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Biography of Abraham Lincoln

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A Giant among presidents

Who was Abraham Lincoln?

  • Abraham Lincoln was a great president of United States.
  • Abraham Lincoln was known by the 16th president of America.
  • Many people think he was the greatest president the United State has ever had.

Early Life and Family Ancestry.

  • Abraham Lincoln was born in rural Kentucky on February 12th, 1809.
  • Their parents were having petite schooling and low community standing.
  • At his very young age, his mother Nancy Hanks was no more in this world.
  • For Lincoln’s better future Thomas (his father) married for the second time with Sarah Johnston.
  • Sarah Johnston takes care of Lincoln like he was her own blood. She raises up Lincoln.
  • Lincoln started his life in New Orleans after some time he migrated to New Salem, Illinois and he worked as a store clerk in their own general store.

Career and His Steps Towards Successful Life.

  • Abraham Lincoln become the caption of his volunteer company at the age of 23 years, after the Black Hawk War was broken in 1832.
  • Mainly, he at the same year, Lincoln’s got his first offer from election office. But, at that time he failed for Illinois state government. He never loses hope and tried for the second time after two years of waiting and at that time he won election to the state legislature.
  • He became a feature to the Whig party in the General Assembly. At that time, Lincoln’s law career started to flourish.
  • He migrated to Springfield when he was confessed to bar in 1837.
  • During cross-examination, he became a successful lawyer.
  • In 1842, Lincoln get married to Mary Todd Owens.
  • In 1846, Abraham Lincoln was elected to U.S. Congress. After that, he moved to Washington to serve his terms.
  • Later in 1849, Lincoln go back to Springfield for moving further in their lawyer career. The another reason about going to Springfield was to give more time to his wife and their sons.
  • In middle of the 1850s, many questions about slavery started to rise up. Lincoln was unsuccessful about Senate in 1854 and 1858.
  • Notwithstanding these losses, Lincoln received national expose owing to his fair for speech.

Political Career.

  • In 1860 Lincoln was nominated for president by his talent, luck and, management.
  • Out of 4 candidates, he was victorious. He got less than 40% of the vote and it creates a fact.
  • Beginning of The War.
  • The Civil War begins when Lincoln goes to argue Fort Sumter in Charleston.
  • Confederate forces opened fire and that’s the reason the Civil War began.
  • Abraham Lincoln instead that Civil War was started for the safety of the Union.
  • Also, the fortune of slavery played a major role.
  • The overpowering role of commander-in-chief was taken by Lincoln at the wartime.
  • The rights that as define by Constitution was suspended by him and he had expanded the power of federal government.
  • The significant pieces like homesteaders, taxes, etc., was signed by Lincoln.
  • On 1stJanuary1863, Lincoln took his most significant action to be his Emancipation Proclamation, which flagged the way of 13th Amendment and the abolishment of slavery in America.
  • The Civil War lasted long and it was very expensive for both the side.

After Civil War.

  • After the war, Lincoln started charity reconstruction plan to help the nation for uniting once again.
  •   Lincoln maintain support from people and he stands again for the election and he gets avictory in 1864.
  • After few days Lincoln was killed by John Booth in Washington theater.
  • Still, people remember him for his work towards people and feeling proud.

Memory and Memorials.

  • Lincoln leave his mark by both preserving the United States as we know it and freeing millions of slaves.
  • Today, people of United States love and remembrance of the sixteenth president can be seen all around the United States.
  • Lincoln’s face, sixty feet high, is carved into Mount Rushmore.
  • Both the penny and five-dollar-bill feature Lincoln.
  • There are 38 towns and 6 mountains named “Lincoln”.
  • Moreover, in Washington D.C., the towering Lincoln Memorial is the greatest tribute to the man known as “Honest Abe”.


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