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Milo Yiannopoulos and Freedom of Speech

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Wordcount: 760 words Published: 25th Jul 2017

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On the first of February, Milo Yiannopoulos was supposed to be giving a planned speech at the University of California. This speech was cancelled, due to the protesters setting fires, throwing objects, and becoming violent. Milo is known for his extreme expression of his views, stating that feminism is “a cancer”, and also uses racially backed up language. Many are debating whether the cancellation was the right thing to do or not, considering our country is protesting freedom of speech right now, and that is exactly what they revoked from Milo.

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Like I said before, people are really debating whether cancelling his speech was the right thing to do or not. Although he is a very extreme person, he should have gotten the chance to express his opinion at the campus. He has had past offenses, like when he was banned from twitter for harassing Leslie Jones. He doesn’t have a good track record, and his voice of opinion can get very hostile at times. Although he hasn’t had a good track record for his actions, I don’t believe that the actions by the college were ethical. Milo was not trying to make them believe him, or even tell them that’s the way it was. Milo was simply just going to talk about his speech and then leave, but the college did not want to accept that, and got violent.

I have said this before, but yes, Milo’s rights to free speech are indeed being violated. He has expressed his voice a little too freely in the past, but at that college all he was going to do was talk. He has been called a racist before, and a lot of people don’t accept his views. That being said, he is a citizen just like all of us, and for him to be denied of a speech by a violent and vicious crowd is absurd. He should have been able to present his speech, and if people didn’t like it, then they shouldn’t have been there to listen to him give it. Trump had sent a tweet about the incident and basically stated that Milo’s freedom of speech was being violated. No matter what Milo did in the past or has been doing, he still has the right to a freedom of speech and that shouldn’t be revoked because of an angry crowd.

I do believe a school or business should be allowed to say who can present or give a speech at their business or campus. It was their choice to let Milo present himself there, and the school should take responsibility for what had happened at the protest. It had said that there were rocks being thrown at the police, windows being smashed, and fire being lit; all resulting in damage of $100,000. Milo was welcomed at that campus, and had no control of the type of people or happenings that would begin there. It was the campus’ responsibility to control the crowd, in which didn’t happen; Milo’s speech just got cancelled which wasn’t fair because it wasn’t his fault. People didn’t like what he had to say, but the protesters there was completely unnecessary, especially to have broken down the police barricades. If people didn’t like Milo or what he was going to say; which they actually had no idea what his topic of speech would be about; they didn’t have to show themselves at least not in that manner.

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In conclusion, I think that Milo Yiannopoulos was extremely revoked of his freedom of speech. He wasn’t doing anything wrong in my opinion, and what the college kids at the campus did was wrong in my eyes. It wasn’t fair that he didn’t even get to present his speech; and even though a lot of people strongly disagree with his viewpoints on touchy subjects, he should have had the chance to at least present his speech. In my opinion, I do not like the type of person that Milo is showing to everyone. He has been very disrespectful and people do have the right to freedom of expression; which is in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, BUT they didn’t have to take it as extreme as they did. Doing this report has just made me realize that there are a lot of horrible people in the world, and not everyone can be happy. The people at the campus were mostly protesters, and I agree that they do have the right to be upset at Milo. That being said, everyone has the right to freedom of speech, even the worst of people. Milo Yiannopoulos did state that he would be coming back to the campus, but he should have had the right to present his speech at that campus on the day he wanted; in my opinion.


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