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Child Labor In Asia Children And Young People Essay

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Wordcount: 1392 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Child labor is considered as major problem of the economy and they work for survival of themselves and their family. Child labor is considered as significant hurdle in the development of nation. Mainly in Asian countries it is recognized as one of the biggest unethical practice that is common in the public as well as private enterprises. Instead of having various international and national regulatory authority regulating and monitoring child labor in the Asian countries, such curse on human practices are being continued in the society. Most of developing countries of Asia still facing problem of poverty and fighting against it, many of the parents send their children outside for working instead of schools so that they can earn money for fulfilling their needs. Thus the uneducated children do not get developed and the poverty problem always remains constant for such families and thus restricts the economic growth of the Asian countries.

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Strategy to Combat Child Labor in Asia:

Child labor is deemed as the most complex problem of the Asia and thus one single strategy for combating with child labor is not sufficient for this purpose collective strategies can only be the efficient solution in order to eliminate such curse on humanity. Thus in order to combat such an unethical and wicked act of child labor following strategies should be implemented within the ground of Asia:

Workplace Monitoring to Combat Child Labor:

For opposing child labor, empowerment of children and parents against the child labor is not sufficient for combating against child labor for this community plays vital role in combating against it. This community consists of groups such as managers, employers, workers, community leaders, suppliers and agencies. The mentoring programs is also need to set up which make sure that those children who already withdrawn from the child labor should be facilitated with some effective educational programs so that they can learn related to the education. Some factors that are included in the ILO-IPEC prevention and mentoring programs are as follows:

For scheduled and unscheduled visits, classifying it in various different areas.

Maintaining whole records for observing effectiveness of monitoring programs.

Corporation from community group such as employers, workers, administration, and government department also.

Assuring that no children is being employed in any industries or other sectors of economy.

An international monitoring team that involves International Labor Organization project staff should be operated.

Encouraging the employers and manufactures in order to enhance their monitoring system against child labor.

Associating linkage to social protection components of the programs (Vahapassi, 2000).

Regional efforts against Child Labor:

This effort involves cooperation in order to combat against the problem of the child labor. The Child Workers in Asia (CWA) and Task Force on Child Work (TFCDW) acts as the significant driving force behind the contribution from regions. Some priority against the child labor for Task Force on Child Work includes following schedule:

Support of government and general public.

Support of legislative policies and procedures.

Capacity building.

Linking the issues of child domestic workers to the child trafficking.

Encouragement to child participation and involvement.

Mobilization of resources and intermediate research actions (Blagbrough).

Community Care:

Community care consists of developing and supporting the capacity of the community to fight against the problem of child labor. This community care consists of following programs:

Provisional Department for Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation.

Women Development association.

Vulnerable Children assistance Organization.

Strengthening Local Structures and Authorities.

Safety net program for village (Blagbrough).

Global March against Child Labor:

The central aim of this Global March against child labor is to protect rights of children as well as to promote child for education. It provides awareness among the children that to get free of cost education and also delivers that to work in any organization can affect the health of children in terms of physically, mentally or socially.

Stop Child Labor Movements:

Child labor emphasized on the following principles in order to raise awareness against the child labor:

It is not acceptable at any cost to employing child at work place.

Government, MNCs and other employment bodies should ensure that they are not employing child labors in their organizations. As a part of their social responsibility, all enterprises that are using children in their organization should incorporate plans in order to remove child labor from work place.

Some labor standards should be implemented in order to eliminate the evil practices of the child labors. This eradication of child labor is linked to the endorsement of other labor standards workplace.

Child labor should be eradicated against the right to education for the child. In the provision, it is mentioned that children have the right of education until their age are allowed to work. Necessary aids such as financial and infrastructural support are made by government for the provision of quality education (Stop Child Labour – School is the Best Place to Work).

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Education as Preventive Strategy to Combat against Child Labor:

A quality education and training is an essential element in order to eradicate the child labor by the empowerment of children against the unethical elements. The current figures on the education enrollment expose that around 72 million children are having the age of primary school are not even enrolled although not attend the school regularly or they drop out their enrollment for the purpose of supporting their family. The education is the key element to solve the problem of poverty in the nation. If the education is not given to the current generation then it will be continue from one generation to the next upcoming generations. Better education and training helps to develop interpersonal skills and qualification that is required in today’s labor market and with the aid of such education, a child can support their family after being young and exterminate poverty from current situation and encourage their upcoming generation (Mini Action Guide, 2008). The education related policy to combat against child labor includes following programs:

For poor families decreasing the cost of schooling so that they can easily take admission in schools.

Serving trained and professional teachers to the schools so that they can deliver right information to their students.

Providing quality and safe environment at training place.

Encouraging parents so that they send their children to school.

Eliminating barriers for the education of girl child through changing the thinking of parents and this can be accomplished by improving the environment of the school and making it girl friendly.

Enhancing the access of the free education system for the person who comes under below poverty line.

Connecting the economic policies as well as poverty reduction strategies with the education programs.

Through offering incentives to families encourage them for sending their children to schools.

Providing the extra education facility to those who missed out their classes in the schools (Mini Action Guide, 2008).


Child Labor problem is the complex problem which leads to various other problems in the economy and that is need to be handled effectively so that it could be elimination from the society. Moreover, this child labor problem can not be solved with a strategy; the various collective strategies are required that can provide optimum solution for such problem. Thus to combat with such practices, several strategies are discussed in the report should be incorporated with the cooperation of community groups and government in order to make child labor and poverty free society.


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