help workers in the organization know what to do with the work of the company should work. The voice work gives us a glimpse of what the leaders of the company to see if the main purpose of being in business. Some companies are apostolic moves value, while others make customer information accordingly. Some companies use to approach goals more of their citizens’ leads to profit. Mission is for each organization is very critical, while approved its mandatory organizing company or organization. Mission statement reflects how the organization will achieve the vision of a very brief statement.

Mission of domino’s

Our mission is to “sell more pizza and have more fun”.

Core Values:

In the core values of discipline and values of the organization will organize activities defined leaders. The fact among those who support the vision, shape the culture and focus points that company. They say the company know – Principles, beliefs or moral philosophy.

Our Values

  • To be treated others in best way.
  • In order to produce the best.
  • Essential can be measured, managed and shared.
  • To grow.
  • Incentivize you want to change anything.
  • Set the bar standard, trains never stop learning.
  • Promoted from within.
  • Not ordinary, we are an exceptional

Strategic Goals

Our goal is to achieve what kind of joint statement. More specifically, our goal is to be a milestone in the implementation of the strategy. To ensure that the main target is an important aspect of the implementation of the strategy. You may not set a number of targets, it will lose an important focus. In addition, the structure of the target, so that they do not do is different, and mutual interference. Strategic goal should be appropriate, flexible, and easy to understand and accept.

Our Goals

  • increase profitability
  • Increase efficiency
  • To catch a larger market share
  • enrich better customer service
  • Extensive employee training


What is a specific, measurable, time-sensitive complete report generally how to achieve the stated objectives, as well as when it will implement it as a goal? Our goal should be a measurable, appropriate and feasible, commitment and satisfaction of some concept of ownership.

Our Objective

To invest in our market share increase in the rate of return of 20% over the next three years more than 10% -tax next fiscal year.

Risk Management

Risk is uncertainty of the outcome. This is an event, act or mission, may affect the company achieve its business objectives, strategies and the ability to threaten its successful implementation. All operational activities of positive and negative impacts of risk, it does not pursue opportunities as an integral part of this risk is the risk of business, economics, management, investment, market, social morphological types, only some of the names.

Risk management includes the identification, assessment, treatment and affect the company’s risk control and continuous monitoring. The aim is to make risk decisions, and did not effectively manage and maximize the opportunities and minimize the risk of negative effects of the reaction process, the company’s pursuit of the goal.


There are many stakeholders in our organization like internal and external as shown below,

Relationship between risk management principles, process and framework.     


  • A value creation
  • B integration organizations
  • C Decision
  • D explicitly deal with uncertainty
  • E According to the best information
  • F timely construction
  • G Custom
  • H human and cultural factors into account
  • I transparent and inclusive
  • J dynamic , iterative and respond to change
  • K conducive to sustained improvement in restructuring



Risk management system is designed to identify risks. The system also be able to quantify the impact of risk prediction and risk of the project. The result is a risk that is either acceptable or not. Project managers often rely on risk tolerance. If the risk management problem identification and resolution of standard setting, as well as other systems, including the complement system easy continuous process; organization, planning and budgeting and cost control will be weakened surprise, because the current focus is on non-active and passive management. In accordance with the risk management framework, first of all I like my organization recognition technology, external, internal, predictable, unpredictable, market risk and more risk. Since then, I analyze risk, because this is how it is, how can I be minimized? Then I do my level best to cope with risks by consulting my manager and owners. Quality is the process of solving the problem of the risk of the interpretation process essentially yes. And quality assessment tools were used to identify priorities and assess and mitigate risks. This step is brainstorming. Risk source list and a wealth of knowledge and experience of the project team, you can view all of the potential risks. The use of risk assessment tools to divide and priorities. And emergency risk analysis to determine the number of development are usually the ability of the project team time exceeded. The first way to help them manage, and the possibility of higher risk and impact of those high incidence. Then I realized, solutions and process monitoring, because it’s working or not. So, I use the risk management model shop in Queen Street Auckland Domino’s Pizza store.      


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