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Argon Oil: Benefits, Production and Exportation

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The Argon oil has become one of the tremendous most expensive oils in the world. It is as expensive as some cosmetics and is the subject of several patents in Morocco. This oil which is the source of income for residents of South-West of Morocco for centuries has been a renewed interest in the various discoveries of their important culinary virtues, cosmetic and medicinal uses. During this last decade, it has generates a significant evolution in the market, especially for its high quality.

National development agencies and international and local cooperatives of argon oil which are Non Governmental Organizations (ONG’s) have played a vital role in this expansion market of Argon by achieving primary objectives in order to improve the incomes of local people and conservation argon forest.

Origin and traditional method of Argon Oil

The origin name of Argon tree called Argania Spinoza is known by the one of the oldest trees in the world wide and the only place in the world where it still grows is in Southwest Morocco between Essaouira and Agadir. Morocco’s liquid gold, the argon oil is excerpted. Approximately, twenty five million years ago, this tree developed into a specialist for like desert. Especially in dry regions, its life expectancy is in the mid two hundred years. However, epitome has already been found that are up to four hundred years old.

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Today, only thirty million trees are still left in Southwest Morocco, almost, an area of only eight thousand square meters, the argon tree has died out worldwide. Trials to establish the tree in other countries have remained unsuccessful. Scientists believe that the unique combination of Atlantic climate, desert and soil climate are what the argon trees need to survive. For the local Berbers is in fact, a tree of life. It supplies the families with virtually everything that they need fallen wood as fuel and fruits as food for the animals and the argon oil as high quality food and for traditional applications.

The Argania Spinoza is perfect for a rough environment, subsisting heat, drought and poor soil. But It is rarely known outside Morocco, so many Moroccans themselves have never heard of it because it grows only in the south-west of the country in an area covering 700,070-900,000 hectares. Probably, within the area where the argon is about twenty two million trees which play a vital role in the food chain and the environment, though their numbers are declining.

This tree is thorny and can reach heights of eight until ten meters, probably originated in Argana, north-east of Agadir .It lives longer than the olive and don’t need cultivation.

The leg of the argon is often twisted; often the goats clamber to find they needs and feed on the leaves and fruit. The fruit has a green, Greasy exterior like an olive. Inside, there is an extremely hard shell, which in turn contains one, three or four almond in form of shaped kernels. That why goats eat the fruit, the adipose part is digested but the nut remains. Finally the nuts are collected by farmers at the end to produce oil.

The production of argon oil, which is still mostly done by traditional methods, is a lengthy process. Each nut has to be cracked open to remove the kernels, and it is said that producing one liter of oil takes 20 hours’ work.

Argon oil is a bit darker than olive oil, with much reddish tinge. That can be used for cooking and is recommended to have various medicinal properties, like lowering cholesterol levels, help for stimulating circulation of blood in human body also strengthening the body’s natural defenses. Internationally, there is some interest in its possible cosmetic uses.

The relic that we gained from the kernels after oil extraction is chocolate color paste called Amlou in Berber which is served as a dip for bread at breakfast time in Berber households. It flavor is similar to that of peanut of butter. The nut shells of the argon tree are used for cooking; the wood is also used decoratively in some of the edible boxes which are made in Agadir. The roots of the argon tree grow deep in search of water, helping to bind the soil and wearing away.

The most families make their own argon oil in one purpose for general cooking. The problem is expensive to buy; others may use it more sparingly flavoring salads. A few of them drops stirred into couscous just before serving give it a expensive.

The production of argon oil is still basically a cottage industry, certainty managed by women. The most of people believe that the oil became very known that can provide more employment in the region as well as improving the environment. They are sold in Bottles along the roadsides in Berber village, but are difficult to tell if they are authentic. The oil remain a high price, sellers are often tempted to dilute it with cheaper oils.


Nowadays, we conclude increasing in important for oil produced for sale, as the oil will keep twelve until eighteen months and extraction is much faster. The use of mechanical presses, mixing of the dough and water is unnecessary and the dough can be directly pressed. All other steps remaining unchanged, the oil is obtained in about 43% yield that calculated from the kernels, only two hours are needed to get one liter of oil that preserves correct


Laboratory and industrial objectives that argon oil can be produced from ground kernels by using any volatile lipophilic solvent and after evaporation of this latter, and one until three cycles of extraction, the oil is obtained in fifty to fifty five percent of yield. This type of extraction furnishes oil with unsatisfactory organoleptic properties compared to the traditional or press extraction; it’s exclusively prepared for one purpose like beauty.

Argon oil has very good reputation for natural agent that nourishes the skin and prevents aging, so it is naturally contain rich in antioxidants, essential greasy acids, carotenoids, frolic acid, sterols, and polyphenols and contains a high concentration vitamin D. Argon Oils contains aquiline, a component that is rarely used in the treatment of cancers of the skin. The Components of this Oils that provide the skin and body with the nutrients they need to maintain their health and shine.

It’s traditionally, used for treating skin, hair and nails, prevent cellulite, and to treat skin influences. Scientific research has discovered that this typical oil restores the skin’s lipid levels that can lead of development in the level of nutrients and oxygen to cells of the skin that protects the tissue this composition of chemicals explains the willingness of many laboratories to make the component of their best-selling output.

Eighty percent of argon oil is unsaturated. It contains eight essential fatty acids, which are the main Omega 9 and 6 which means leonic acid. The most essential is omega six that contain fatty acids called full unsaturated. Essential fatty acids protect the integrity of cells and evaluate the fluidity of the cell, which contributes to prevent moisture fail from the skin.

Benefits of Argon Oil:

The argon oil has multi benefit for our human bodies in the cosmetic industry have an anti-aging skin care product, anti-wrinkle skin care products and makeup products, so here we can found the benefit of this typical oil:

Argon Oil have many Benefits good for Skin, it was very popular skincare product Among Women. That can Helps in Reducing the Wrinkles the skin. It Has Also shown to wax the elasticity and Tightening of the skin. That includes regeneration of the skin by revitalizing the cell functions that requires early skin aging due to pollution, smoking and sun.

The benefits of argon oil on health For the Skin Also include reduction of skin irritation and inflammation. If a person is suffering from acne or chicken pox scars, application of argon oil has been shown in order to decrease thesis Blemish. For examples pregnant women can apply to avoid the onset of stretch marks. It’s used also for hydrating the skin, Neutralize free radicals, Treat acne, and eczema.

We found most people suffering for brittle of nails so they can make nails so strong buy their application of argon oil. Crinkly under eyes can be reduced by using argon oil on the eye with or without using your regular skin cream. Mineral makeup tends to dry skin.

Hair benefits of argon oil we can get rid to frizzy hair forever with just three drops of argon hair Applied to hair. Split ends can be preventing used for damaged hair can be restored. Those have many Benefits for hair also include providing year Remarkable shine to dull hair. It not only avoided damage due to hair styling and outdoor activities, the purpose to improve the elasticity and decrease hair fail due to severance.

Due to argon oil human bodies have many Benefits are not only limited to skin, hair and nails, drank Also the internal body to health. It Known to sooth and Provide Relief from bread due to rheumatism and arthritis. Argon Oil Has a Positive Effect Against cholesterol and atherosclerosis. IT Help protect the cardiovascular system. It beneficial in case of burn injuries.

Argan Oil Benefits and innumeracy are Scientifically Proved Malthus, making it one of the MOST out after oil. The drawbacks of the oil include high price, limited supply and Its comedogenic nature. It is good for Oily skin and psoriasis tend to view it clog the skin pores, making it prone to acne. Moroccan Women Have Been using argan oil for centuries as a cosmetic product great and you try May Safely sacrifice part of the Argon Oil Health Benefits for yourself.

Production of argon oil (2010):

Between June and August, the cooperatives in southwestern Morocco harvest the ripe fruit.

The production of argan oil is a long process. For oil, argan nuts pass through a series of operations and transformations:

  • The pulping of the fruit: dried pulp is separated from the nuts by crushing
  • The breaking of the shell to remove the almond, the nut is opened using two stones
  • For cooking oil, the almond roasting at low heat in the flat earth: this operation consists in evaporating water causes the destruction of saponins and other substances not restraining oil lipid emulsion in the cell sap dries up all the almonds to give them a nutty
  • The crushing the nuts in a special grinding stone gives Argan oil and a paste;
  • The mixing of the dough with a little warm water;
  • Pressing the dough by hand: this operation gives Argan oil using traditional methods and a brown cake as residue.

Finally, to make 1 liter of argan oil, it takes about 2 kg of kernels from 40 kg of fruit (a small annual production of ten argan tree)

Argan Oil: International Ambitions

Argan oil, a major social and economic

According to the Department of Water and Forests, the argan tree (Argan oil) allows the livelihood of 3 million people in the south of the Kingdom. In addition, it provides 20 million workdays per year. Its operation is indeed an income generating activity and has always had a socio-economic function. But it is only since the 90s that the industry was structured through the establishment of women cooperatives specialized in the production of argan oil, whose numbers have multiplied over the years. According to figures provided by the stakeholders, there are currently in the region of Souss fifty argan oil cooperative, but only twenty are active. Of these, fewer than a dozen are mechanized. The area although changing, is marked by some failures. In general, cooperative production of argan oil are marked by poor management and marketing experience problems.

220.000 Ha in 2020

  • A production of 340,000 tonnes of oil
  • Investment planned 6 billion DH

IT’S official. Morocco will produce much more olive oil and has the capacity to do so. Aziz is Akhannouch Minister of Agriculture, which confirms this. He said the program contract signed between the state and professionals in the olive sector, on the eve of Siam, is the planting of 540,000 hectares of olive trees to reach 1,220,000 ha in 2020 and a production of 340,000 tons of oil. The planned investment in this connection is 6 billion DH. An investment which shows that the olive branch with its achievements and constraints is one of the priority fields of Green Morocco Plan.

In fact, the olive tree, symbolic of the agricultural landscape of Morocco covers an area of approximately 620,000 ha. Its culture is an important socioeconomic role in various agricultural areas of Morocco. Agricultural activity in this sector at the national level can generate 15 million work days, the equivalent of 55,000 permanent jobs and guarantee supply crushing units.

For Noureddine Ouazzani, director of the olive AGROPOLE Meknes, the development of this culture for various strategic areas of economic development of our country (agriculture, industry, commerce, culture, tourism, environment, energy and health). Despite the importance of these elements, the average national production (70,000-80,000 tons of olive oil and 100,000 tons of table olives) does not reflect the potential of olive various agricultural areas of Morocco. This production of olive oil contributes only about 16% of the country’s deficit in vegetable oils. It should be noted that Morocco imports annually about 330,000 tons of edible vegetable oil worth about 2 billion dirhams.

Exportation of argan oil:

It is absolutely prohibited grain exports argan or at least tax them, as this reduces the competitiveness of the Kingdom, “said the newspaper columns of Casablanca Zoubida Charrouf an academic long been involved in the sector.

The paper stresses that the protection of the Moroccan production, be it almonds or oil which is extracted through the establishment of an appellation of origin “because there are huge theft.

But Charrouf is not alone in sounding the alarm.

The Economist cites other professionals who lament that many countries are importing the almonds in Morocco to produce argan oil at home. “Abroad, especially in Europe, we are left with oil made in different countries such as Tunisia, France, Spain and Israel,” we read about it.

It recalls in particular that Israel has planted a hundred hectares of argan in the Negev desert in 1984 and it seems he has become a preferred supplier of major cosmetic laboratories in northern countries.

According to The Economist, the most blatant “theft that nobody has responded,” is the trademarking “Argan” by a company in the French National Institute of Industrial Property since 1983. Such protection, says it concerns the perfumery, cosmetics and hygiene. Thus, under current regulations, no one has the right today to market or use a mark containing the word Argan, the article notes.

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In addition to obtaining a geographical indication for argan oil, The Economist points out that the development of the industry and the preservation of Moroccan production also pass through the reforestation of argan forest, especially since the we recorded approximately 600 hectares lost per year and reduce the area could be achieved by 2007, between 32 to 42 per cent of the current estimated 800,000 hectares area. An effort is being undertaken in this area, including a reforestation program currently underway.


As a conclusion, I can say that the boom that Argon oil is facing has made some families increase their wealth.

Due to the development that this market is facing, some households are now storing more Argon fruit and considering it as”cash” from their houses.

Now, because the price of Argon oil is increasing in weekly souks, so people more likely send their children to school, especially their daughters which were nit able to access to the education few years ago.

However, the results of this survey show that households do not show a collective behavior of long-term maintenance of the forest as they continue to engage in aggressive techniques for collecting fruit (shaking down) and greater use softwood Argon oil for energy. Overgrazing aggravates the problem because the households benefiting from the boom argon continue to invest in goat farming very threatening to the argon forest.

There are many organizations set by women’s cooperatives which support the production of Argon oil. Those organizations help the economy improve and are good ways to advrtise not only the Argon Oil, but also give a good image of Morocco.

However, the main problems hampering the proper functioning or sustainability of those cooperatives are the problems of good governance, illiteracy of the women members, competition from private companies, availability of raw material (argon fruit) and forest degradation. This last problem is the central axis of awareness session’s adherent at the cooperative.

According to some observations and recommendations taken from a study done in 2008; the low availability of fruit production of argon in 2008 led to a dramatic increase in prices of all products of argon (fruits, nuts, and oil are amending). The emergence of a new market are amending demanding in terms of quality (through uncollected are amending the goats) is likely to reduce pressure on forest goats at the Agdal season (May-September). This new market trend has encouraged households to reduce the production cost by merely selling at the production price. The sale of argon oil is less profitable. However, this problem of availability of argon fruit has become difficult for cooperatives, so they do not have sufficient stocks of fruit.

Given the importance played by cooperatives in the production value of argon oil through its accessibility to high-value markets (export) and in educating people on the interest of forest conservation .It is important to pay more attention to the development of cooperatives including through training of their leaders and women members and especially to protect them from competition from private companies through the certification of their products and research of marketing channels at the national and international levels(trade fair, large distributions, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, …). The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of argon oil recently formally requested by the AMIGHA under the new law 25/06 on the distinguishing marks of origin and quality would be very useful for improving the value of argon oil and especially for the protection of producers’ cooperatives of argon oil scam cons of private companies.

Finally the most important challenge remains to change the perception of residents a vision for protecting trees in the short term in order to improve fruit production for the longer term vision for forest conservation. This will happen only if people become aware of the importance of having such a magic trees. The awareness can be done via the media,in souks, mosques…Also at primary and secondary schools,special lectures regarding this subject can be done to young students.

News: this year 2010

*Argon oil, the new gold of Morocco (January 28, 2010)

Argon oil, the new economist Morocco, argon oil crop Morocco,: Some call it the new gold actually Morocco, argon oil. Berber women use it for generations as an ingredient for cooking or as a cosmetic product; today the European or American is gradually replacing their creams by this magic oil and 100% natural. On the websites that sell products

*Preserving the Argon in Morocco (February 06, 2010)

Morocco argon Arabic: Saving the argon tree in Morocco is a tree that tolerates harsh conditions to survive, but he too needs water, the argon tree, the species native to Morocco and which currently covers 10% of the forest area of Morocco, was the focus of the general assembly of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the preservation of this tree

* Morocco King Mohammed VI chairs a council of minister in Tetouan (March 6, 2010)

Med 6 tetouan, Cabinet Morocco 2010 Morocco Board minister 2010: At a cabinet meeting chaired by King Mohammed VI of Morocco in Tetuan, who are 73 texts were the order of the day in various fields. Draft laws, draft decrees and some thirty national agreements, all on very diverse topics as economic development and tourism

Khenifra – 9 projects scheduled in the town of Tounfit in 2010As part of the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD) for the year 2009, 9 projects will emerge in the rural town of Tounfit (village of the Middle Atlas, central Morocco). Projects with a total cost estimated at 1.060 million dirhams, we learn from the provincial committee of human development

Morocco – Approval by a majority of the Finance Bill 2010Finance Act 2010 in Morocco,: With 69 votes for, 10 against and 27 abstained, the 2010 budget was passed by the House of Councilors in Morocco. The draft budget law for 2010, in Morocco, was adopted yesterday by a majority in the House of Councilors. The Minister of Economy and Finance.

ICMD – 1.3 million euros to fund 7 projects in Morocco adememaroc, participate in projects Morocco, argan trees VTS,: Under the Joint Initiative on Migration and Development (ICMD) driven by the EU and the UN, an amount of 1.3 million euros will be dedicated to funding for 7 projects in Morocco. This significant funding to Morocco, it is an envelope of 1.3 million euros has been earmarked by the European Union




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