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Influence Of Cinema Movie On Youths Today English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 2943 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Cinema is created in the 19thcentury, it is the worlds most recent art form. Nowadays, cinema can be defined as the colorful moving images coordinate with voice, music and sound effect.Cinema is a building in which films or movies are show. Cinema also is most high-definition televisions have number of picture modes that can allow you to adjust the TV’s setting for optimal viewing. Besides that, these modes of cinema mode also referred to as movie mode. This mode is designed to be used for you to watching movie. Cinema is the art of moving images and also is a visual medium that tells stories. Cinema was known as photographic. It can tell us something unknown and also can tell us something is already known. Again, cinema also provides an entertainment for people. Cinema has broadcast many types of films such as horror movie, romantic movie, comedy, drama, suspense movie and action movie. Besides that, also contain different language movie are broadcast in cinema including malay, chinese, and english in our country.It led to development of internationalization prospects for the growth of the international understanding. Cinema can speed up time through the time lapse cinematography. Time-lapse films aresignificant in the United State. Besides that, the cinema also can speed up time through the time-lapse cinematography. Slow motion pictures that are taken at speeds from 64 frames per second to a million. Next, when the slow motion pictures are taken more per second has made possible analyses of a long list of motions that are from baseball batting to explosions. In additional, cinema also contains other investigational devices that are microscope and telescope. Cinema are plays a very important for our educational, political, moral life and social. Young and old, rich and poor, boys and girls also like to watch movie either on the television or at the cinema house. Now, cinema has become a part and parcel of our life. Cinema is a place can give mental relaxation to the persons and who can have some times to escape from the worries and stress life.Finally, what impact does this have in our life?

Influence of Cinema movie on youths today

The cinema is one of the most lucrative and much sought after of all industries. Movie stars are paid millions of dollars to act in just one single movie, and the production of a movie will create hundreds or thousands of jobs. For this question, I have to conduct a survey to find out the moviegoers’ view on the influence of cinema on youths today.Depend on this survey, most of moviegoers will feel agree the statement of teenagers love to go to cinema. So that, contain 13 out of 30 moviegoers were agree this statement. In additional, also contain 17 out of 30 moviegoers was strongly agree to this statement. Nowadays, why teenagers love to go to cinema? When public holidays or weekend, can saw many teenagers will waiting to buy the movies ticket. Cinema is a good place for teenagers to relaxation. Besides that, cinema also provides a good environment for teenagers to release stress. Based on the survey, most of the moviegoers will feel the price of movie ticket are normal and can afford it. Also contain 6 out of 30 moviegoers was agree the statement that the price of movie tickets are expensive. Besides that, most of teenagers love to watch movie in cinema at midnight. Therefore, teenagers may be face dangerous on the way back home. Next, when teenagers always watching movie in cinema so will use their money on entertainment more than educational.

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Next, 14 out of 30 moviegoers agree the statement of teenagers like to watch movies in cinema than in house. Depend on the survey, also has 16 out of 30 moviegoers were strongly agree the statement. Nowadays, watching movie in cinema was become a general entertainment for teenagers. If teenagers are like watch movies in cinema more than in house, it will spend less time to accompany parents. Apart from this, parents are waiting in house also will worry about their children. So that, teenagers will less communicate with their parents. Besides that, watch movie in cinema will affect the relationship between the family, friends and couple. Based on the survey, 19 out of 30 moviegoers were strongly agreeing this statement. Then, there is also contain 11 out of 30 moviegoers agree this statement. For example, cinema is a general place for couple to date. So that, when watching movies will more communicate with the couple and also friends. The conversation between friends, family and couple will increase during watching movies. Teenagers can more understand about their family, friend and couple. The relationship of the teenagers with them will become more closely. Usually, movies are broadcast in cinema that is played more than 1 hour, so will wasting the moviegoers’time. Based on the survey, more than half of the moviegoers were strongly disagree this statement. Moviegoers will feel that watching movie is a way to relax so that, watch movie in cinema more than 1 hour is can be accepted.

Most of the moviegoers will watch the movie are because the trailer of movie which broadcast in the cinema. So that, an intense, attract, funny and romantic trailer will attract people to watch the movie. Based on the survey, 20 out of 30 moviegoers were strongly agree that movie trailer will attract them to watch the movie. Many teenagers of 13-17 years old like to watch PG18 movies although they are under age. That is because the contents of the movie trailer attract youths to watch the PG18 movie although there are under age. PG18 movies means that the movies are contain sex or violence element. So that, must avoid them watching PG18 movies because they will learning and try doing, such as sex intercourse, to meet their curiosity. Besides that, romantic movies also affect youths’ behavior and attitude. Depend on the survey, most of moviegoers was agree this statement.Especially the content of the romantic movies havescene of kissing or sexual behavior. Therefore cinema movies will influence teenagers mind. Based on survey, most of moviegoers were agree this statement. In additional, cinema movies also have broadcast some scene of violence. For example, family violence, spousal abuse, husband violence and street violence. Teenagers will learning and imitate the violence accidents were broadcast in movies. Violence movies will influence youths’ behavior and attitude.

Cinema movies can help moviegoers improve their language such as, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Indian, Japanese and Korean also. Based on the survey, 18 out of 30 moviegoers agree this statement. Teenagers improve their language through watching movies will more easy and funny. Besides that, learner will remember the words more easily than learning through book. Next, most of moviegoers were agree cinema movies can help them to improve knowledge. Teenagers can learn about something failed to learn in school through watching cinema movies. For example, moviegoers can learn about the model of guns and different type of guns through watching the action movies. Therefore, movies also will influence their performance in education.

Cinema movies also help moviegoers to be creative. Depend on the survey,16 out of 30 moviegoers were strongly agree this statement. Teenagers can learn about the different culture, building, fashion, design and so on, especially movies of Europe and United States will have a lot of high-tech products. So that, cinema movies can simulates creative of teenagers. In additional, movies will affect the emotion of youths. Different types of emotions when watch the cinema movies that will affect the youth are sad, happy, disappoint, angry, scare and so on. For example, for romantically movies people who watched it will have some emotional feeling.


To sum it up, I seem that cinema movies will give positive and negative influence toward youths. Some positive influence of cinema movies on youths that is cinema is a good place for teenagers to relax. Besides that, the relationship between friends, family and couple will become more closely during watching movies in cinema. Teenagers can improve their language and simulate their creative. In additional, teenagers can improve their knowledge that are something failed to learn in school. So that, cinema movies can influences performance of education on youths. Besides that, cinema movies also provide some negative influence youths. Teenagers were loved to go cinema for watch movies so, will waste their money on entertainment more than education. Next, teenagers spending less time to accompany their parents so will less communication with parents also. Cinema movies will affect emotion of youths’. Such as violence movies will influence the behavior and attitude of youths’. So that, cinema movies will affect teenagers mind.


Chin Mee Sin

34, Jalan Star 3456,

Lot 56 Karel 3,

45363 Georgetown,


The Prime Minister,

28, JalanBesar,

Kg Parlimen 30233,

Kuala Lumpur. 25th OCTOBER 2012

Dear Sir/Madam,

Convince Prime Minister can support my stand.

My name is Chin Mee Sin. I am a student of Olympia College. I’m taking Diploma Business Management in Olympia College. I seem that teaching of Science and Mathematics in English is better than other language. So that, I hope Prime Minister can support my view for using English to teach Science and Mathematics. I contain a few reason for convince you to support my view.

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2. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri MuhyiddinYassin, the reversal of the Teaching of Math and Science in English (PPSMI) policy will be done in stages. According to the news of The Stars, Cabinet has decided that teaching of mathematics and science in Englishwill be revert to the Bahasa Malaysia in national schools and using mother-tongue language in all school since 2012. Otherwise, I seen thatanyone is learning Science and Mathematics in English will have the opportunity to get the latest information compared between using other languages to learn Science and Mathematics. “Annals of Mathematics,” “Nature” and “Science,” are some well-known science and math journals are written in English. Contain many journals are translated English into other languages, but the earliest, most accurate information and the accurate author’s words are always written in English. For students of the Department of Mathematics, have access to the new develop proofs and theorems, so can make difference when giving a presentations at math conferences and competitions. For the students of the Science courses, have access to the latest and accurate information so can mean the difference between a great student and good student. Finally, this constitutes a great academic advantage to study math and science in English.

3. Math, Science and English are three types of categories can make all the difference in his career. The math skills can give the capability for students to learn advance subjects in science such as the physics and chemistry. Besides that, students can grasp and understand math vocabulary and have opportunity to use it are very important. Teaching math in English is very important because the skills require language proficiency such as solving word problems, following instructions, understanding and using mathematic vocabulary correctly. A Science skill is give graduates have access to work in high paying field such as engineering, pharmacy and medicine. Science skills divide into three groups that are process skills, reasoning skills and critical thinking skills. In additional, science process skills also divide into observing, classifying, measuring, communicating, inferring, predicting, collecting recording and interpreting data, identifying and controlling variables, defining operationally, making hypotheses, experimenting, making and using models. Then, teaching Science in English will accurate to record experiment and analysis data. Again, English skills will give workers the capability to work in other countries with high salaries such as UK, Canada, Australia and United States. The advantages of learning math and science in English are students have valuable skills far-reaching language and they are ready to start working.

4. In additional, also contain many advantage of students are learning science in English. Students can access to tutors or partners are would not contentment when students are learning science in English. Harvard, Stanford and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are the world’s top research universities in the United State and have classes taught in English. Students will learn scientific terms and phrases in English that can make it easy and possible to converse on the subject with professors, group members and friends. Besides that, the professors was being taught also will easy have a conversation with leading institutions. Again, also can give you access to networking opportunity of learn math and science in another language. Students are learning science and mathin English can help them to improve their English communication skills.

5. Nowadays, contain many of leading math and science awards, grants and scholarships are given for students who was attended English speaking school. The awards are value in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The awards are including the Arthur Holly Compton Fellowship Program for math, Siemens Award for Advanced Placement for science and the Intel Talent Search for math and science. Selection committees for these awards are primarily English speaking to win these awards when the students are not having learned science in English. In additional, these awards all are for the schools in United State. So that, learning science and math in English is a prerequisite for students who are wanted to win these awards. Therefore, students are learning English in math and science will provide helpful to enter a higher school.

6. All will seem that Malaysian students must learn Bahasa Malaysia in the subject such as math and science. We must start to accept learning English in math and science so that can fit into the new world. Many parents preferred their children to have learned Math and Science in English because English was more accepted in most countries and most fields. So that, their children can increases their jobs opportunity in the future. According to Dr. Chen Man Hin, DAP life adviser, industrial age is start replaced by age of knowledge in this modern’s society. In the field knowledge, English is main language of communication on the internet and world libraries. Unluckily, the Malaysian universities are teaching and provide Bahasa Malaysia reading materials in Science and Technology or Math for our universities students. We must change our language to teach Science and Math therefore students can improve their knowledge. For example, Singapore is a good example of the value of English to master Math and Science. To sum it up, board of educational mustrespectedthe opinion of parents and to make proper adjustment.

7. According to Dr. Chen Man Hin, DAP life adviser,in this new global age of a knowledge society it would be a best chance of Malaysia to encourage and provide students to learn Math and Science in English at the secondary school. This will provide benefits for rural and kampong students who can learn science and math in English at the secondary school. In additional,can empower them with science and math to take a place in a knowledge society because we wanted them to be in the mainstream of global advancement. For example, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan are the top Asian countries and all these countries are teaching Science and Math in English in secondary school from Form 1-Form 5. Therefore, Malaysia also can join and follow the ranks of top Asian countries that are learning English in Math and Science in all Secondary school. In short, our country, Malaysia must follow and learn about of top Asian country how to upgrade and improve our educational level to fit the knowledge society.

8. Finally, I seem that learning Science and Math in English is better that other language. This will provide many advantages for students. English is international language in the social. Besides that, English also is a common language for communication in internet or other countries. Again, students are learning Science and Math in English is a chance to improve their mathematic vocabulary and science literacy. Therefore, they will not carry limited mathematical skills and science skills when they enter university or workplace. For example, university in United State will generally accept the students should study English. So that, learning English in Science and Math is a preparation for whoare want enter the United State University. English is the language of commerce, diplomacy, business and in science and technology. I seem that government will not abandon of learning science and math in English because of poor execution.All in all, I hope that board of education can carry out all teacher teaching English in Science and Math in all secondary school.

I am looking forward to receiving a favorable reply for this convince letter. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,




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