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Discrimination, Diversity and Recruitment Processes

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is by and large used for every task of the bureaucracy intended to represent the recruitment and selection, embryo engineering effort and training, promotion and evaluation, the dominant and catchy workforce. HRM at various levels is the expression of the guidelines, customs, policies and philosophies of professional management that exists among the employees and managers. The need for introducing the HRM is to scale and investigate the administrative work. HRM hypothesizes the attention of the people compared to the recent decades and commonly uses the administrative sector as vital to the viability of enterprise and advantages of the continued aggressive. Additionally the succession theory that is iterated in the media and the critical challenge for the present management of human resources is the integration of the moral issues related with the customs of the people and administrative alterations in the management of human resources (Art Weinstein, 2004)

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Discrimination happens when an individual is treated unequally with others or treated differently than others. This form of discrimination may be indirect or direct, intentional or unintentional and could be an act of the institution. This is reason for many governments to implement laws against discrimination of any kind of justice for the employees to assist even in the election of employee representatives. Thus Warwickshire County Council has considered the discrimination and inequality and played a significant role to mitigate it.

Forms of Discrimination

Age, religion or faith, gender, color and others are the main factors on which people at workplace usually face discrimination. Vacancies that allow only male applicants are a form of direct discrimination. Employers should equally provide the job opportunities irrespective of the gender (Gladstone and Gladstone 2004).

Indirect Discrimination

It happens when governing on a particular task a group of people may face discrimination more than the rest. One such act is to stressing on the shaving as a must needed discipline would cause inconvenience to certain religious groups.

Indirect discrimination is overruling the law when done willfully. It is accepted when it is required to accomplish the performance of the organization and if it’s the only way forward. For instance the need that candidates can be justified shaving if the nature of the job deals with the food sector and if the beard bears a health risk.


It is not the right of any individual to make fun of the other workers at the workplace. Racial and gender discrimination are some of the common forms of harassment.


It is the act of treating an individual worse that anyone as that particular individual has filed a discrimination complaint. In certain cases training can be avoided, prevent excessive disciplinary measures against a particular worker or in the absence of social corporate (William M. Pride, Robert J. Hughes and Jack R. Kapoor , 2009)

Need for Organizational Diversity

With the implementation and application of technology the world has transformed into a global village. This modernization of communications has facilitated various organizations to promote their operations in various parts of the world. It has impacted positively for various aspects of life.

Multinational organizations initiate their work in new locations there are many job opportunities for experts and qualified individuals to in their respective profession. This type of process happens mostly in cities and metropolitan areas.

On the other side as organizations expand their activities it is required for the organization to have diverse HR department which should be free from all forms of bias like age, gender, society and other ethnic groups.

The single unit of the statement should be formal education, experience and professional knowledge. The variations could be substantial at the interpersonal level of inequality in the personalities, working fashion, communication fashion and organization. It is necessary for the organization to respect all the factors associated with each and every worker.

One best way to advance is to frame the objectives and targets including the team of people whose common intention would be to create synergies and regard the differences of every individual (Thornton and Rupp, 2006)

The final result of the diversity would be friendly workplace. HR managers should recognize that skills and involvement of each employee is important for the collective objectives of the organization. There will be some differences and similarities in the objectives of the organization that should be dealt with workforce productive, creative and effective encouraging.

At time organizations become complicated in terms of attitudes and preferences of the customers. At workplace these differences in the views of innovation and assistances are necessary for a successful organization. Diverse environment will develop significantly as it seeks unique perspectives to hire inspired resolutions to business problems

Multinational corporate and diverse management groups deal with the terms of various cultures and face the challenge of developing cultural competence. Organizations should try to reach a mutual understanding among its diverse workforces effectively to outcomes of the business.

Leal Regulation of Employee Recruitment

Employee Equality (Age) Regulations 2006

Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulation 2003

Employment Equality (Religion of Belief) Regulation 2003

Sex Discrimination Act 1975 ( including gender [Reassignment] regulation 1999)

Recruitment Process Overview

Need for employment and adequate funding

Reviewing the job to assure that the present and future requirements are met.

Assess the specification of the person to ensure about the job description requirement

Design Competitions

Prefer project management, advertising and publicity in the media

To shortlist the righteous person

Interview and test applicants shortlisted

Enquire the credentials, qualifications and safety certifications

Make an appointment (Bratton and Gold, 2001)

Equality and Diversity in Employment

The following are the objectives of the council to assure that all attributes to emphasize on their policies and practices of employment equality employment

Through the tasks and measures of the human resources department elimination of discrimination and unfair treatment

Development and training opportunities are facilitated froth employees.

To assure that staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner in relation to the workplace even if the employees work on part time basis.

It should be realized that employees are entitled to an environment that is safe and free from harassment at the work place. Allegations, discriminations, harassment are dealt with the normal disciplinary procedure.

Create a suitable stability between the obligations of home and work therefore the opportunities of employment are for all

Implementation of the equal paying policy should be confirmed

Reasonable alterations should be done wherever appropriate for the facilitation team for the implementation and employment of disabled people

Assist and monitoring of this policy of equality and diversity revealed that employees should be aware of their responsibilities in their personal lives

Suggesting people would ensure that association of communities and collaborators would enable this council to recover accordingly. The annual report is accepted on the employee survey to evaluate satisfaction of situations and the environment at the workplace and on their care is guaranteed along with the corporate culture of non-discrimination (Grobler and Warnich, 2005)

Function of the County Council

All employees and members who are elected can’t accept the challenge and discrimination in the policy implementation in the County Council. It is the responsibility of the boards in the initial agenda of equality and diversity in improving media role and entire community management. It would be manager’s responsibility and also the executives of strategic agenda and strategic direction of equality and diversity to manage.

It would be the task of the Sate team and management services for the deployment of the services policies and planning processes. The practices and the discrimination of inequalities should be identified.

The responsibility of the Equality and Diversity team would be to enable corporate and personal gender equality, consultation to provide and sustain the process of equality and diversity in the County Council in association with their addresses.

Employee group and the Union of Staff bear the responsibility of present issues of equality and diversity and ongoing assistance in practice and policy to improve equality.

The responsibility of employees used in provision and promotion of equality in the workplace and community. This view has been reported with fresh staff through the process of induction and management (Heneman and Greenberger, 2002)

Process in Measuring and Monitoring

The concept of role in the program review monitoring and evaluation of all policies procedures and practices in the services of the employment and delivery from the perspective of equality in structuring the policy as well as external requirements and other laws is performed.

Improvement in access and services quality, staff, and users of the service concerned are in person and gather information. The users’ cooperation and service staff at the council is needed to succeed in this filed (Mathis and John H.Jackson , 2007)

Complaints Process

Comments and complaints should be considered as an opportunity and examine the services quality according to the situation and solve the problems that have been addressed as proactive. In case the occupant or services user is denied to the District Council regarding the services employees can exercise the right of appeal via the process of corporate for use this for the type of complaint and the nature of discrimination. Corporate Executive receives the complaint at the corresponding web address.

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When employees face victimization or harassment or intimidation from the service users or colleagues they should instantly meet the online cradle at the work or representatives of Directorate of Human Resources who take appropriate action. An investigation will be opened when the complaint is against the nature. The employee violation of abuse or ignoring the equality and diversity policies would be dealt harshly.

Hence all the organizations must be faithful with its employees and services to minimize discrimination inside the organization. Discrimination might negatively impact of the development of the organization. If the employees receive unfair treatment from their superiors they have the right to appeal against the illegal behaviors. The government needs to ensure that organizations under the guidelines regard the employees within the organization. Each employee has chance to develop the skills which is one of the most needed attributes. Employees and organization should follow the policy of equality and diversity else there would be a political warfare in the organization. The organization’s responsibility would be to educate the employees regarding the measures which would help the employees to believe that they are working in a diverse organization (Michael Armstrong, 2003)


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