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The Male Reproductive System

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Many males think they know their bodies but not many of them actually take the time to fully understand it. When I started this research topic I thought I knew everything there was to know about the male reproductive system but I was sadly mistaken. Join me in my quest to find out all there is to know about it.

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Males can start puberty as early as ten or as late as sixteen. Puberty, a frightening but necessary experience for boys and girls, can start unexpectedly in life. Most young males are too busy playing with friends to notice that inside their bodies, hormonal change is taking place. Puberty is the time when a boy becomes a man, or a rebellious teenager.

The start of puberty is caused by the brain sending hormonal signals to the testis. During puberty growth hormone is activated and although a large growth spurt is a common occurrence for the first half of puberty it is also common to have small growth spurts in height during the second half of puberty.

Males have many physical changes while entering and during puberty. The first noticeable sign of puberty is growth in testicular size. The testis will continue growing until quite a few years after the start of puberty until they have reached the normal adult size. Right after the testis has grown for about a year the shaft of the penis starts to enlarge and lengthen. Not only do the testes produce hormones but they are also the place of creation for sperm. Boys can become fertile from as early as twelve to sixteen.

The first appearance of hair on a male in puberty originates on and around the testis, near and above the base of the penis and on the side of the inner thighs. The DNA

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they received from their parents could help in determining the surface area the hair covers and how long, thick or even the color of pubic hair in males. Following pubic hair boys usually find themselves growing underarm hair and leg hair. Chest hair and facial hair are not automatic in puberty as some men never get chest hair and facial hair might not appear on a man until ten years after puberty.

. Some males think it’s a problem that they might not have entered puberty yet. For some cases, males have started puberty as late as sixteen. This is not an issue, other than the fact that bullying might occur. It is not exactly common but happens where a male’s body isn’t ready to develop and they could be left behind while their friends are all experiencing these changes.

The dreaded cracking voice can be quite an embarrassment to males in puberty. Strings in the larynx become longer and wider and the change in the vocals usually leads to instability in controlling one’s voice. With due time, however, the male will no longer have a higher sounding voice but a lower, deeper voice.

The penis is one of the parts of the male reproductive system that is located outside of the male’s body. The other is the testis. The penis is used during intercourse to enter the vagina and release seminal fluids. A male’s penis is usually flaccid but becomes harder and longer when aroused. Most males in their younger years will get more frequent erections than that of older males.

Getting an erection involves three masses of spongy tissue resembling columns that run through it length wise. These masses are known as cavernous tissue and when the male is aroused they fill with blood. Once a male gets an erection he must either wait for

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it to go down on its own or achieve orgasm to relieve the sexual tension.

The testes lie within the scrotal sac. Their purpose is to produce sperm and male sex hormones. It produces two types of male hormone: LH, Luteinizing Hormone and FSH, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. LH is the hormone responsible for producing testosterone which in turn is responsible for what makes males different than that of females who produce estrogen instead of testosterone. The testes are fully “dropped” before a male enters puberty.

FSH is responsible for changes in the pubic area and reproductive system. When puberty hits FSH along with LH are produced more rapidly, often causing the young male to become very hormonal. FSH causes the growth of pubic hair and growth of the testis and penis.

Most human males have two testicles surrounded by the scrotum. The scrotum is a covering of skin to protect the testis from varied temperatures. When it is cold the scrotal sac rises, bringing the testis up closer to the body to warm them. When it is warm the testis relaxes and the scrotal sac lowers to give more freedom to the testis.

The scrotal sac is almost saggy in look. One testicle within the scrotal sac usually hangs a little bit lower than the other. Pubic hair usually resides on the male scrotum but it is not like that for everyone, Just like how people have varied amounts of pubic hair than others.

The pathway of the sperm to the oocyte involves quite the process:

The testes are where sperm are manufactured in the scrotum. The epididymis is a tortuously coiled structure topping the testis, and it

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receives immature sperm from the testis and stores it several days.

When ejaculation occurs, sperm is forcefully expelled from the tail of the epididymis into the deferent duct. Sperm then travels through the deferent duct through up the spermatic cord into the pelvic cavity, over the ureter to the prostate behind the bladder. Here, the vas deferens joins with the seminal vesicle to form the ejaculatory duct, which passes through the prostate and empties into the urethra. When ejaculation occurs, rhythmic muscle movements propel the sperm forward. (E)

No one wants to find out that their genitals have a disease, not male or female. It does, however, happen in this world. There are so many different types of diseases that can affect the penis. The first I’m going to talk about is a yeast infection. Most people believe that yeast infections can only happen in women but they are wrong.

A yeast infection has the following symptoms on the male’s penis:




-Red all over

-Smells, cheesy

-Flaky penis tip

-White ooze from the tip of the penis

“That is your yeasty neighbor at home on your manhood and causing you to

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ITCH.” (A) There are quite a few ways in which a person can cure or try and cure their yeast infection. Since the can be quite a few ways to obtain yeast infections such as eating moldy food, drinking alcohol or having sex with someone who has it, so naturally to cure yourself you’re going to want to stop having sex, throw away the moldy food and stop drinking. After this, go see your doctor and get yourself some anti-fungi pills or cream. Another way to rid yourself of a yeast infection is by rubbing yogurt on your genitals. You could say this is the “all natural” approach. Also, it has been proven that vinegar and warm water mixed together and poured on the genitals can help kill the infection.

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Other problems with the penis which men know they can get are such things like STI’s. There are so many types of venereal diseases that you can catch because you weren’t careful while having sex. Some diseases you might have had for a long time and never realized it, and others, you will know you have them from the physical signs on your genitals.

Men, it almost seems that for a majority of men, sex is a competition: Who has the most sex, who they had it with, and for some, how long it lasted.. In high school these guys may seem so cool but chances are that because they’ve given sex away so many times they picked up a few hitch hikers along the way.

Chlamydia is a disease that has to be treated as soon as possible because it can cause serious health problems. 50% of males wind up with a term known as infectious urethritis which is an infection in the urethra. Side effects of Chlamydia are painful urination, fever, swollen testis and discharge from the penis. Epididymtitis can be caused

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when Chlamydia spreads to the testicles. If this happens it is possible for sperm to become sterile if you do not get treatment within six to eight weeks.

Let’s face it, guys we have all been there, sitting in class, perhaps sleeping when you realize, uh oh! Spontaneous erection! Your face probably grew red hoping that no one notices. Well, here is the good news. It’s perfectly natural. There is nothing wrong with getting an erection.

Morning erections are a perfectly normal occurrence. Some guys have complained about this as a problem and thought that there was something wrong with them but in fact it’s actually not normal if you don’t get an erection in the morning. Why, you might ask? This is because a morning erection or “morning wood” as it’s more commonly known, is the last erection in a series of erections that happen throughout the night as men sleep. On average a male will have four to five erections during the night, averaging to last about thirty minutes a night.

A male cannot have sex if their penis is flaccid and not erect.. If you try to have coitus with a flaccid penis, it’s not going to work. There are a few reasons for this. First, you won’t be able to penetrate into the woman’s vagina during sex. Second, if you try and have sex with a flaccid penis it is not stimulated. If your penis isn’t stimulated it is going to be a very difficult thing for a man to receive pleasure during intercourse. If a man cannot get stimulated during sex then he won’t be able to reach the climax, or orgasm.

A flaccid penis should become erect once sexually aroused. The reason for not being able to get an erection is most likely because that male is suffering from an erectile

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dysfunction. If this occurs you should consult your doctor.

When it comes down to it, there are only two types of penises, circumcised and uncircumcised. Every man on earth is one or the other. For many men who are circumcised it usually wasn’t their own choice. Circumcision usually takes place during the first year of life. A baby’s parents will decide whether or not to cut the foreskin from their child’s penis.

Studies have shown that a lot of males who are circumcised wished that they weren’t circumcised. Many men who aren’t circumcised enjoy their foreskin and say that during sex it increases pleasure. There are pros and cons to both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

Circumcised penises are cleaner and women say that they look nicer than those with foreskins. It has also been said that a circumcised penis is more pleasurable for woman during intercourse. Uncircumcised penises, however, increase pleasure for males but are harder to keep clean. If you have a foreskin you have to be sure to scrub under it to keep it clean so you don’t carry around bacteria.

The male orgasm is the climax during sex. During intercourse movements of the hips let a male bring his penis in and out of the vagina. This stimulates pleasure in the head and shaft of the penis. As this pleasure continues and increases, heart rate increases along with breath intake. The sperm will then travel through the male reproductive system, out of the urethra and be expelled in spurts along with seminal fluids.

Safe sex is good sex. If you don’t want to have a baby then you’re probably going to want to use a condom. There are a variety of different sizes and types of condoms for

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males plus the numerous brands. Condom sizes don’t necessarily have to do with the length of a man’s penis. Most condoms base their sizes off of the girth of a penis.

The main reason for a condom is to protect the female from pregnancy during intercourse and on average a condom has a 90% chance of doing this. However there is more to using a condom than just preventing pregnancy. It also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections. A condom should always be used during intercourse unless the two people who are sharing in coitus are planning on having a child.

Condoms come in many different types. The mainstream type of condom used is made of latex. Latex is an excellent protector against STI’s and helping to prevent pregnancy. If a person is allergic to latex there are other options such as condoms made out of a firmer plastic. They provide the same help and support as those made of latex do. Another type of condom is that made from lamb. They are proven to almost fully stop a person from getting pregnant but due to small pores throughout the condom it is very easy for STI’s to be contracted.

Condoms can be made in different ways to help stimulate pleasure. Some condoms may be thinner so that you feel more contact between genitals; some may have built in lube while others might even be studded. Along with this, condoms can usually be bought in different colors and even flavors.

To put a condom on, you have to first open the package, never do this with scissors or your teeth for you might accidentally tear the condom. There should be a slit in the package so that you can just rip it open and pull the condom out. Once out, you take the condom’s base in one hand and place it above the head of the erect penis. Once

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overtop of the penis, it is crucial that you pinch the tip of the condom to leave room for the ejaculation. Once you have gotten hold of the tip of the condom with the other hand, roll the base of the condom until the penis is fully covered.

Some condoms may feel very uncomfortable so some people enjoy putting lubricant inside and sometimes outside of the condom. Using lubricant in your condoms also helps prevent the chances of it tearing during intercourse. Only water based lubricants should be used with condoms as oil-based lubes can damage the integrity of the condom.

Many males get to the age when they feel that they are no longer interested in having kids. They probably by now already have children or don’t feel like having any at all. There is a simple way to stop the process of impregnating a woman. A vasectomy involves a doctor making small incisions in the males scrotal sac to get to the vas deferens. The vans deferentia are then cut and cauterized or clamped shut.

A great way to protect the male reproductive system from any harm is to stay abstinent all together. Abstinence is the only way to be 100% sure that you’re not going to get a girl pregnant or wind up with a sexually transmitted disease. Most people that think they are staying abstinent try fooling around, such as mutual masturbation, where their genitals don’t come in contact but they are still being sexually stimulated. They are wrong. You are technically keeping your v card but you are at still at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and in some cases a woman will still become pregnant even when they think they are playing it safe. It only takes one sperm to enter the oocyte and cause pregnancy.

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If a person is extremely sexually active rather than instead of having sex with every pair of legs they see they could try pleasuring themselves. This is not the best solution to sex but it is better than risking all the diseases and risk of pregnancy. Many males, especially teenagers, have tried self pleasuring at least once in their lives.

Penis size is usually noted as a problem amongst males and is a big stress causer. Many guys are wondering how their penis size matches up to those of their friends. It’s not gross or a sexual thing, just plain old curiosity. The fact is penis sizes vary and no penis is going to look the same. The average size of a male’s penis is around five to six centimeters. If you have a penis size of four to five inches it’s not a terrible thing. It’s not the size; it is how you use it. On the other hand you might have an abnormally large penis. If a male has a large penis they probably feel superior to other males but the truth is, not only is it less pleasurable and less intimate for the male but it is also less pleasurable and can even hurt the female during intercourse.

The male reproductive system is part of all guys. Every guy is born with a penis and testicles. As we develop we begin to change, it’s all normal and natural. As a guy you need to accept what you have and work with it, be cool, be calm, and be yourself.


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