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Easy About The Girl Effect Children And Young People Essay

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Wordcount: 1276 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The right to education of the child is a fundamental and important rights that mankind must pay attention and seek to improve it for the future of children in this world. Ignoring the rights of children may affect the process of the development of society growth of economic and social. Therefor if it is not taken seriously the consequences might be disastrous. In addition to its contribution to the development of children in their abilities and prepare them in the future to serve the nation, and this right provided for by the most international legislation related to children, with the importance of achieving equal opportunities for male and female and between the natural child, and children with disabilities or special needs, and children living in poverty. So there are many child rights related to education. The basis of equal opportunity in education is a children right and that means every child has the right to education, and education should be available for free, at least in the primary and middle stages, and technical and vocational education generally available and higher education equally accessible to all according to their competencies. Also Child has the right to develop and improve their abilities and skills in order to become useful member in the communities when they grow up in the future. Also there is a child’s right called child’s protection, this right try to protect children from gender discrimination and protect them from abuse and violence in their community for example family abuse and bullying in schools and more. Children have rights to express themselves and their opinions and future aspirations so we as society should respect them because the children are the Future Generation.

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There are many barriers to girl’s education around the world. The importance of education cannot be denied because it gives confidence and awareness of the world outside. However, not all the children around the world are not lucky enough to receive an education. There are various reasons why children cannot go to school. The main reason of missing out on an education is poverty. Poor families cannot afford to pay for school expenses such as books and uniforms. This leads to another problem parents make their children work to support their families. Therefore, these kids especially girls spend time at home cooking and doing other chores, helping their families. In addition to poverty, early marriage is another reason why girls cannot go to school. Cultural and traditional cultural attitudes of many communities in the world’s poorest countries affect the number of girls who are educated. Early marriage is a global issue which can be considered as the violation of children rights. It effects the development of communities. There are a lot of misconceptions still exist between people around the world about sending girls to school and the role of women in the work and her participate in community. Many people believe the good thing for girls are to be married early and she will be more financially secure with her husband. For that many of the teenage girls are forced to marriage from men who are older than them. This leads to a big responsibility on the girls such as doing household chores and child care and this will not allowing the girls to complete her education after the marriage

At the end many of these girls end up as young mothers. Because they have did not complete their education and most of them will exposed risk of suffering from deaths during childbirth

The last barrier I think is conflicts and lack of infrastructure on girl’s education. In general violence of wars has a negative impact on the education of children on the both gender as the wars lead to the spread of the fear, anxiety and tension. This leads to the fear of going to school and consequently low level of education and lack of interest in education. In addition to the lack of appropriate infrastructure such as lack of schools and lack of transportation to transfer students, especially female students who live far away from school and cannot reach to the school by walking. As a result, many girls will loss the opportunity for education.  This could be because there are not enough school places and good infrastructure in a community for children to attend classes. 

There are many positive outcomes of educated girls and woman. In general education saves and improves the lives of girls and women. It allows women greater control of their lives and provides them with skills to contribute to their societies. It enables them to make decisions for themselves and to influence their families. It is this power that produces all the other developmental and social benefits. Women’s participation and influence in governments, families, communities, the economy and the provision of services is a common good. It leads to more equitable development, stronger families, better services, and better child health.

In addition to its benefits for girls and women, education is a uniquely positive force with a wide-ranging impact on society and human development. Also there are many long term benefits of educating girls for example: enhanced economic development girls with higher levels of education are more likely to participate in the labor force, engaged in paid employment. Another example education for the next generation, if educated girls become mothers they are much more likely to send their children to school, thereby passing on and multiplying benefits both for themselves and society in a positive, intergenerational effect. Last example of positive outcomes of educated girls a healthier family, one benefit to society of educating girls is a greater balance between family size and family resources. When a society ensures that mothers are educated, children will be healthier and fewer will die and they will have awareness about illnesses like breast cancer and AIDS. Children of more educated women tend to be better nourished and get sick less often.

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There are many solutions to make girls education possible. In my opinion the short term solution is making sure girls are safe that means make schools safe for girls everywhere around the world. This includes violence that keeps girls out of school. Fear of this type of violence restricts where girls are allowed to go and when they are allowed to be out of the home. Often, parents do not send their daughters to school for this reason. In my point of view Education is a key to protection when it is of good quality, but falls short when the learning environment itself fails to provide the necessary protection against violence and abuse of children. When schools are associated with sexual or physical gender violence, girls’ access to education is negatively affected. Parents will naturally hesitate to send their daughters to schools.

Finally, in my opinion the long term solution is Building new schools for the education of girls and provide all means of comfort to them in the school environment in addition to providing modern transportation from home to school. These supplies must be provided for the education of girls because girl’s genders are sensitive and a weak element in societies therefore they need protection and care in order to become civilized societies. This well be in the long term because it needs more money and time from the government in order to build new schools and provide transportation for example in Africa the government over there cannot offer this because it need more income to do it .


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