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How to Write an Architecture Dissertation

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Presented below is advice as well as general guidance about how to write an Architecture dissertation. Some of the advice and general guidance would be useful for the writing of any dissertation, whilst other parts of it are more specifically relevant for the successful completion of an Architecture dissertation. The purpose of this general guidance is to boost the over all grades received for the submitted dissertations.

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To begin with, always pay careful consideration to the exact title of any Architecture dissertation before starting to write it. The title of the dissertation can have a direct connection to the standard of the completed work, for better, or indeed for worse. The exact wording of any dissertation title is arguably more important than many students initially realise, and getting it right will increase the prospects for higher marks (if the student adheres to the rest of the guidance below). Indeed the finished Architecture dissertation can potentially be less relevant if the title is too complicated, too vague, or makes it surprisingly difficult to write a dissertation of adequate or appropriate length.

Get the dissertation title right, and it is more likely that the completed Architecture dissertation will be concise, relevant, and therefore to the point. It increases the opportunity for the information, data, and diagrams within it answering the question or issue in the most effective manner possible. In other words just what the tutors, and the markers are hoping for. Lets face it nobody would like to have to read and then mark an Architecture dissertation that is as thick as a telephone directory and probably just as stimulating.

Once a working title for the Architecture dissertation has been fixed upon the next stage is to commence planning the dissertation. Good or sensible practice is put a structure into place to make the Architecture dissertation better organised and therefore to keep the main subject of the dissertation in focus throughout the completed work presented to tutors and examiners. When dissertations are effectively planned they are more likely to be accurate, as well as being precise.

When drafting the plan for the Architecture dissertation it would be sensible to include an abstract, a literature review, an introduction, two or three main chapters, a set of conclusions, and finally a full bibliography. The abstract and the introduction set the background and inform the reader / examiner / tutor how the issues raised in the Architecture dissertation title will be addressed in the rest of the dissertation. The abstract and the introduction need to have an impact, as they give the first impression of the Architecture dissertation. The literature review has the merits of informing the reader / examiner of how the information for the dissertation was gathered and used to shape the arguments and points made in the work. The content of the two or three main chapters is also extremely important as they present the bulk of the information, data, or contentions within the Architecture dissertation. Finally it is the arguments, contentions, and summaries contained within the conclusions of the dissertation that could make or break the over all standard as well as the impression of the work.

It is also worth making sure that the Architecture dissertation adheres to the relevant referencing system so as to avoid having to change it all after the dissertation has been finished. If providing tutors with draft versions of the Architecture dissertation any weaknesses or errors in the referencing system employed would hopefully be addressed at an earlier stage.

After finishing the planning for the Architecture dissertation the next stage would be to carry out research in order to write a complete dissertation that will address the specific subject of the title and contain. From that point to then go on to contain the most appropriate as well as relevant information that could possibly be included is a sensible thing to do. Undoubtedly the best places to find the appropriate and thus relevant information to carry out the necessary research to successfully complete the Architecture dissertation are course books, academic journals, as well as the Internet. Course books, text books, and also specialist academic journals are the most likely sources to contain the pertinent information, diagrams, or data for a well-written Architecture dissertation, that is also straightforward to cite, quote, and reference properly.

Caution should always be taken before citing or quoting information and data. Although the Internet can be an invaluable source of information due care should always be taken to ensure that online articles are actually accurate, properly referenced, as well as not been subject to copyright protection, which would leave the finished Architecture dissertation prone to allegations of plagiarism.

When in the process of actually writing the Architecture dissertation various important factors need to be considered to maximise the opportunities of achieving top marks.

For instance:

What issues need to be raised, evaluated, mentioned, or covered either in full or in passing within the Architecture dissertation to make fully relevant, or appropriately detailed?

Does the information, data, graphs, diagrams, quotes, or technical analysis within the Architecture dissertation assist in the answering of the question being asked? If such content does not make the dissertation better can it amended, improved, or even simply removed?

Could the Architecture dissertation be re-worded, amended, or altered in any respect to more relevant, technically more detailed, and easier to read or understand? Would the adding a glossary of terms, or if applicable including Appendices at the end of the Architecture dissertation make it better to read and technically more informative?

It would also be sensible to finish the Architecture dissertation earlier than the official deadline date set by tutors, and the Architecture faculty. The early completion of the Architecture dissertation would enable the whole dissertation, or the most important sections of it to be read by tutors, or anybody willing to proof read it for them to suggest amendments and improvements, or point out simple grammatical errors to put right. Tutors generally encourage their students to provide them with draft versions in order to improve the academic standard of the final version of the Architecture dissertation actually submitted.


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